Rammstein’s next single will be Ich tu dir weh


In a radio interview, Paul and Flake confirmed that they shooted a new video for the song Ich tu dir weh. The video was directed again by Jonas Åkerlund (can we expect some pervert things as always?).

As a conclusion this song will be the next single.

Source: RadioEins

  • Alessandro

    I agree with Hyde, the ‘Pussy’ video was great; it was funny, visually appealing, and it went great with the song. I don’t see why people are calling it too perverted at all, maybe because I watch porn too much, but I wasn’t fazed by it at all, I just enjoyed it.
    From what I’ve seen, ‘Ich Tu Dir Weh’ looks great as well, I just wish they could add a story to it like ‘Pussy’ or other previous videos, I’m guessing Jonas had to limit himself with all the hype the song is getting (getting banned from Germany? Come on!).
    Who cares, it’s Rammstein, I just want to see this video now! 😀

  • Sam

    Man gegen man is not really a perverted clip nor the one of pussy, so I can’t wait to see the newer one. And yes this shows that even girls can like rammstein even with such subjects X3. Go rammstein, I will see them 6 dec!

  • Gabriel J.

    I will, tell you, I don’t think “Pussy” was less artsy, but the thing is that I still hope (for the Good of the Album) that the next video will not have too much link with sex . I eared an interview with Schneider who he said that they hesitated on shooting the video for their first single. They even hesitated on selecting the single as first because they didn’t want to be thought of as the band who does pervert things in their videos and they aleredy had ” Mann Gegen Mann”. But Akerlund had the idea and they thought that they could do what they did once. … but not twice! don’t make this next single a fail! I think it’l be hard to get a good concept to another Pain & Erotism subject song after this last “Pussy” as you’re always able to do. Los Rammstein! Los!

  • Heidi

    Please change Åkerlund to some director who actually cares about making a lasting video!

  • Zack Fair

    Pussy shocked me at first, but it was an awesome music video. If someone thinks that it was perverted…well…it’s Rammstein, where the hell have you been? It’s what they do, and it’s hilarious. Ich tu dir weh is going to be a great single and video I’m sure, but (and I’m surprised no one wants to see a music video for this one…) I think Waidmanns Heil would be awesome. I think it is the best song on their album; it always fires me up at the gym. Just my thoughts…


    I think Pussy was a great video. Perverted, yes, but it IS Rammstein people! But yeah, they should do something new with this next video. The whole album is great.

  • Andreina

    I wouldn’t mind any song as a single, I like the whole album, but the videos that would make me really happy would be Haifisch and Wiener Blut (and Mehr of course)…

    I also would like a “special video” of either Halt or Donaukinder, those are incredible beautiful songs but are unfortunately on the special version of the album only.

  • Fahrenheit

    I hate Jonas Akerlund and the clips that he directed…they should change director..maybe Jörn Heitmann or Zoran Bihac
    the videos that had a story not band playing like sonne,ich will,ohne dich….


    Wiener Blut would be a great third single and video.
    Wouldn´t it be really macabre if they did shoot it in Fritzel´s own “liebesnest”, the infamous basement???

  • Csaba

    I would like to write “make” instead of “majd”, but I don’t use my iPod’s virtual keyboard perfect. 🙂

  • Csaba

    I hope they new video won’t be so pervert like Pussy. This is the one of they brilliant songs, I hear it twice or more a day. I wish they majd a video for Haifish – that’s a funny and beautiful song!

  • Aaron

    Yeah, I really want BÜCKSTABÜ!!!!!!Hol ich mir!. That would be the most fucking insane video ever, on top of Mein Teil.

  • Druden

    RammsteinFurImmer well put, well put!

    I just hate videos that feature the band playing, like Mann gegen Mann, It is boring. All the videos were great till Feuer frei! (worst video)

  • RammsteinFürImmer

    I wish they would use the Zoran guy that directed Rosenrot and Ich Will; now he is a great director! He did an amazing job! But Im just happy they are doing another video and I cant wait to see it! Akerlund will for sure make the video perverted but then the song itself is about sex so what do you expect?

  • Hyde

    Oh, and I must disagree with first three comments. Pussy video was just great, echt Rammstein I would say, Akerlund’s really talented video producer, his clips are very well built and synced. And Ich tu dir weh? Besides Waidmanns Heil and Haifisch it’s the strongest song on the album, heavy riffs, fantastic vocals, great S&M theme.. And yes, I agree with the last comment, Bückstabü would bring in nice single..

  • Hyena

    damn… i was hoping theyd skipp Jonas Åkerlund this time i want a video i can show in class when i do a review of the new cd! XD

  • No. 1 Ramm Fan

    guyl ..how the hell can you say ‘ich tu dir weh’ is not a strong enough song for the second single… the riffs on it are immense!!!!
    in a way i wished rammstein saved pussy as a single til later on…as i would love to have seen ‘weiner blut’ as the first single!….I REALLY WANT ‘BUCKSTABU’ TO BE A SINGLE !!!…i love that track sooo much 😀

    all rammstein videoes are lush! what i say is – let them express themselves the way they want through the video (in the end its not the video we are intrested in right????

  • EinHeisserSchrei

    I’m hoping “Wiener Blut” will be released as a single. I love that song. If they do release it though, I hope that out of respect for Fritzl’s family they won’t make a video which depicts the story. Hopefully it’ll be something along the lines of the Mein Teil video where it had nothing to do with the song 🙂

  • Guyll

    I agree with all three past comments!

    Don’t care for the pussy video, dont like akerlund and i am sad to mehr wont be played at think there!

    another point to add is i think there are much stronger songs on the album that they could have used for the second single!

  • RoterSand

    Oh yeah..!! This is so big song! Still a bit sad that Mehr isn’t going to be on the concerts…It’s great! Could be single!

  • praeambulus

    F….!! i hate JONAS!!!!

  • Cassie

    I hope Fruhling In Paris will be one of the next ones. Thats my favorite song on the album.
    I do hope they tone down this next video just a tad. I find ther perverted sence of humor funny, but I still didn’t care for the Pussy video. It was too in your face, I like the way their other video were more artsy.