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To improve the services of this website please answer the bellow poll. Thank you very much!

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And if possible, write to comments what is your favorite group (apart from Rammstein) you would like to read about.



  1. it wouldnt hurt to hear about other german bands, especially since i dont get exposed to much german metal where i live. but yeah i think affenknecht.com should be for rammstein only. n maybe a few a little related bands link on the faaaar right corner 😛

  2. Maybe some info on Lamb of god since there isn’t any site that has info on the group.

    And to the person who said avril lavigne : how the hell can you listen to a crap 20 odd woman who thinks she’s still teenager when you listen to rammstein aswell?

  3. Yeah you’re totally right!! This is the best Rammstein site!! Not other bands on this great site!! But links to other sites is a good idea! Like Emigrate, Richards band!

  4. That’s true,this site is about rammstein.
    But…as a..suggestion,you could put links on the page sides
    about bands a little related to rammstein…not avril lavigne xD

  5. This site should Remain all about Rammstein. If someone else wants to learn about other bands, they can simply go to another site themselves. Stay true to the name External!!!

  6. uhm.. i like to know more about Disturbed, korplikaani, slipknot, linkin park, hollywood undead, green day, hatebreed, simple plan, avril lavigne and a lot of other rock/metal artist!!..
    but not on the same site.. i don’t think people would likt it that way =P..

  7. i think we don’t need about other bands, let’s this site remains only for rammstein fans, the sites name says this 🙂


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