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Rammstein Ich will videoRammstein Ich will video

Premiere: 9. August, 2001

Shoot date:
Shoot place: Berlin
Directed by: Jörn Heitmann
Album: Mutter

Description: The music video of ‘Ich will’ features the band members engaging in a bank robbery. The video shows both the robbery and its aftermath, and moves between these two scenes.

The robbery: The band is shown entering a bank wearing stockings over their heads – except for Flake, who has a very large and elaborate-looking bomb strapped to his chest. Various band members (not including Flake) later leave the bank and are confronted with both police and media. The reaction of the media towards the Rammstein band members is quite outlandish – they are celebrated by the media, it would seem. At the very end of the video, the timer on Flake’s bomb reaches zero. The video quickly flicks through a series of short clips from some of Rammstein’s other music videos, then comes to an end.

The aftermath: The band (Flake excluded) emerges from a bus wearing shackles and prison attire. They are surrounded by a large crowd and the media, and the crowd cheers for them. They step up to a podium and receive an award (a gold video camera trophy, it seems). Behind the band is a large, sepia picture of Flake. (Note that most of the ‘aftermath’ is in fact shown at the beginning of the clip, although it is revisited later as well.)

In an interview, Rammstein describe the music video of ‘Ich Will’ as being a demonstration of the media’s obsession with a good story, as well as an illustration of the immortality that can be achieved by those who commit wrongs. There is also a hint of irony stemming from that fact that, in reality, the band is often condemned by both critics and the media.