Rammstein wants salsa instructor for their Zagreb concert


Rammstein, a German industrial metal band, will perform at Zagreb’s Arena sports hall on Thursday.

The band plans to come to Zagreb a day earlier to see the city.

Website Dnevnik.hr has reported that Rammstein has asked for a Mercedes and yoga and salsa instructors as they prepare for their concert.

The organizers admitted they did not know why the band wished to have salsa instructor but said fans would learn the reason at the concert.

Source: croatiantimes.com

  • jonquil

    thanks for the update, mortiana! left me with a :D.

  • LOL! While they have been in Lodz, there was also some event connected with salsa 😀
    http://www.projectsalsa.pl/ when you scroll down this site (somewhere in the middle) there’s an info about Polish salsa instructor who had a lesson with R+. “It was a form of relax and gaining energy before the evenings show”.
    According to that salsa teacher, Rammstein’s salsa skills are intermediate 😀

  • jonquil

    wow-so many *interesting* reasons to want salsa instruction. hope someone posts the real reason in short order! not really off-topic, so has Rammstein ever considered a pay-for-view sort of deal for those of us not on the same continent as a live show?

  • Bastian

    Probably Keine Lust, with some cold dance 😛

  • harris

    here comes te quiero puta??? nah…

  • jonquil

    wow-so many interesting reasons for wanting salsa instruction…

  • joe

    maybe it has something to do with te quiro puta, like playing it live. makes sense…