St. Petersburg bans gay propaganda and promises to punish Rammstein


As St. Petersburg city legislature approved the bill banning the promotion of homosexuality and pedophilia, its initiator promised that when the bill comes to force he will personally seek to have the German rock group Rammstein penalized.

The bill was initiated and promoted by United Russia deputy Vitaliy Milonov who is also the chairman of the lawmaking committee of the legislative assembly.He has said that once the law comes into force he would immediately address the city prosecutor concerning the recent concert of the German industrial metal group Rammstein. Milonov claimed that during the show the rockers performed “insulting scenes of sexual character” and described the whole show as “undisguised and rude pornography “. The lawmaker promised to find the ways to bring both the organizers of the concert and the group itself to responsibility.


  • GothicKitten

    Oh honestly! What the hell is this world coming to!? First of all I don’t think it’s legal to prosicute someone who commited a “crime” before a law declairing it a crime is passed. Even if it did pass, they would have to catch them doing it again once it became a law. Second, banning propaganda of a sexual nature just because it is of homosexual origins is wrongfull discrimanation, it’s not like they’re causing harm to others. If something bothers you, don’t involve yourself! Just don’t look at it if you find it that repulsive! It’s like trying to make it illegal for a candy store to sell black liccorice just because you don’t like it. I may not like black liccorice, hell I may think it’s downright disgusting… but since that’s the case I just choose not to eat it. Think about it! It’s not that difficult. This is why I hate politics.

  • Courtney

    Laws are not retroactive. You can’t punish someone for breaking a law that was not in existence when the “crime” was committed.

  • So… Can they punish them selfs for acting like gays publicly?

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    Moskau – “Diese Stadt ist eine Dirne”
    enough said really lol!

    – The people who want to ban or punish Rammstein are jelouse that they not in the funkyist band ever!

    Flake’s dancing is the BEST 😀 !

  • Ryder

    Rammstein should not perform “Moskau” in the first place…
    if Russia does’nt like their performance…

  • Luke Moroney

    Fuck russian politics. Buck Dich

  • jonquil

    Is American exporting our Republican/Tea Party politicians?

  • nancy

    what a bunch of douche bags!

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    HAHAHAHA Nice one Rammstein for pisssing the Snoty Nose pigs off again! 😀 Keep up the excellent work 😀

    – These people really have no sense of humour or life – !

  • SPARTAN-45

    First off, it took place before this bill was passed making the concert perfectly legal. Second off, good luck getting past Rammstein’s Lawyers, Agent’s and other representatives.

  • PissedOFF

    Lets bring in a law that gives deathpenalty and 10hours ass-rape for ppl that got name Vitaliy Milonov

  • nik12

    ok i’m so sick and tierd of this happening to poor Rammstein can’t they just leave the band alone for fuck sakes. it’s just a show calm the fuck down.

  • Steve

    Can you bring in a law and then punish people who “commited” the offence before that law came into power?

    Everyone at that show loved what they were watching so WTF!!!

    If you don’t like Rammstein don’t go to their shows.

  • Littleluckylink

    This is fucking ridiculous. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.