Rammstein Tours in 2011

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Date Country City Venue Forum topic
2011-01-26 Australia Sydney Sydney Showground details
2011-01-27 Australia Sydney Sydney Showground details
2011-01-30 Australia Melbourne Flemington Racecourse details
2011-02-04 Australia Keswick Adelaide Showground details
2011-02-06 Australia Perth Claremont Showground details
2011-02-09 South Africa Cape Town Grand Arena details
2011-02-11 South Africa Johannesburg Coca Cola Dome details
2011-05-05 USA East Rutherford Izod Center details
2011-05-07 Canada Montreal Centre Bell details
2011-05-08 Canada Toronto Air Canada Centre details
2011-05-10 USA Rosemont Allstate Arena details
2011-05-13 Canada Edmonton Rexall Place details
2011-05-15 USA Tacoma Tacoma Dome details
2011-05-18 USA Oakland Oracle Arena details
2011-05-20 USA Los Angeles The Forum details
2011-05-21 USA Las Vegas Thomas & Mack Center details
2011-05-26 Mexico Mexico City Sports Palace details
2011-05-29 Mexico Guadalajara Arena VFG details
2011-05-31 Mexico Monterrey Auditorio Banamex details
2011-11-06 Slovakia Bratislava Zimny Stadion Ondreja Nepelu Discussion
2011-11-08 Croatia Zabreg Arena Discussion
2011-11-10 Hungary Budapest Sportarena Discussion
2011-11-12 Czech Republic Prague O2 Arena Discussion
2011-11-14 Poland Gdanks/Sopot Ergo Arena Discussion
2011-11-17 Germany Leipzig Arena Discussion
2011-11-18 Germany Leipzig Arena Discussion
2011-11-22 Germany Munich Olympiahalle Discussion
2011-11-21 Germany Friedrichshafen Rothaus Halle Discussion
2011-11-23 Austria Vienna Stadthalle Discussion
2011-11-25 Germany Berlin O2 World Discussion
2011-11-26 Germany Berlin O2 World Discussion
2011-11-28 Germany Hamburg O2 World Discussion
2011-11-29 Germany Bremen Arena Discussion
2011-12-01 France Strasbourg Zénith Discussion
2011-12-02 Luxembourg Luxembourg Rockhal Discussion
2011-12-04 Germany Dusseldorf ISS Dome Discussion
2011-12-05 Germany Dusseldorf ISS Dome Discussion
2011-12-06 Germany Dusseldorf ISS Dome Discussion
2011-12-08 Germany Frankfurt a. M. Festhalle Discussion
2011-12-09 Germany Frankfurt a. M. Festhalle Discussion
2011-12-10 Germany Stuttgart Schleyer-Halle Discussion
2011-12-10 Switzerland Zurich Hallenstadion Discussion

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  • Rammtallica

    Don’t write messages directly to Rammstein here in this page! I’m not an editor but in the FAQ they say clearly that this is a FAN-MADE PAGE! It has nothing to do with Rammstein! (I’m not saying it’s a bad page, it’s better that Herzeleid.com in my opinion) but if you guys want to send a message to Rammstein do it in http://www.rammstein.de or anywhere else!

    Thank You

    PD: It’s kinda annoying watching those messages

  • Rammtallica

    Don’t write messages directly to Rammstein here in this page! I’m not an editor but in the FAQ they say clearly that this is a FAN-MADE PAGE! It has nothing to see with Rammstein! (I’m not saying it’s a bad page, it’s better that Herzeleid.com in my opinion) but if you guys want to send a message to Rammstein do it in http://www.rammstein.de or anywhere else!

    Thank You

    PD: It’s kinda annoying watching those messages

  • IVAN

    It’s not a “Zabreg” it’s a “Zagreb” and thanks for coming!! 🙂 See you there!

  • Dznts

    rammstein we americans want a full blown american take over tour.. !

  • Naio

    please Rammstein come to Puerto Rico !!!! many fans r here in this tropical island !!!!!!!!

  • Roman656

    Už sa tešim ked bude na SK 😀 rammstein je proste najlepšiii !!! NICE!!!!

  • Cliona

    Just bought my Rammstein tickets for their forthcoming DUBLIN concert! I already know that this is going to be the best concert I have EVER seen in my hometown!!

  • Dorthea

    If you guys come to Denmark or Germany 2011/2012 i will be there!! Front row!!! Love you guys!!!!

  • Anabela Vasconcelos, Portugal

    Please, come back to Portugal in 2011, but don´t play in the Atlantic Pavillion (the sound was terrible in December 2009)

    You are my inspiration to continue learn German…

    Vielen danken 🙂


  • Luis

    Don’t forget about Puerto Rico…..please make a concert in Puerto Rico, we would love if you guys came.

  • Shell

    Rammstein veteran fans–my R+ friend can’t go to the shows—& is MIA for Los Angeles (seats)- 20th and Las Vegas Shows (GA pit)-21st.

    Female preferred–must be mature, able to keep commitments; friendly concert companion. Shows are May 20th and May 21st. Contact me: [email protected].

  • Ngc0202

    Agreed, ThatGuy, the Izod Center concert was amazing!!

  • @THATGUY Damn right!!!! I can’t wait until they come back around. That was the best concert I have ever been to!

  • ThatGuy

    I was just at the Izod center concert. If it wasn’t the best show ever, I don;t know what is.

  • I attended the concert at the Izod center last night and WOW!!!!! It was the most spectacular thing I have ever seen!! I can’t wait for them to come back again!

  • Tamara

    Please please please tour the UK again at some point, i am dying to see you live and so if my boyfriend! Your music is amazing! I’m listening to Ich Will right as i type this please please please and go to birmingham that way i can see you! You have an unbelievable amount of UK and Ireland fans and i bet all are dying to see you live as much as me and my boyfriend are!

    Please come back to the UK please please please!!!!!!!!!



  • Brittany

    I agree with DONTFORGETUS you guys need to come to Orlando!!

  • kun

    What about Barcelona! now that I can i would love to see Rammstein -live!!

  • DontForgetUs

    Thanks for coming back to the US, MSG was great! But don’t forget the whole SE. PLEASE come to Orlando. You would SELL OUT here. 🙂

  • Adriana

    Come back to Brazil 😀

  • cinthia

    please do not cancel in monterrey want to come I’m your fan and I always wanted to see in monterrey please please do not cancel

  • Richard

    The North American Tour is going to be insane. I will be attending two shows, Los Angeles and San Francisco. I hope Rammstein will love it here and come around more often, because one decade is alot to wait. 🙂

  • Rainer Ortegano

    oh yes baby, south america tour… please comen to venezuela !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OcZe

    Rammstein returns to mexico Days 26/05/2011, 29/05/2011, and
    lets Burn in mexico
    thanks rammstein to come to mexico

  • E-SE

    I see there is a lot happening on the tour front.

    I honestly hope, that Rammstein is going to have European gigs too, and they will visit my lil’ country ( Hungary ) again.
    For another awesome show (maybe in the summer time, please :)).

    I’d be very happy, and I guess I would not be the only one.
    (I just like to meet Schneider :D)

  • Larissa

    Hi, please come back to norway, or denmark. or maybe Nice Tropical Puerto Rico in july 2011 ??

    Miss you!!!

  • Marc

    Any news about where in Europe Rammstein wil be performing June this year?
    I hope @ Pinkpop, Pukkelpop and/or Rock-Werchter!! 🙂

  • DB1

    Another performance in MSG would be perfect for me too CK, but as of now I’ll be going to New Jersey and I think that’s that for now.

  • CK

    before these new tickets go on sale, is there any hope of another show at Madison Square Garden in 2011?

  • Jeff

    You guys need to come back to Arizona please you have come here once out of your entire career and that was in 98. in order to see you guys as of now i would have to buy the venue ticket on top of a bus or plain ticket to Las Vegas or Cali. but seriously i have been a die hard fan since your major break out in the U.S in 97 and wen you came to Phoenix, AZ in 98 i was to young to go and you haven’t been back since.


    thank you rammstein…i will be going to only 2 unfortunately because moneywise i will not be able to make the full tour although i would love to i will be in illinois and las vegas…im ready 🙂

  • What bout an Asia Tour? Japan.Malaysia etc.? Lot of Fans here.
    greetz from the Philippines!!

  • eva

    I know your playing in south africa and australia, and I think that’s good but when are you coming to england im sick of crap bands like paramore playing here (newcastle) constantly so please come soon and save all our souls with some real music

  • Damian

    Rammstein is awsome it be amazeing to see you come to peoria illinois again or even up in chicago even though chicagos a few others away i would drive there to see you guys perform i know peoria illinois not a big town but it be amazeing if you guys came there not sure what the turn out was in 2001 when i think u guys came to peoria but im pretty sure peoria would love to have you guys play here again.

  • Brittany

    Please come to the US!! I didn’t get to the NY concert…but it would be amazing if you came to back here…you guys definitely need to come to Florida!! Hell I’ll fly anywhere if you just make it back to the US and put on a show!! I’ll be in Germany soon for the rest of the year so it would be an absolute honor to see you live in Germany as well!! viel liebe!!

  • Abed

    Rammstein , im really sick of armin and all of those trance idiots, please come to Lebanon and show these twats what a real concert is … ( ur biggest fan in Lebanon)

    Oh and Rammstein were my inspiration to learn Deutsch:

    und jetzt ich kann ein bissen deutsch gesprachen !


    I am with FG1, please RAMMSTEIN can you please come to adelaide and play a full show, I was a security guard at big day out but had to go to another job 10 minutes before they come on. I have been waiting 10 years to see them live in a RAMMSTEIN show, BDO was ok but I want the real deal show. Please put us on your tour list…you have a loyal following here in adelaide and australia. Many people bought tickets to BDO just for Rammstein, this is what I was told by many people in crowd some were from other states, just for the rammstein show…
    and if the guy on the stage during Benzin was not a set-up then Till you should have really got pissed with him….

  • FG1

    Would LOVE to see Rammstein but really don’t like the BDO thing. Many countries have had full set tours but Australia misses out every year. It is very rare for a big name band to come to Adelaide anyway so Rammstein – please put us on the map and come to Adelaide to do a proper show. Wir wollen dass sehen dich in Adelaide.

  • Fran

    i don’t care where you play, but please come to europe this year! i will travel wherever! saw you at Sonisphere Knebworth last year, and in November i got my first tattoo, which was your logo. Can’t wait to see you guys again! 😀

  • Richard

    I hope they come back to the US. If they come to California I will buy a Pit ticket and line up 24 in advance and yell all their songs in order in to all the people passing by. Rammstein Fur Immer!

  • Daisy Thomas

    Saw them at MSG in New York…been waiting since 1998…would have went to Germany to see them! Their concert in New York blew my mind…I appreciate this band so much…LIFAD is amazing…and I imagine they will at least do a few shows in the US after their Cape Town date…Rammstein fans are the best…the concert at MSG ruined every other concert I will ever – or have ever – attended…because it was off the hook unbelievably amazing…the only other concert that may beat it is another Rammstein concert…love you guys! THANK YOU!

  • Rammstein Why don’t you make a stop on Puerto Rico ?
    Nice Tropical Puerto Rico 😉

    In other words,
    Come do a concert on Puerto Rico !
    Its close to the US 😀
    Google map us ;D i will get front seat tickets for sure!
    Puerto ricans unite! 😀

  • Chris Wright

    European Tour? Oh yes…

    Desperate for them to come back to the UK, but I don’t care if I have to travel, I’m seeing them if they come back. To see them in Berlin would be a dream come true.

  • DB1

    holy crap, possibility of US tour?! i need them back in NYC for another shot. tickets were gone so fast, they were even more valuable than gold.

  • Hëartless

    Rumor is floating around because of an interview with Flake, that Rammstein will be doing a full USA tour in the spring 2011, that would be amazing, I saw them in New York, flew all the way from California to see them, and I would love to see them again.

  • Camilla Lindberg

    come back to Denmark in 2011… i will be there as usual. 😉

  • Daz

    Really need to do a proper full tour of Australia instead of just doing the small sets at Big Day Out, we wanna see the full show!!!

  • Esther Thompson

    Please send rammstein for a tour in the UK, so many fans over here!!! Would love to see them in a real live concert!!!

  • david armstrong

    why do the best heavey metal bands forget the north east of england please come to newcastle metro radio arena you were too far way u only went to london manchester and birmingham please come love rammstein for ever

  • Em

    Will Rammstein ever come do a full-set tour in Australia? Big Day Out tours are watered down 20 minutes sets at the peak of summer and fire-ban season. We NEED to have the opportunity to see a real Rammstein concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • woody

    please send rammstein for a tour in the U.S.A. there are so many fans that have missed out on madison square gardens and would love to see you live

  • Rochelle Britz

    When is Rammstein having a tour in South-Africa? There are so many fans here that want to see a live show. PLEASE RAMMSTEIN COME TO SOUTH-AFRICA TO DURBAN!!!!!!!