Till Lindemann and Sophia Thomalla


The following video is few months old and maybe not really actual. But anyways, you can at least discuss in the comment section below 🙂

What do you think, has Sophia Thomalla somehow influenced Till in his production?

  • Angelica

    I don’t buy it. But hey, I could be wrong…

  • Bleu

    Age shouldn’t matter. If you can connect with each other on a mental level, as well as physical, then it’s completely logical to stay in a relationship like that. I can’t speak for Till or Sophia, but if they are happy together, why judge? I was as disheartened as the next girl to find out about their relationship, but oh well. What can you do?

  • Lui Ocampo

    I’m so sooo sad :'( I just heard that news.
    She is so lucky, I hope that knows it. And the most important is see Till happy. But sorry I can’t stop of cry.

  • Charlotte

    By the way Tara how can you be so judgmental.. You say he needs help and he’s a drug addict.. Etc.. But you say mean and hurtful words about him? Maybe incouraging the fact that he might need help.. Would help a persons life, rather than putting them down.

  • Charlotte

    Tara, can I get an explanation?

  • tara

    I met Deidrich Lindman–“Till” in NYC in December 2011 at the Carlton Hotel.
    He is not in love with that model. Its a publicity stunt to boost sales. She is a little sneak and in on the whole thing.
    He tried to commit suicide in 2008–something about an ex girlriend suing him over music.
    He even asked me to date him and join him on tour.
    He is a bona ide dru addict and sex addict with bipolar disorder.
    The only person he sleep with know is his psychiatrist.
    Sophie can and should do better–if he ruins her its her own fault–she must really hate hersel deep inside

  • Inger Jensen

    I wish all the best for Till.And hopefully one day he will find a love that lasts.But the age different is a problem.If this woman should want children in about 5 or 6 years,is Till ready for that beeing 53 or 54 years old??And a young girl on 21 does not have that life experience that is needed in a deep relationship with a man on Till`s age.I am 46 myself so I know a little bit of what I am talking about.But he can of course be lucky!I wish him good luck with all of my heart!

  • Goerss

    And then again.. I don’t find anything real about this whole yellowpress stunt. Seriously. Till doesn’t even seem to care.

  • Philmeister

    Seriously who cares.

    But if I where a 21 year old girl I would do him to.
    He is the singer of Rammstein after all

  • Dave

    I don’t believe this is real, looks and sounds like a cheap media ‘celeb’ story

  • Michelle

    I got the highest rated comment… yes! lol

  • SPARTAN-45

    …Again, since when is Rammstein Shock Rock?

  • DieGottesBesen

    Hm, I can only hope that at this point in his life that it works out. They certainly are cute together, I approve! But there is that whole chronically unfaithful thing Till has going on… Crossing my fingers that he grew out of it or this woman doesn’t care.

  • Master Scott

    Hmmm.. where’s the other “love of his life” now?

  • KJBurton

    I see nothing wrong with this relationship, aside from age they seem quite made for eachother. But let’s not kid ourselves, it likely won’t last, being that Till doesn’t have the greatest track record with being “faithful” you know? Which is the story with most Hollywood relationships… It’s cute while it lasts though.