Rammstein Tours in 2013

Festival dates

Date Country Location Festival
2013-06-01 NL Nijmegen, Goffertpark Fortarock XL
2013-06-04 PL Warsaw Impact
2013-06-08 RU Samara Rock on Volga / Rock Nad Volgoi
2013-06-13 CH Interlaken Greenfield Festival
2013-06-14 A Nickelsdorf Nova Rock
2013-06-16 GB Donington Park Download Festival
2013-06-21(-23) D Scheeßel Hurricane
2013-06-21(-23) D Neuhausen ob Eck Southside
2013-07-06 B Werchter Rock Werchter
2013-07-26 BG Sofia Sofia Rocks
2013-07-28 RO Bucharest, Romexpo Rock over Bucharest
2013-08-01 D Wacken Wacken Open Air
  • yobin


  • Jillie Bean

    I hope they come to the us soon!! i love their music and they are all gorgeous! sounds silly but where they are in the us im going up front and backstage!!..and i hope they also can do the pyrotechnics and other things 😉

  • danstefans

    Chile when???

  • Xavier

    It may not be until 2014, but I hope they come to Buffalo sometime, I’ve become a fan in the last year and I really would love to see a live show.

  • Engel

    when they coming to Amerika ?! 😀 GA to be exact !!

  • Virus

    Ecuadorrrrrrrr Ecuadorrrrr vengan a Ecuaaaaaaaaadooorr

  • NeoMetalero


  • Nicolas Hernandez


  • Ihr müsst auf Argentinien gekommen, wir warte ihnen …

    Grüsse aus Buenos Aires!

    300000 fans warten!!

    Mario Pergolini and ticketeck

  • jesus

    por favor rammstein agan otro concierto aqui en mexico por favor!!!!!!!!!

  • yisus

    rammstein cuando hacen otro concierto es mexico por favor ya me arte de puros conciertos de regaytoneros pendejos por fAAVORR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    Tour to Puerto Rico PLEASE there’s alot of fans here dying for a live show! I will buy front seats and backstage for sure!!

  • Indra Diblik

    Any chance Rammstein will be visiting Mexico in 2013? Or am I gonna have to chase them down all the way to Germany?

  • Brian

    Rammstein vengan a Argentina PORFAVOR!!!!!!!!! Los espero..

  • Emma

    Adelaide, South Australia! 😀

  • Belen


  • Mariana

    come to ARGENTINA please!!

  • Lidia


  • Lucas

    Rammstein argentina 2013 please

  • Dean

    It would be awsome if you came to canada to B.C, and Alberta.

  • please, rammstein, please come to argentina again! i wanna see rammstein in a live!!! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Nahuel

    aa f*Ck it!! come da fuck down here, Argentina! wplease duds! we’ll suck your dicks! Cmon!

  • Vicky

    Plis Ecuadorian tours !!!!!! Sud america

  • Darkmmstein


  • Fernando

    please, have come back to ARGENTINA!!!

  • nico lujan

    argetinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pleaceeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Mr Rammstein 1991

    Rammstein gira por México o o o mejor hagan un concurso para concierto privado 🙂

  • Alexander

    Rammstein !! Gira Por SudAmerica !!

  • Diego

    Ihr müsst auf Argentinien gekommen, wir warte ihnen …

    Grüsse aus Buenos Aires!

  • Del

    Finland (Rock the Beach) seems to be missing fromt the calendar, June 29 in Helsinki.

  • Virgilio Lamaignere

    Come on Rammstein! New Zealand craves for you! And I am fed up with watching your videos on youtube while daydreaming about you guys coming in here! Hurry up! And big hug!

  • marc whilden

    You guys comming to America?

  • Antonio

    PLEASE come back to Cape Town, South Africa .. you guys where INCREDIBLE !

  • Facundo

    Rammstein argentina plz !!!

  • alby

    We need an Australian tour – always welcome in Australia

  • Drummer

    Come To Vancouver BC Canada AGAIN <3

  • Vicky

    Por favor RAMMSTEIN vamos vengan a ECUADOR !!! plissssss

  • Cheyenne-Lexi

    Halo Rammstein, will they be touring in Holland in 2013?? 🙂

  • Agustin

    Por favor se los suplico, Rammstein en Argentina por favor

  • N. Weiss

    When they come to Argentina?