Rammstein Tour dates for 2012 finally updated


I know it took some time, but we have eventually managed to update the Rammstein tour dates for 2012. Maybe you ask what is the value added in compare to the official page? Well, there is a link to forum discussion next to each tour date and this gives you the opportunity to discuss the concert in advance, meet other people going there, maybe organize some party before the gig and also make some comments after the concert.



    Hi again, just read your latest comment, love all the vids you mentioned (i am sure you know already but the girl kid on Engel is in fact Richards daughter!!)
    Yeah as for the spanking on Sonne i cant beleive that they all voted for the spanking to be received by Paul, would have thought they would all have enjoyed it lol!!
    Really love Richard in a suit in Ich Will he looks Sooooo sexy.

    No i do not have the LIFAD you speak of but have just ordered another limited edition of Pussy single.


    Think my last comment did noy get through the moderator for some reason.
    To answer your ? yeah Paul’s haircut is very unique isnt it but think he looks cute lol!
    i have mamy favourate videos so difficult to chose but love Pussy (obviously) Mann Gegan Mann, Sonne, Ich Will.
    Forgot to say your claim to fame is to have Richard touch you and mine is on the Volkerball DVD the camera is on me for all of 3 seconds, its towards the end of Ohne Dich on the Brixton Acadomy concert. That was the last concert i went to so am overdue to see them again.

  • carlos

    Hey Inger! I am 44 and have two daughters who love Rammstein plus a Rammstein tattoo on my arm. Dont worry what other people think, enjoy the music and the Gig as i will in London and Birmingham 2012

  • Inger Jensen

    This summer I got the best preesent ever….a ticket to the Rammstein consert in Oslo,Norway!!They are playing at 19/2-2012!!!I am SOOOO happy for that ticket!I have never been to one of their shows,so I am extatic!!!My family are having fun with me,beeing 46,a mother of to sons and a grandchild…lol!!But what the he…!I AM A RAMMSTEIN FAN!!And will be one for ever!

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    HAHAHA all 6 members of Rammstein have the ‘perfect german man’ look dnt they lol 😀
    I prefer Chris ‘DOOM’ with the longer hair he has now too.

    Well OBVIOUSLY ALL Rammstein’s Vids are fun to watch but my ultimate favs include ;

    *Mein Teil – its dark-fun-sexual, which sums up RAMM
    *Pussy – need i say more? Ramm + Porn = the ultimate pleasure
    *Ich Will – Till with a MO-HAWK 😀 AND them acting all rough and ready lol
    *Keine Lust – i dont know how many times iv seen it (TRILLIONS) – the fat suites are AMAZING! LOVE IT – and the japanese girl is yum.
    *Engel – richard looks slick in that 😀 – 2 kids creep me out tho lol
    *Sonne – snow white looks yum and id wanna spank all 6 members of ramm if i were her 😀 hahah

    – Id also put Mann Gegan Mann and Amerika up there with the best as Nakedness and a song that shows up the americans IS ALLLLL GOOOOD 😀

    I hope the new video is just as great 😀

    Do you own the LIFAD – DELUX edition – with the 6 pinky thingy ma-jigs 😀 ?


    Drool at the thought of red lipstick thats a new one on me, as you say tho only he could get away with it.
    No Paul’s haircut is unique isn’t it, he does look pretty cute tho so very german especially with the hat as well.

    Have loads of fave vids Pussy(Of course) Du Reist So Gut ( the one with Richard wearing a dress lol!) Mann Gegen Mann, Sonne, Mutter, Ich Will, just to name a few. How bout you?

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    ahoi to that ! lol

    wilder wein is very funny HAHAHAH. its bonkers!

    Yeh his spikey hair look is defo the best. He was wearing red lipstick with his long-ish hair in 2010 – There is No other macho man who could pull that look off 😀

    have you EVER seen ANYONE else with Paul’s haircut tho HAHAHA that is sublime lol???

    fav Ramm video ?


    Oh thats so cool i so agree i LOVE ZWITTER. How about WILDER WEIN as well, i so love the mexican hats.

    I dont blame you going weak at the knees i go weak just thinking about him touching me.

    I do love Richards silver haired contact lens look but much prefer the dark spiky hair look form Volkerball, and the black lipstick just does it for me every time lol!!

    By the way if the flames dont then i will lol!!

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    YEAHHH — im sure the whole of the 02 will go mental for those 6 slick germans when they take to the stage 😀

    REISE REISE is a fab opener- espceially when Till sings –


    love it 😛

    Im sure it will mainly be the singles from each album on this hits CD. They should do this tour… then they should do another tour of non-single tracks lol – and play ZWITTER.

    hahah dnt woz i still go weak at the knees when i think my god has touched me lol (how silly does that sound)
    do you prefer richard with spikey hair or long hair ?


    Yeah i am well pleased my tickets were waiting for me when i got home from work. I wanted standing but my brother wanted seats to make sure we had a good veiw. Will make just as much noise from the seats you will proberbly hear us from the floor.

    I cant wait either for track list for greatest hits, love each one of them tho and have so many favourates. Yes SONNE would be a great opener but think REISE REISE will always be my favourate. I do hope they also do some of the older tracks like Spiel Mit Mir tho as love the Live Aus Berlin DVD so much

    Wow Richard touched you, how cool is that, i sound like a crazy 14 yr old but cant help it lol!!

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    yoooo – well i brought 4 tickets _ 2 seats and 2 standing. The 2 seated ones have arrived, the standing havnt yet. I shall be standing 😀 – the flames shall keep me warm on a cold winters night 😀 Wooooooooo

    I REALLY want to know the track list of the greatest hits album NOW.! lol and I cant wait to find out what track they kick the show off with. what do you think it will be ? – SONNE would be a cracking track to come out to.

    hahaha Babe is a lovely song. I do hope 1 day Richard tours with Emigrate 😀
    – he slapped my left hand after the encore at the wembley arena gig in 2010, and i havnt washed it since HAHAHAH


    Hi NO-1-RAMM-FAN
    Oh i am so jealous that you have your tickets, i do not have mine yet, i am at work so hopefully will be there when i get home. I have a Rammstein symbol tattoo which i am very proud of, as you say they will always be the best band in the world and i will still love them when they are old and fat lol!!
    As for Emigrate my ambition is to have Richard sing “Babe” exclusivly to me lol!!

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    Tickets arrived today 😀 YAY !
    – a signature from richard on the skin would be lush – you would have to get it tattood on forever lol.

    I have fur immer rammstein tattood on me arm so they will always be around to me – no matter what happens!.
    They will always be the best band in the world.

    I reakon in 10-15 years or so and they have run out of money- they will have a re-union when they are all old and fat and play keine lust 😀
    In the near future im sure we will see more of EMIGRATE though 😀

    I see Deathstars are supporting in 2011 – I really hope they support the london gig. Deathstars are a superb band!


    I would love an answer to that ? as well, if this is to be there farewell tour then i would love to get some sort of autograph ( preferably on my bare skin from Richard lol!!).

    I cant beleive that this will be it tho, how can i possibly have a life with no Rammstein.I will def be with you on that rampage to Germany.

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    September isnt too long away indeed 😀 !!!
    – It’s such a sad thought that this could be the very last rammstein song/video/tour EVER! ;(
    I really hope all 6 carry on into the future as LIFAD is such a cracking album. If they stop we should all go rampaging to germany and demand more lol!!!
    – yeh i jumped for joy when i saw they were playing on my birthday. 😀 be the best b-day E.V.E.R

    -would you or anyone know if there is likely to be some sort of meet and greet/ signing session and what times and were roughly they are ??? as – i have missed everyone 1- 🙁 and im desperate to get something signed by my heros lol


    Thats what i want to know, i just cant wait either!!! Will be the first to let anyone know if i hear first. Last i heard it was September so hopefully not too long to wait. What a wonderful way to spend your birthday i cant think of anything i would rather do on a birthday than see the best band in the world live.

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    HAHAHAH me 2 – id love to follow them around the world on tour – but the 02 on my birthday next year is the best i could have hope for 😀 – THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!

    – keine lust has got to be one of my favourite ramm tracks of all time. the video is a classic.

    I love flakes hair in mann gegan mann HAHAHA 😀

    im getting restless lol


    Oh and to pass away the time at work i have now got a little video on my computer of RICHARD AND FLAKE on Mann Gegen Mann.Wonder why i dont seem to be getting much work done.He He


    I wish i could afford to go to two concerts i had to work two overtime shifts to pay for my ticket at the 02. When you work for local government thats what happens lol!!
    It will be sooooo worth it tho to see our six boys in action. I really cant wait and it seems so far away.

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    G-E-R-M-A-N-Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carlos

    Going to london and Birmingham feb 2012!!! Cant F-in wait. Deutschland Deutschland….

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    HAHAHA Mann Gegan Mann has got to be on the video DVD. Richard does look top notch!
    Flake has a super skiny frame and everytime i see it- i laugh 😀 bless than man !


    Oh and as a hot blooded female i would love to see Mann gegen Mann with Richard not wearing his guitar lol!!!

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    Exactly – it would be F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C !
    it is a comical video (It proves to everyone that the germans do infact have a funny sense of humour 😀 )

    Most pop/rap music is sexual orientated with videos playing all day with erotic dancers here and there.

    …so we should ALL be able to enjoy the uncut greatness of pussy.


    I really hope it is and i cant see why not, would be great and after all we are all adults and we all have a sense of homour lol!!!!

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    i have a question that needs answering…

    Is the full uncut pussy video going to be on the cd/dvd release???????? lol

    rammstein would be cheeky monkeys if so – ay 😉

    Im a guy – and i love my 6 dildos 😀 (not in a gay way)


    Hey all you Ramm fans, just come back from a weeks holiday, had fantastic weather and i bought myself a new girlie Rammstein tee shirt, as if i dont have enough already LOL!!!
    Does anyone have the new DVD of all the videos from 1995 to 2011? Just seen it on Amazon for £20 and wondered if anyone has seen it.
    Yes i agree RICHARD IS GOD

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    i’d also LOVE to see Zwitter and Te Queiro Puta on the best of – doubt they will tho 🙁 as they are in my top 5 Ramm songs of all time :D.
    I wonder what song they will start off with on this tour???? as normally it starts with the 1st track on the album e.g…reise reise…rammlied 😀 – I guess only time will tell ay! 😀

    rammstein stole the whole show at sonisphere. 100 times better than iron maiden (and i love the irons lol)
    – i gave this years sonisphere a miss due to they being no rammstein lol. I expect slipknot was something special 2 C withouth paul?

    – Richard K is G.O.D !


    I agree MEIN TEIL would be awesome, along with Reise Reise, Morgenstern, Spiel Mit Mir, and Bestrafe Mich, but i love all there music so i will just love it from beginning to end.
    I would love to have seen them at Sonisphere, i was there this year but no Rammstein unfortunatly. Oh well roll on Feb 24th, not that i should wish my life away or anything LOL!!!

  • No-1-RAMM-FAN

    hahah thats dedication indeed- i was up at 9 for the tickets too! 😀
    Im getting withdrawel symptoms and i saw them twice in 2010 (wembley + sonisphere) LOL -so u must have it bad!
    waiting will drag but when it comes i wont want it too end!

    I REALLY WANT 2 C MEIN TEIL on the best of !


    Me too, not seen them since Brixton Acadomy in 2005 so been having withdrawel symptoms.
    Shame have to wait seven months its going to drag i think.Incidently i was the first to get tickets at 9.02 on friday 8th how keen is that!!!!!

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    24.02.2012 – london – Im There…(on me 24th birthday) !!!!