Till Lindemann’s 49th Birthday


Till Lindemann, Rammstein singer, celebrates 49th Birthday today

Congratulations, Till Lindemann, to your Birthday! Enjoy, celebrate and have a good one!

  • Mark

    Just fucking die Lemmy, you sad old cunt!

  • Rammstein4ever

    Happy Birthday Till ! 😀

    (sorry it’s 4 days late ;/)

  • Anaconda

    I think you just want to get a rise out of people, and it looks like it works, haha.

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  • no-1-ramm-fan

    What has lemmy EVER done???? other than drink. Compared to the God whose name is TILL.

  • Dralel

    Till’s birthday = No Till as the first image, how disrespectful.

  • Sandy

    Ah, I can view it now. 🙂

  • Sandy

    I was hoping for a photo of Till.

  • The Dude

    Haha Lemmy, AWESOME! Also, Happy 50th Till

  • RAK

    remove the photo of MH’s vocalist and let only Till Lindemann’s photo !!!!


    Happy birthday to the best looking 49 year old ever !!

  • Anne

    That is Lemmy from Motörhead not Till Lindemann. Fail 🙂

  • Nardulli

    Lol what’s with Lemmy?

  • Dirkje

    Happy birthday dear, dear, dear, dear, dear Till Lindemann!!!

  • Mark

    Why use a pic of that pathetic old drunkard?

  • Geschirr


  • Anaconda

    A very Happy Birthday to Till!!!?

  • Anaconda

    Happy Birthday Till!!! ?

  • SPARTAN-45

    I’ll get the booze!

  • The Heart of Turisas


  • Cool pic – that’s the ‘Warts ‘n’ All’ pic? See you soon, der Metzgermeister.