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Rammstein Sonne videoRammstein Sonne video

Premiere: 21. January, 2002

Shoot date: 13. – 15. January, 2002
Shoot place: Babelsberger Filmstudio, Potsdam
Directed by: Jörn Heitmann
Album: Mutter

Description: The video features the band as dwarves working for a gold-addicted Snow-White. Apparently, this came about while several of the band members were watching the old Disney film, Snow White, and had Sonne playing in the background, giving them the idea for the video. The band supposedly went through nearly 200 different ideas for the video before choosing the Snow White theme. One of the other ideas was a video about the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Lady Snow-White (German “Schneewittchen”) is played by the Russian soap actress Joulia Stepanova.