Rules for commenting on Affenknecht


As I am facing tons of non-relevant comments recently, here are some rules, that should help you to understand why your comment was not approved.

Your comment will be deleted if:

  • you are talking to administrators like they were band members
  • you are asking Rammstein to come to your city / country / anywhere else
  • if your comment is in UPPER CASE
  • if your comment includes disgusting things
  • you write threats of any kind against anyone, blogger or commenter.
  • if your comment is in another language than the original article
  • if you say just “I like it” or stuff like that without any value added

Your comment will be marked as SPAM, if you

  • post links to warez, Rapidshare, Megaupload, torrents and so one
  • you advertise your site without any relevance to discussed topic