Rammstein Wins at Echo Awards 2012


Rammstein won at the Echo Awards 2012, in the categories of rock / alternative artist and most successful act abroad. The band was also nominated in the categories of best live act and best national video (for the videoclip of Mein Land). You can check the winners of all categories on this link.

Additionally, but with the absence of Till Lindemann, the band performed at the ceremony together with Marilyn Manson, playing The Beautiful People. Here is a video of the action:

  • Hans

    the drums and guitar rif are awesome.
    too bad about the screaming though

  • Zim

    Ha ha. Defo comes close.


    nah making the song – ‘Kuss Mich’ was Rammstein’s worst decision ever! LOL

  • Zim

    Danny – spot on mate. The fat bastard looked like him too.

    Worst decision Rammstein have ever made.

  • Floriella

    Congratulations Boys!!!! <33 Keep going!

    The only sad part is that Till, my dearest in my life, Till was missing!:(((( Till, please, come back quickly, I need to see you again! <3

  • Lilith

    Well this is not my kind of show.In fact it is pretty boring and commercial.Merilyn is ok,he is dark with good imagination,and Rammstein was great but not so great as usual because the greatest part of it was missing,and nobody wants to tell us why..I thought that Till was going to sing together with Marilyn that night,as it was said..

  • Michelle

    MM is soo ugly. But, I’m very happy for Rammstein, I knew they would win, they’re the best band in the world!!

  • Danny

    It was Ok, I just thought Mansons inability to sing clearly ruined it a bit. Paul & Doom accepted their best rock act award. I didn’t see Oli at all until the actual performance


    I liked it – IN A WEIRD WAY 😀 –

    such a shame there was no Till tho 🙁 – Rammstein would be nothing withouh all 6 original members!

    Why did only Richard and Flake go and take the award ????

  • Danny

    The awards are deserved but how they didn’t win best video or live act I’ll never know.

    As for the performance, I don’t really get it. Rammstein played it flawlessly but why was a German band at a German award show playing a cover of a song that was out 10 years ago? Also, didn’t that song used to have lyrics? Manson sounded like Rab C Nesbitt

    But It was nice to watch an awards show that would actually have Rammstein on it. It was also nice to see that they didn’t give Adele every single award unlike every other music award show this year.

    Bushido is a bellend

  • Odette

    I love you guys and am so thrilled that you won! Way to go! People think Rammstein is a loud, crazy band but they are artists who write and perform beautiful music and sad and happy lyrics…Long live Till and the rest of you guys!

  • Myself

    Congrats, Rammstein!!! You really deserved it! Keep going like this!

  • nuno

    didn t expect that… so, where was Till?

  • Zhish

    How can anyone beat Rammstein in live act? and the Mein Land video is plain awesome!! But well done guys!!