Rammstein will play in New York


Please be advised of the following official statement:

Following their tour of Latin America, Rammstein will play the band’s only show on U.S. soil in Manhattan’s legendary MSG Arena on December 11th, 2010.

The band hopes in the process to fulfill the wishes of the many thousands of U.S. fans who have longed to see Rammstein live once more after 10 years away from the land of amber waves of grain.

Rammstein’s performance at Quebec’s Summer Festival already spurred a huge wave of U.S. travelers to Canada this summer, where the band’s show was seen by 130,000 people.

Now, with this exclusive one-time event, fans from the U.S. and all over the world are given the unique opportunity to see Rammstein in this history-charged venue in the heart of New York’s midtown.

Pre-sale starts October 8th, 2010.

Source: Rammstein.de

  • Gary Tighe

    Ill oficially hate rammstein if they dont anounce an irish tour for 2011

  • Richard Venue

    lm on a very tight budget and blew all my savings this summer going to Hawaii. If I would of known they were coming I would of told the girlfriend ” Screw you Im going to see Rammstein”. All i can hope for is they give us one more show on the West Coast. 🙁

  • Georgia

    I knew I would have to go to see Rammstein when I found out they were playing here in the United States. My tickets were roughly $93 a piece. But it will be worth it when I get to see Rammstein live!

    Now… about those plane tickets… :/

  • Selithiel

    Location is no deal – I’m unemployed and live in Southern California and got a plane ticket to New York and will be going. If you really love them – you can do it.

  • Richard

    I hope they do. Im in California and plane tickets, hotel, food will cost me a fortune. I hope they come to Los Angeles someday, its still kind of far, but not as far as NYC!! lol 😀

  • Christian I

    I am so happy that Rammstein is finally coming to America. Despite the fact that its going to be in New York. When I first head that they were coming I knew I had to go. So I busted my butt and worked extra hard. I live in Chicago and am happy as hell that I got tickets to go. I can’t wait to see them live, this is just to good to be true. For all you American Rammstein fans, keep your heads up, for I am sure Rammstein will return again.

  • Brian Crist

    Scoring 4 tickets to Rammstein…$320
    Flight to NYC…$1100+
    Hotel downtown Manhatten…$400
    Seeing Rammstein…priceless!

  • spectre

    damn i couldnt get the tickets for msg. it sucks that they did 2 shows in brazil and 2 in mexico but cant do 2 in the US.

  • Bump

    I think this is amazing in many ways but very very unfair in many more. First of all, folks in Europe have a better chance of seeing them then us in the states do so them buying the tickets I don’t feel is fair. I understand if they never come to your country but its easier for you guys to find a closer place they’re playing at then I am. I’m also furious that they wont give us more than one show; 10 years is a LONG time. The bassist hs voiced that he’s supportive of the American market, and the band is trying to make all fans happy but limiting us to ONE show is not the way to make us all happy. I think they need to play some more shows here, we’ve waited and suffered long enough.

  • Luis

    SCORED TICKETS for NY!!!! Going all the way form LA to the Big Apple, and happy to do so. Anything for Rammstein!

  • Aaron

    @SAGTASTIC I have to disagree on the money thing. I Mean, Rammstein sold out MSG (Capacity = 20,000+)in less than 5 minutes. Imagine a festival in the U.S. :O

  • Ryan

    I guarantee they’ll come back. If they go out of their way to come here all of the sudden for the first time in 10 years, people will come.

  • Rammsus

    If got tickets!!!!
    Traveling from amsterdam!!



    ONE show? One? What about us people who can’t get to New York? I’m happy they’re coming to the US, but furious at the fact that they still won’t give us an actual tour. I know they won’t make quite as much money here, but we have just as many fans as Latin America, and deserve just as much to get our own tour. Looks like any chance of me ever seeing them is completely shot.

  • Rammsus

    Im waiting for the pre-sale to start, Got-up at 04:00 AM here in holland!
    Really hoping to score tickets!!!

  • Brian Crist

    Hey, I’m on the west coast and if we can score tickets we’ll be there. The cost of the flight, hotel room, rent-a-car, and whatever will be worth it. We’re viewing it as a once in a lifetime event.

  • Bryn Wheelhouse

    I have tell you that Rammstein is also due to head back to Australia and New Zeland Late 2011 for the Big Day Out Festivals. To thoes who are annoyed for Rammstein heading to New York, My Appoligies for posting it out. For thoes why are happy, Hope you have fun for I posted this one out.

  • Brysen

    Anyone know how to.get into the presale tickets. I live in phoenix and i am not going to.miss this. I still can.t believe they are only going to play one show. They’ve been wanting to play at MSG but you think they would at.least play a show in LA

  • Andy blakes

    If the show goes well enough. You never know. And show on the west coast could happen. Or just sack up and drive!

  • Ava

    I sooo wish I had the means to go see them in New york. I am in Oregon and have been in love with Till’s beautiful voice and Rammstein for years. uhhhggg…. breaking my little heart.

  • Garrett

    I am not happy about this at all… 🙁 I have been a huge fan of Rammstein since hearing their first album Herzleid in the 6th grade and have been waiting 8 years hoping one day that I will get to see them live in show. I am happy that Rammstein is coming back to America but sadly I live on the west coast in Portland Oregon… not anywhere close to New York. It is just a harsh reality knowing that I will probably never get the chance to see my absolute favorite band live. With that being said, I love rammstein and will continue to buy every one of their US releases. I hope they change their minds and plan a tour in the U.S. in the future for the sake of their fans like me. 🙁

  • Mark

    Sod America, come back to Birmingham!

  • Andy blakes

    Ah and America Learn the lyrics Quebec forgot em Till wasn’t happy with that. Oh yeah and please, no moron hardcore kids, mom doesn’t want to drive you to the show

  • Andy blakes

    This is very sudden. The rammstein Has blessed us. I will be there first in line painted as a giant German flag. Number one American rammstein fan I ran through Quebec looking for till to carve his name in me

  • william haag

    Cant say i’m not jealous cause i know their never coming to Ireland so be thankful for your one show. Was really hoping they;d play here but looks like its not meant to be. There are very few bands I have ever really wanted to see in the flesh and these guys are at the top of that list.