The Hottest Dude and some pictures


As the name of this article might be a bit confusing, believe me this is not another teenager’s post or a porn portal video.

In few words: Till Lindemann was nominated to be “the hottest dude”. Vote here. You can also check some new Rammstein pictures from the tour preparation. Here. And that’s it for today 🙂


    Bit late but just looked at pic”s, much prefer both “Doom” and “Flake” with there short hair styles.

    I so agree with you that men get better with age,they are all so much better looking than in the Live Aus Berlin DVD from 1998!

  • Leann (Tochter von Jurgens)

    There is the man I fell in love/lust with some 14 years ago! Schneider is back! And I didn’t mind your hair long baby… just stay single for me! Paul looks so cute in his flip-flops! Why is it that men ALWAYS get better looking with age? Schneider is NO exception!! Thank you, External for the beautiful images!

  • Danny


    I had no idea Bill Kaulitz was even a man

  • Michelle

    ooh, I love Schneider’s new do!! He looks like a teenage boy, haha, no, but he does look hot. I didn’t see Till in any of the pictures, but he’s getting better looking each day 🙂
    What the fuck is up with that stupid poll with Bill Kaulitz at 24 and something percent!????!!! He ain’t no hard rock, metal musician! God, people are getting stupider each day… 🙁


    Oh thanks for that, at work and no home PC till NOV3RD so cant look at anything at the mo. Hope his hair is short under that hat lol!!

    Be so good for new stuff in 2013 but will have to wait and see.

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    Richards hairs in a hat LOL !

    well 1 can only dream that they release new material in 2013 😀 !


    How is Richards hair looking? ? ?

  • jonquil

    i’m with csaba…’half-ready’ is also fine! so many wires & switches on stage…quite intimidating. dooms’ hair is looking fine.

  • Csaba

    Jeez, they have already said that they want to release a new album in 2013. :S I don’t think that they will make a new tour from that album.

    I would been fuckin happy if they released their all demo and “half-ready” records. 🙂 I just heard some demo from them, and all of them was amazing.


    I cant imagine a world without RAMMSTEIN and although i would have voted for Mr Kruspe Till would have been 2nd choice for sure.


  • Sic fan of Six Ram

    Till gets my vote! He is one sexy beast! I hope this is not the end either, please please do another album after this tour!!!

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    …And I voted for Till 😀 –

    whoever thinks Ville Valo is hot needs an eye test! lol

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    I love Dooms new hair style.

    They all look soo happy in preperation – THIS CANT BE THE END……please !

  • SPARTAN-45

    Uh oh, Till’s odds aren’t looking that great as of yet.