– track samples from LIFAD



For those who are really impatient now, we have some samples fro you. Just go to and listen to first 30 secondes of each track from the upcoming Rammstein album!


  • RammsteinGreece

    oh my GOD… i admit i couldnt wait so i heard the songs, but of course i’ll be the cd. Donaukinder, Haifisch, Weiner Blut, and Roter Sand are the best. though for the first time, i liked all the songs… RAMMSTEIN UBER ALLES

  • Rabidbuffalo

    The new album is amazing!

  • No. 1 Ramm Fan

    …i have waited 4 years …i think i can wait another week!!!!!!

  • Vammatar

    I agree. No way am I ruining the experience with little snippets. Gonna enjoy everything new on friday!!! 😀

  • Akseli

    I can´t listen to them! :S it feels so wrong to listen them before the releasing date :p

  • Patrick

    Waidmann’s Heil sounds awesome! A couple sounded disappointing but that one and a few others really struck a good first impression.

  • Philmeister

    And I got Tickets :D:D:D

    Srr Rammstein that I ever doubted you these tracks sound amasing.