Keine Lust video

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Rammstein Keine Lust videoRammstein Keine Lust video

Premiere: 3. February, 2005 (MTV News)

Shoot date: 18. January, 2005
Shoot place: Berlin
Directed by: Jörn Heitmann
Album: Reise, Reise

Description: The “Keine Lust” video, filmed in January of 2005 and finally presented only a month later, portrays the band with an incredible amount of gained weight. The film appears to be a reunion of sorts set much in the future with visibly aged band members. Out of all of the band members only keyboardist Flake appeared not to have gained any weight. He appears in a special motorized wheelchair for people who have trouble walking. At the end of the video, the rest of the band abandons Flake, after he arrives late. The Video was up for a nomination for the MTV European Music Awards in November 2005