Rammstein Tours in 2012

Europian dates

Date Country City Venue Tickets Forum topic
2012-02-06 Lithuania Kaunas Zalgiris Arena Tickets here Discussion
2012-02-07 Latvia Riga Arena Tickets here Discussion
2012-02-10 Russia Moscow Sport Complex Olympiski Tickets here Discussion
2012-02-11 Russia Moscow Sport Complex Olympiski Tickets here Discussion
2012-02-13 Russia St. Petersburg Sport Concert Complex Tickets here Discussion
2012-02-15 Finland Helsinki Hartwall Areena Tickets here Discussion
2012-02-17 Sweden Stockholm Ericsson Globe Arena Tickets here Discussion
2012-02-19 Norway Oslo Vallhall Tickets here Discussion
2012-02-21 Denmark Copenhagen Forum Tickets here Discussion
2012-02-22 Denmark Herning Jyske Bank Boxen Tickets here Discussion
2012-02-24 Great Britain London The O2 Arena Tickets here Discussion
2012-02-25 Great Britain Birmingham LG Arena Tickets here Discussion
2012-02-27 Ireland Dublin The O2 Tickets here Discussion
2012-02-29 Great Britain Newcastle Metro Arena Tickets here Discussion
2012-03-01 Great Britain Manchester MEN Arena Tickets here Discussion
2012-03-02 Great Britain Nottingham Capital FM Arena Tickets here Discussion
2012-03-04 Netherlands Rotterdam Ahoy Tickets here Discussion
2012-03-06 France Paris Bercy Tickets here Discussion
2012-03-07 France Paris Bercy Tickets here Discussion
2012-03-08 Belgium Antwerp Sportpalais Tickets here Discussion

North America dates

Date Country City Venue Tickets Forum topic
2012-04-20 USA Ft. Lauderdale, FL BankAtlantic Center Tickets here Discussion
2012-04-21 USA Tampa, FL St. Pete Times Forum Tickets here Discussion
2012-04-23 USA Atlanta, GA Phillips Arena Tickets here Discussion
2012-04-25 USA Baltimore, MD 1st Mariner Arena Tickets here Discussion
2012-04-26 USA Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center Tickets here Discussion
2012-04-28 USA Uniondale, NY Nassau Coliseum Tickets here Discussion
2012-04-29 USA Worcester, MA DCU Center Tickets here Discussion
2012-05-01 Canada Montreal, QC Bell Centre Tickets here Discussion
2012-05-03 USA Cleveland, OH Quicken Loans Arena Tickets here Discussion
2012-05-04 USA Chicago, IL Allstate Arena Tickets here Discussion
2012-05-06 USA Detroit, MI The Palace of Auburn Hills Tickets here Discussion
2012-05-08 USA Minneapolis, MN Target Center Tickets here Discussion
2012-05-10 Canada Winnipeg, MB MTS Centre Tickets here Discussion
2012-05-13 Canada Vancouver, BC Rogers Arena Tickets here Discussion
2012-05-14 USA Tacoma, WA Tacoma Dome Tickets here Discussion
2012-05-17 USA Anaheim, CA Honda Center Tickets here Discussion
2012-05-18 USA Glendale, AZ Jobing.com Arena Tickets here Discussion
2012-05-20 USA Denver, CO Denver Coliseum Tickets here Discussion
2012-05-22 USA Dallas, TX American Airlines Center Tickets here Discussion
2012-05-24 USA San Antonio, TX AT&T Center Tickets here Discussion
2012-05-25 USA Houston, TX Toyota Center Tickets here Discussion
  • Chile

  • snoopysoap

    Rammstein please come to Australia again! it would be freaking amazing if you guys did a tour! the Big Day Out doesn’t really count, come to Brisbane or the Gold Coast again!!! pleaseee!! you have soooooooooo many fans here in Aus!!
    I wake up everyday wishing you guys would come
    <3 <3 <3 Rammstein all the way!!
    Rammstein forever!

  • Adam

    Please come to Brisbane Australia. Ich liebe Rammstein! Rammstein ist sehr gut! You MUST come here! We need you! I will pay alot of money to see you! Gott weiss ich will keine without Rammstein!

  • moshny

    pleaseeeee come to MEXICO u.u

  • Plancton

    Ich Will! Ich Will! Ich Will!
    Rammstein in Brazil!!!
    Brazil Will Rammstein Wieder!

  • Vinnie

    Come to Brazil!!
    Wir brauchen dich!

  • honiky

    come to Bolivia !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • honiky

    come BOLIVIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Celeste

    Argentinian people need some hope! Please, upload new dates!

  • Lisa

    Please come to London Ontatio Canada 🙂

  • Sally

    Please come to denmark again, I want a exuse to go to denmark and fuck my boyfriend!

  • Drummer

    I Would Love To See Rammstein In Vancouver,BC,Canada Again 🙂
    They Did An Amazing Show 😀 And They Only Been Here Once. In May 🙁 SOOOO COME AGAIN (((RAMM-STEIN))) <3 <3 <3

  • Fabíola


  • Jonáš Nemerád

    Kéž by RAMMSTEINi p?ijeli zas do ?eské Republiky. 🙁

  • emma

    been to see rammstein in germany with my german ex sandra im chffued that she introduced me to them coz there well ace luv em best band in germany

  • emma

    Rammstein fur immer uber alles ich liebe dich RAMMSTEIN!!!!!!!!!!

  • emma

    rammstein need to tour germany again!!!!!

  • Bondec

    Back to Buenos Aires Argentina Please!!!! You are the greatest!!!!!

  • Roger

    Hi I am a huge fan of the band and was wondering when yours will do a show in Brazi

  • Anton

    Go come to Southeast Asia guys! You’ve got fans down here. I’m in the Philippines btw and many of my friends would love to watch you guys hit the stage here live. Thanks.

  • Suzette

    Sadly Australia is still a concert backwater. We need more live music, we need Rammstein!!

  • mexico

    no va a venir a mexico chale yo ilusionado bueno arriba el metal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marcos

    Please!! come to ARGENTINA!! AGAINT!

  • Byron Grey

    Rammstein should come to Mexico!! we will be glad to see you guys with us again!!

  • zarina

    -.- mierda!! (SHIT!!!) porque tantos en usa??!!! aca tenemos mas pasion por la musica!!!! cuando van a tocar en CORDOBA!!! o rosario o en bs as de nuevo!! pero no solo un dia en ARGENTINA!! es injusto!!! me kiero recorrer el pais viendolos!!!

  • zarina

    cuando vuelven a ARGENTINA por diooosss!!! no aguanto mas!!!! los quiero ver de nuevo!!!!!



  • zoey

    los necesitamos en chile ahorra ademas son los mejores del industrial no c x ke lo confunden con heavy metal o rock alternativo kien coño dijo eso los adoro fan x siempre

  • lilia

    oh please come to bulgaria someday!!!!
    i’ve never seen you live an i really want to do it!
    and maybe you can come in varna?

  • cristian

    Y sudamerica cuando Chile espera 😀

  • silvana


  • Karmen

    Please come to Estonia!!! 🙂

  • Andres

    Please come to Argentina, i couldn’t go to your previuos show in 2010 ‘cos of an illness, please, please come, me and my gf are waiting really anxiously! please tell me when you come back danke schön

  • Andres

    Please come to Argentina, i couldn’t go to your previuos show in 2010 ‘cos of an illness, please, please come, me and my gf are waiting really anxiously!

  • Inanna

    Mexico is waiting for you!

  • Paolo

    Italy is waiting for you 🙂

  • mariana

    Xfa Argentina los necesita ya!!!!! son muy grosos

  • Marian

    Hola!! soy de Argentina cuando vienen x aqui nuevamente????

  • esteban

    yoo quiero que venga e argentinaa por favor rammstein su ulimo show la rompiooo la gente siempre le hace el aguante y altos pogoos 😛

  • Samara

    Por favor, fazem pelo menos um show no BRASIL … Amo vocês..

  • Agustin

    Argentina te espera, veras lo que es un gran publico

  • Adam

    Come to Georgia or South Carolina again!! Close enough so other people from FL, NC, TN, and VA can drive! 😀

  • Harry

    Vuelvan a Argentina pronto!

  • Shantanu Uniyal

    I will die peacefully the day i witness these guys live..btw i am quite sure we Indians do not deserve to have these guys visit our country..

  • McQueen

    I caught the shennagins in Vancouver. Blew my doors right off! Amazing! Just want to say the show was bar none the best I’ve ever seen. Better than Sabbath! That’s saying a lot. I realize that it must take monumental effort and stamina to put that gig on for months on end. So huge thanks and respect to the most unique rock band going! More Europe dates would be sweet! I don’t mind flying over the pond to catch another unbelievable show. Vancouver and the rest of Canada is very grateful for the dates we got. Über thanks rammstein.

  • Emma

    Rammstein you should come to gothenburg!!! I would love to see you live! Your music is wonderful!

  • Raven Huang

    I love Rammstein when i first listen to the Mutter.
    Could you please come to Taiwan?
    I hope you can come to this small island.

  • Emastein

    vengannnnnnnnnnn a argentinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaª!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DunkleEngel

    I love Rammstein and I want to see them some day!! Hope they don’t ever separate because they are great they make music really good music.

  • Y argentina para cuando???

  • Joel

    Rammstein, please come to Australia, I would pay $$$ to see you guys live.

  • Ian

    Rammstein should come back to Tacoma in the next few years. The Tacoma Dome was packed on the 15th. Should also make another tour for the US but make a few more stops in the Pacific Northwest, specifically Western Washington.

  • Renae

    I think Rammstein should come to Adelaide, South Australia 😉 C’mon mate! 😀 The Aussies are crazy about ya! <3

  • Glenn

    Tickets to see them in Houston, gonna be awesome!

  • Vicki

    Just saw Rammstein in Chicago. Awesome! Have been a fan for probably 10+ years. Did not disappoint.

  • aristeidis

    Hey guys please come back to Greece we really need you!!!

  • Don

    I first heard of you guys when one of the kids around the corner who I helped with homework wanted me to hear a song in the opening credits of his video game. It was SOOO COOL! I instantly fell in love! ~ Within about a week, that same song turned up on the local radio & in an ad on t.v. for a van. Right after, Rammstein was announced to be one of 4 bands playing right here. I had 3 albums & the vhs so I got a ticket. When I bought the t-shirt, there was a special, by the cd & meet the band. So I bought the cd & got to go back stage & they were all there & very nice. Singer was the only one speaking english & told me that with my hair, long & curly, I should have my own band. After that show they became one of my favorite 3 bands. ~ 10 years later, they finally come back but only one show in N.Y. & I’m in Baltimore. The show was in the summer & a couple weeks before my birthday. My girlfriend surprised me with tickets for the show, train tickets & we stayed with her daughter in N.Y. ~ Still one of the best live shows ever!! Now I only have 3 more days & they are going super slow. My countdown is running … Wednesday, April 25th, of this year ( 2012 ), only 3 days left, & I will be able to see them only 20 minutes from my house! I feel like a little child on Christmas morning! ~ I can’t wait!!! ~ rammstein!! … Rammstein!! … RAMMSTEIN!!

  • alejandro

    vuelvan a Argentina por favor!!! prometieron que iban a volver,ahora cumplan carajo!


    vengan a venezuela se los pidoporfa se l digo igual que a NICKELBACK vengan yo pago el doble x cada toque q dn

  • Esme

    Please Mexico!!!! Monterrey

  • Liam

    Everyone here in Australia wants you guys to come down-under and finally tour around the country. I know a bunch of people who would love it if you guys came and toured Australia!

  • Christina

    Rammstein!!!! Come to austin TX, we would love you to come here!!!!

  • theresa

    Come to Toronto

  • juan

    cuando le llegan a mexico guadalajara

  • and chile”????

  • FireThunder

    I’m seeing them at the Minneapolis show. Been a fan for 14 years and I finally get a chance to see them live!

  • Elizabeth

    Bro, I’m goin’ to see these guys next moth on the 25th. I’m taking my boyfriend and we got spots right in front of the stage. Thanks to my mom who paid for the tickets!!!

  • Kat Rockenbach

    Could you please come to Brazil this year or the next??
    I have to see you live!!!!

  • elmel

    come to greece!!!!pls we are wating for u guys!!!!!!!!1

  • Antonio

    You really need to come back to South Africa.. Your last show was theee most incredible thing iv ever seen. please come back. you where fantastic

  • RZKsFutureWife

    Where are Rammstein headed after North America???

  • Garfield

    Hey, why not a concert in Czech Republic ???????

  • Mandi

    In Apirl I am going to their concert in Atlanta have already bought the tickets and everything. I am so excited about the concert. I love all of their music and I love their performous

  • Rory

    I live in Melbourne, Australia and I didn’t have the opportunity to attend last year’s Big Day Out, I would love to see Rammstein do a show in Melbourne and don’t care how much it costs. Please come back to Melbourne Rammstein!


    Please come to mexico..!!! I need to see you again.. you are great!!!

  • Belinda

    Please come back to Greece. I gave birth to my baby daughter the last time you were here(the actual day you had your concert)! I need to see you….
    The situation in Greece is a bit difficult, but you are so popular here, you are sure to have a full house!!!!

  • MokaGirl

    Luckily got to see them for the first time in my life in Birmingham this year, then again in Nottingham 6 days later 😀 Loved everything about the show! I know they are bound to have a break between tours but hope they don’t stay away from the UK too long 🙂 Adore them to pieces and would love to see them again after graduation in 2-3years, catch a drumstick and/or get my poster signed 😀 Their shows literally make your heart stop but is so alive at the same time!

  • Aly

    rammstein in mexico :O ??

  • Mathieu

    I can’t begin to imagine how much the cost of moving the set around is, but… Kommen sie doch in Australien und Neuseeland!

    Saw you at the Big Day out in Auckland last year, and the set you did there was worth the price of the entire ticket.

    …And apologies for those in the crowd who did not know what “ich will eure Hände sehen” meant… I did!!

  • beau

    would be epic to see them in Australia!!!

  • It doesn’t look as if the tickets are selling. There are still plenty of seats for the February 20th concert. I don’t think many people know about these concerts. Rammstein does not show in magazines, nor in the Internet. I think they need to hire a PR person. I wish I could make it to the concerts but the closest is 5 hrs away – can’t make it during school season. I wish they could tag a date at the end in Nashville. Anyhow, Rammstein needs to share information with fans, other than the ones who pay LIFAD membership.

  • Victoria Meseda Ua

    We r waiting for Rammstein in Ukraine!In 2010 it was great concert n we still hope to see Ram in Ukraine as soon as possible!Wih love from all ukrainians fans!

  • Furia

    I was at Rammstein concert yesterday, in Kaunas, Lithuania. That was f*cking epic!!! I woke up today and thought… I want them back here some time again, because the concerts was sick! Loved it!

  • Mail


  • Pry

    Plss!!!! Come to Brazil!!!! U r amazing!!!

  • Fenners88

    Honestly Australia needs some good old school heavy metal, the kind we all grew up with and Rammstein is definitely the ticket for this sort of music. I would also pay top dollar for a ticket, come play Buch Dich and we’ll all bend over in happiness for you doing a stand-alone for Australia and NZ >:)

  • Meg

    Please, come back to Poland! We want more concerts in Poland, becouse one is not enough.

  • Michael

    what no australia

    what the

    its not a world tour if you dont come to australia


    Come to Australia

  • Shaneo

    Australia wants rammstein! You have a massive fan base here! Big day out was sick but I want more! Tool is lame compared to you, rammstein should have headlined!

  • Elegancy

    We NEED you in Argentina again! Even if the stadium security sucked, that does not mean we don’t love you and enjoyed that night… at least for me it was the happiest day of my life.

  • kat

    Seriously praying that R+ will be kind enough to grace the shores of Australia on their way home.. we loved em last year for BDO but we need a stand alone tour!!! PLEASE!! xxx

  • I noticed that the band will show in GA, not too far from me. I’d like to see a list of the songs they will play. Is there any way to find out? The ticket website does not give any info in that regard. I want to take my son, who will turn 18 two weeks after the concert. Do they ask for ID as proof of age? I do not want to be in the front crowd; I’d prefer the side seats but I’m sure he will want to be with the crowd. Is it violent down there? Can anyone tell me about these concerts so that I may have an idea what to expect. I am used to nice, concerts; the most exited we get around here is a Predators’ game. 🙂


    I will be attending 5 of your tour dates in the U.S.A.,Tod der Scheide.,.,Hahahaha

  • X45PX

    You try to make one more Epic concert live @t Portugal :))
    – All PT fans can´t wait to watch you perform Live!! XD

  • Max

    please, come back to Argentina…. you know we love you!!!

  • Zeeeeeee

    I saw the show in Edmonton. I have been a Rammstein fan for over 10 years now. I have seen these guys from Live Aus Berlin all the way till now. They are an incredibly well organized and insanely awesome band. My wish, and please I hope Rammstein will listen, is that they return to Edmonton during their 2012 Made in Germany Tour. I cannot afford an airplane ticket to Germany. I’m still in University =P. If I could, I would be there right now. Please come back to Edmonton for a final time.

  • Emily

    Pleaaaaase come to Australia! (specifically Queensland! Not just Sydney & Melbourne – like most bands do…) We are usually left out being over the other side of the world 😛
    Trying to learn all the German lyrics, so take your time lol 😛

  • Sunshine

    Hey when someone finds out the set list for the songs for the US plz reply thanks

  • Kelly

    May 10 2012 Winnipeg (very cool)
    May 13 2012 Vancouver (Cooler)
    On the way to Vancouver playing Edmonton(Again) or Calgary

  • pegginecka

    Please try to get back and make one more time concert in Czech Republic again, because just only one concert in too small arena in Prague is not enough.. :-))) I am sure that every your fan all over the world will be more happier if he see you more times in his life.. Isn´t is true? :-))

  • orck

    when???? in Ukraine.

  • Ralph Erdmann

    We live in Durham, NC and my dad and brother Georg would like you to come to the RBC Center in Raleigh. We have tons of Rammstein songs on i-tunes!! Please come.

  • Rammfan All The Way xD

    I Can’t Wait To See Rammstein On The 25/2/12. Going To Be Awesome Like Last Time. I Love You Rammstein. Been Listening To You For 11 Years And Will Never Stop. You Guys Are Amazing! <3 <3

  • Krysta

    I think you should come to Tulsa, I know a ton of people that would go to your concert!

  • Lucas

    Come to Toronto!! Tons of fans here in Canada!


  • Johana

    Colombia….Colombia, Colombia plissssss Colombia again

  • michael

    I think you should do another tour in austraila like the 2010 big day out that was fucking awesome we need more of that , so when do we get a concert ?????????????

  • SophiaWise

    I would be a dream if you could come to Nashville and shake this please up some. So… so.. tired of country music. I’m learning German through your songs. Love Sonne. Your music has gotten so much more complex; love it.

  • Holly

    Please come back to the U.S., Philadelphia or NYC or Baltimore or even Boston, somewhere in the north east I just have to see you guys live. Please come back Rammstein, and bring Germany with you! Ich liebe Deutschland! Ich liebe Rammstein!!!

  • Cami

    Please come to Argentinaa!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrea

    Argentina is waiting you guys,please come! 27/11/2010 the best day of my life

  • I was watching concert footage and it made me sad because not a lot of band ever tour Arizona, and I can only imagine that Arizona is not very high on Rammstein priority list. And the fact that they are currently involved with Deathstars makes me want to cry since that is my second favorite band after Rammstein. So please Rammstein come to Phoenix I could even send out mass email through out the ASU student body advertising your arrival. Please comeback to the U.S. we love you here, and please consider Phoenix Arizona, the loyal fans of Arizona get ignored too often and it’s a shame. Also I am a major Rammstein fan and so are all of my friends and nothing would make us happier than to see a performance from Rammstein.

  • brian

    Rammstein needs to come back to the U.S. We need a complete U.S. takeover tour. Please Rammstein. come back

  • Jason

    PLEASE come to Florida!!! Most bands I’ve seen come to either Tampa or west palm, but I’d go no matter where here it is! I just discovered your music a couple months ago, having heard a few hits years ago and finally having time to listen to more and LOVE IT!!! I’d LOVE to see you guys here, but unfortunately just can’t make it anywhere that isn’t in FL…

  • Rob

    USA tour!!! We love Rammstein. FUCK YEAH.

  • Damian

    Argentina is waiting for Rammstein 2012 !

    Thanks for the concert in November 2010 ! My dream come true

  • Proximus

    Come anywhere within 800 miles of Tampa and i will attend your concert!

  • Kim

    Ahh some Australians above me think so too! COME DO A STAND ALONE PACIFIC TOUR! I would also pay $300 a ticket. 🙂

  • Kim

    Oh god.. They need to come to NZ again. They were here for Big Day Out in January but my ride bailed on me so I missed out.. They need to come back.. 🙁 They must.

  • Please come to Bulgaria!!!! :(((((

  • Kaila

    Australia again would be nice guys!! you wouldn’t believe how much we love you over here!!!

  • Emily Rosen

    Please come to Florida. Barely any bands come here and it’d be so great to see you guys. I want to love my concert virginity to Rammstein! D;

  • Dale

    I don’t care where you guys go in the US. I just want to see one of your badass concerts!

  • Liam Czerwinski

    PLEASE come to Australia!!! I know so many people that are fans, as well as myself, being my favorite band (Since I’m German anyway) But please!! We Beg, come to Australia for a stand alone tour!!!

  • Michael Friello

    PLEASE COME TO AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND mostly Australa mostly in Perth =] no body comes here

    i beg you, WE BEG YOU
    you have not had a real concert/Tour here EVER!!!

    even if it is in the eastern states or $300 a ticket i will pay

    we are dying for some real rammsten not the BDO that you have been doing

  • Jorge Mendes

    Please please please come to Portugal, i want see rammstein please if go to france up to portugal please

  • mike

    RAMMSTEIN!!! come to Australia, have only seen you at the perth 2011 BDO. 1 hour is simply not enough time to contain the awesome power that is rammstein. as good as tool is, it should have been you headlining…

  • Tia

    Please come back to Australia!!! We love you!

  • Kellcie

    Plz! Come to Tampa, Florida! We Need Some RAMMSTEIN in our lives! You guys Rock!! Good Luck with the tours!

  • spacelee

    come back to western canada…we love you here and your show is absolutely amazing…there really no words to describe how amazing you guys are <3

  • bcs002

    Come to TEXAS !!!!!!! Just come back to USA I will travel !!! Just come to USA!!!!!!

  • angel

    Please come to IOWA or somewhere close to it! You have sooo many fans!

  • Rabidspatula

    Saw the show back in May in Edmonton. When Du Hast began playing I thought the roof would blow off Rexall place. If I have one wish for 2012, it would be for Rammstein to return to Edmonton. I know at least a dozen people who went to the show and everyone agreed that it was the best concert they had seen.

  • Kara Name

    I would love it if Rammstein came to Ohio, USA. It’s preferable, but New York is okay, too.

  • luna

    Oops, that “?” is supposed to be a heart, I don’t know what happened to it…

    Ich liebe dich, Rammstein!

  • luna

    Please come back to the US!! Preferably California! There are so many fans here – literally every single person I know likes Rammstein, we grew up with Rammstein on the radio, we all LOVE you!!! So please please please come to San Francisco or Sacramento or Oakland! I desperately want to see Rammstein live!

    Much love forever ? You guys are amazing and inspirational!

  • sarah

    Please come back to canada again soon 🙂 preferably the atlantic canada 🙂

  • ra7x

    UK please

  • Andrew Acosta

    You guys should do a show at the Angel’s Stadium in Anaheim California!!!! I couldn’t go to the show at the Forum because I didn’t have any money ='[ Rammstein is my favorite band of ALL TIME!!!! I hope I can see you guys perform soon

  • Vexx

    I really really want them to come to Australia, as well as New Zealand! They’ve NEVER had a stand alone tour here before, so unfair! 🙁

    A lot of bands think that if they play at the Big Day Out festival then it counts, it so doesn’t! D:

  • jo

    THEY SHOULD COME TO PORTUGAL AGAIN. the only band that usually comes here is metallica

  • Debbie

    at last at last coming to dublin Ireland feb 2012 cannot wait have leathers ready ich will be go hiontach ar fad !!!!!!

    At long last GO RAIBH MAITH AGAT

  • Amz

    Pretty sure Rammstein is having to come to Australia next year!!!!! xP

  • Nathwe

    Rammstein SHOULD tour Mexico city and Monterrey (Mexico) it would be SO amazing if they come, ’cause Mexican people DO love this german band… WE LOVE THEM!!

  • Megan

    I think Rammstein should goto Berlin in 2012 for the summer.
    My first time in Germany, and I’d like to share it seeing them in concert again ,

  • Roth

    UK Tour Dates 2012:
    London O2 Arena – February 24th
    Birmingham LG Arena – February 25th
    Newcastle Metro Radio Arena – February 29th
    Manchester Evening News Arena – March 1st
    Nottingham Capital FM Arena – March 2nd

    Not really a ‘UK tour’, but at least they’ll be here! Rammstein über alles!

  • quade

    please do a full show in new zealand, you guys have so much fans here, we liebe dich rammstein, rammstein fur immer :).

  • I think Rammstein should tour The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, UK, Ireland, and of course Deutschland!!!

  • i am 5 years ago Argentina but I’m living in Japan … and I e been missing all these years of concerts, please come play in japan!

  • please come to japan

  • por favor vengan a japon

  • Rammfan All The Way xD

    Rammstein Please Come Back To England, I Saw You In London And You Guys Are Just So Awesome, I Would Atleast Like to See Another Concert Before Till Leaves….. If He Does :/

  • R+

    Come to Lithuania. Your show in 2010 at Siemens Arena was fantastic 😉 It would be nice if You arrive 🙂


    Rammstein come back to Canada your next tour i was sooo glad i finally saw you guys in Edmonton it was one thing i had to do before i die but i have to see you guys again plz another north American tour!!!! we love you!!

  • tour dates for 2012:
    15.02.2012 – Finnland, Helsinki
    17.02.2012 – Schweden, Stockholm
    19.02.2012 – Norwegen, Oslo
    21.02.2012 – Dänemark, Copenhagen
    22.02.2012 – Dänemark, Herning
    06.03.2012 – Frankreich, Paris
    07.03.2012 – Frankreich, Paris
    08.03.2012 – Belgien, Antwerpen

  • Aleks

    Come to Monterrey again after 10 years their come the May 31 so please come back Rammstein Rules
    Made In Germany 😀

  • Ruby B

    Seeing and meeting Rammstein in Melbourne, Australia Janurary 2011 was actually amazing for the first time I’ve seen them. I’ve always seen film of the awesome shows they put on but seeing one in real life was 100x better. They are all so friendly and hilarious in person and I personally think they should come back to Australia to put on more great shows. 🙂 Thanks!

  • Katt

    The closest concert Rammstein has played to where I live is Chicago. Please, please, please let there be an upcoming show in Ohio (or a state very close to Ohio)! I really want to see Rammstein live!

  • ChrisKruspe

    Come to Greece,in Thessaloniki or Athens…We are pressed of bad situation in Greece and we need Rammstein to forget this!!! RAMMSTEIN OR DIE!!!

  • Michelle

    I’m so jealous. Europe already had them a long while from 2009-2010. I saw them in Madison Square Garden and at The Forum in LA. I just think Rammstein needs to profit off more from the States. We’ll see your great shows! Even if Flake doesn’t like the US so much.. ;P
    Love you Rammstein, come back to California!!!!

  • Oliver5544

    Thanks for comming again to Hungary. I’m so glad and I’ll there at the concert. I want to tell so much things to you but I don’t have enough time. And Richard this time I would be so happy if I’ll so you on the streets please tell me where want to go in Hungary in Budapest. Report me 😀

    Million Thanks: )

  • Aubrei

    I’ve only seen Rammstein once but it was amazing concert in the usa would be even more so!!! please las vegas was great but in need more!!!

  • Adam

    COME to the UK!! London needs you!!

  • Tom

    Come to Greece again…It will be the last time cause our country is going to bankrupt,so it is our last opportunity to see something bright in our miserable life here…

  • Michael Friello

    Australia needs you Seriously you have a legion of fans here and we are left disheartened every time

    a tour with big day out does not count we need the real thing

    we Australia need you as well as out sister country New Zealand

    we get hell cut when we see you tour a countries get tours that we deserve

    tour here and over charge we will come…

  • Roth

    I heard that Rammstein are playing in Manchester on the 1st of March next year… I really hope so! I’ll come down from Scotland just to see them! 😀

  • Ulric Sohn des Wolf

    I want Rammstein to come near San Jose/San Francisco/Oakland area again please! They are so awesome! Rammstein ist die beste! My mom loves Rammstein and she was so sad to miss the concert that just happened a little while ago! Please come back Rammstein! -From a 15 year old Rammstein fan

  • Jason

    please come back to new Zealand, and do a full show, there are heaps of fans here



  • Ida

    Please come to Schweden next year 😛 hehe Gothenburg please 😀 Rammstein, du bist so schön 😉 Love you, Ich liebe dich ;-*

  • Jen

    I Think that they should try Salt Lake City, UT one more time. In the last 12 Years The city has grown more accepting and open minded. I’ve been a fan since I was Eight years old. ninety-five was the first year I heard Rammstein. The sound of Till’s voice was thrilling and still today. I have much respect for the culture they’ve been brought up in and the differences between now and then.

  • fenster

    @liz im from canada and i grew up listening to them too. when i went to thier concert i traveled for like 10 hours to see them. i sang along until i lost my voice. dont say that europe appreciates them the most. because you dont even know how much we appeciate them here.

  • Liz

    LOL, nobody appreciates Rammstein’s art more than in the U.S? Ha ha ha… Shut up. Europe appreciates Rammstein’s art more than anywhere else, of that I AM sure. XD I grew up listening to Rammstein thanks to my dad, I love them, the concert performances are freakin’ fantastic! Come back to England, we NEED you. )’:

  • Sheena

    I <3 Rammstein I wanted to go to the Vegas show but we got the email about it only a month before hand so didn't have time to save for it 🙁 I would love it if they would come to Arizona I know a ton of fans here that would love it! Even if they just do vegas or cali again I would plan for it if they sent the email notification sooner!

  • Steve

    Rammstein please come to Scotland. Flake in a kilt would be a blast.

    Slante from Alba

  • Cin

    Rammstein, I am begging you guys to do just one more tour in the usa. You haven’t been here in 10 years basically! We deserve it! I mean I know you guys has been so busy in May and stuff, but I swear if you guys came to California just one more time, I’d die happy. I couldn’t see the concert this tour, and I plan on at least going to 1 show before Till retires.

    I’m just saying, Rammstein, all of you guys, you have so much more fans than you can imagine here in the United States. I mean think about it, every show you’ve had here SOLD OUT within the first few weeks of selling tickets. It’s true! Please do just one more tour here, it will be so much appreciated. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Harley

    Please come to central usa (near arkansas) 😀 I’d love to see a Rammstein concert 🙂 Its one of my biggest dreams <3

  • Urquie

    Please do another tour of the US!!!! I saw you guys for the first time at the IZOD center in NJ and cant wait for an opportunity to see you once again!!!

  • Dznts

    please do another tour in the us. preferably more central states. we love you rammstein

  • Vlad

    Come back to Russia! Russians love Rammstein!!!

  • tyler

    please come to New Zealand there are a lot of rammstein fans here

  • Midori

    I love you guys,, their music is the best in the world!! I’m from Mexico!!

  • marianna

    OMG u guys the best. . Im a big fan 1998 to till. . I used to live germeny. . Best time of my life. .

  • Mark

    Please, just one special request for your Las Vegas set list. Please play ADIOS !! I was hoping to see it on VOLKERBALL but didn’t happen.

    I’m coming in from Salt Lake City Utah with a friend and trust that Vegas will be much more hospitable than Salt Lake residents were near the Fairgrounds in ’99.

    Been waiting over 10 years for this…..WOHOO !!

  • aleš

    Please come to the Czech Republic, please!

  • LenaZombie

    Rammstein should come somewhere closer to canada! i would love to come see a concert! =) maybe like calgary or something, or even edmonton! that would be totally amazing! =D

  • GazUK

    Come to the UK to put these stupid little chavs in their place xD

  • Kramer

    I would love if Rammstein would come to the mid-western united states my friends and i tryed to make it to the new york show last year but couldnt. We wont be abil to make it to the Las vegas show because of work. I live in colorado. sad day, but still Rammstein is the greatest.

  • Nikkqii

    I think that they could come to chile, that would be awesome!, I’ll waiting for that, and obviously I’ll go :D, I love them so much with all my heart 😀 please come, Chile really love them )=

  • Oliver5544

    I hope Rammstien’ll come to Hungary. I can’t belive that”I’ve seen Rammstein”. If somebody in the Group Rammstein’ll know hungarians liked the concert and all of us said They’ll come at least once a time.Futhermore i cryed after the concert.I dont know why ‘coz I’m boy:D.However, RICHARD if you raid this text, I was the guy who shouted ‘RICHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD’.I really like your guitars i always watch how fits the guitar between your legs.
    Your fan!
    And Ramms+ein für immmer.

  • Gina

    Rammstein please do a uk or a german tour be glad to go to germany to see you guys gain u rock!!!!!!

  • lady_lk

    Rammstein come back to london! everyone wants you guys here coz london loves rammstein!!!

  • Mindfreek454

    Rammstein! I love you guys. My favorite band ever! You guys have to come to Cleveland, OH, USA!!! I’ll gladly pay any amount of money to come see you guys! YOU ROCK!!!

  • Nhari

    I think you guys need to visit the US, at least the main cities. Like Seattle, NYC, Dallas,San Francisco, ect. If you did, that would make so many in the US who can’t afford to out out of the country so very happy!

  • Shadow

    OMG please please come back to South Africa you guys are totally unbelievable!!!!!!!!!! I totally love you guys!!!!!!!!


    Rammstein, believe me when I tell you; you have huge fans in the U.S. After Madison Square Garden,you left a whole country in jealousy. Every single day I wake up wishing you guys would come here. Seriously, And if you look at it from a financial perspective, you will make MILLIONS. I know some cities already for you guys, you got NYC, Clevland, Dallas, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Boston. Even if you do one show, get back here! Christ sake I learned German because of you guys. And hey, dont be hypocrites. Liebe ist fuer alle da, remember?
    Ich liebe Rammstein!

  • Trevor

    Do a full blown american tour. SO many fans here, i will drive pretty much anywhere, but Cleveland is a HUGE german heavy rock scene.

  • Jelmyd

    PLeaseeee come to TEXAS. Im sure that fans from the US appreciate your music much more than anybody else

    Rammstein Forever!!!

  • may

    you should come to new jersey. There a lot of fans here. i know a 80 year old who is a big fan of Ramstein, and lots of fans as myself are waiting to have you guys here.

  • Kayla

    Rammstein should do a tour in the Tampa, Florida. They need to have more tours in the US because they have a lot more fans here than most people would think. And the US should let them do whatever they want at their concerts. If people have a problem with what they do, then they shouldn’t have gone to the concert in the first place. Plus, I’m sure they know enough about pyrotechnics that the US won’t really have to worry about it. XD

  • midge cosford

    i think rammstein should do another tour in the uk xD that would be so amazing!!! iv seen them 3 times, and went to birmingham to see them in 2010, please please please!!!!