Rammstein Tour dates for 2009 announced


Please be advised that the tour has been announced together with dates and cities of show performance.

To check it follow this link: Tour dates 2009

Ticket-presale for the german Rammstein-shows in 2009 will start exclusively on www.rammsteinshop.de on June 12, 2009!

For all other european Rammstein-shows we will soon announce presale-starts and link to ticket-sellers’ pages.

  • Bryanna

    I have picked an amazing year to study abroad!!! Frankfurt is only two hrs away from me. XD
    Also the new album is just wonderful! I absolutely love it!

  • Jennaa

    C’mon… Yu All No There Banned From U.S The Kuntss.. So Why Beg Them to Come.. THEY CANT !

  • Montreary

    What are the chances of them coming to the UK in 2010 because at the moment it looks like im going to have to go to the continent to see them, which is a nice addition of money on the ticket -_-

  • Jesse

    canada welcomes u the most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jesse

    come to canada rammstein

  • + Kein Engel +

    I’ve got 2 tickets for the concert in Denmark! I guess that I’m the happiest person on Earth 😀

    But I don’t get why some of you complain about that Rammstein aren’t playing in your country.. Come on! They can’t tour the whole fucking world in 2 months! They’ll be back in 2010 and tour a lot more.. Have some patience, though I know it’s tough 😉

    December seems SO far away.. *SIGH* xD

  • Rammsus

    The R+ show in the Netherlands is sold out!

  • Myrtusz

    UNGARN, UNGARN!!! Please come to Hungary. We’re waiting for you since 5 years… such as the other countries here and in Balkan.

  • Vesso

    There is no date for Rammstein conncert in agenda on Prague O2 Arena???? Why that

  • RammFanForLife

    This tour is a bit… Lackish….

    I think they’ll have to do another, extended, tour to satisfy all of us.

    Hopefully they’ll finally come to Israel ;}

  • floppydisk559

    What the fuck, all the other countries has had there fair share of Rammstein but the U.S. C’mon man I Needs me Rammstein. Come to Chicago. PLEASE!!! I’m begging Ya.

  • bobo

    no uk dates !!???? wtf das kunts

  • Levinho

    warum nicht kommt ihr Ungarn??:(:(

  • Edvard

    wow. why are they touring only in Europe. what ever ill still go see them.

  • Lucia

    They better come to the Balkans and Bulgaria!

  • Cath

    No Scottish dates? A mistake, surely! When can we expect to see you then?

  • Ryan

    No London date, but oh well…Using it as an excuse to go to Geneva 😛

    Wanted to go to Switzerland for years.

  • Mattstein

    what happens with the presale? do we need to be paying members of the rammstein fanclub to be in with a chance of getting tickets for the euro tour in the presale?

  • Cassay

    i hope they come to canada … perferably saskatchewan 🙂

  • rammsteinplayer

    If rammstein doesn’t come to america i might not play new rammstein songs at battle of the bands! so take that

  • Durden

    Man I was gonna go to Bilbao for my 21st, but I’m going to Berlin instead…couldn’t afford the flights to London then Bilbao 🙁

  • Angela

    i hope, they will come to Latvia !!

  • Artemis

    i guess i’ll have to wait until 2010 to see them. i’m really looking forward to seeing them live and hearing the new album.

  • Flora

    WHAT??? NO UK DATES??? WHAAAAAAAAT???????????

  • dave

    I was thinking the same as you durden. Last tour they went all the way to japan before they came to UK and played the 3 big gigs; Birmingham, cardiff and glasgow. If they dont release UK dates then im going to go see them in Madrid on my 21st birthday.

  • Durden

    They aren’t coming to the UK either, but they will come, they always do, they will probably tour in January and February, with either a Festival or US tour in the Summer, and probably elsewhere till X-mas, then probably end with a second Euro tour, Which is what they did with Mutter. If they are marketed correctly this tour could bne very successful

  • ThomatoForce

    Yeah! I live in The Netherlands and yesterday i bought tickets! HELL YEAH!

  • SBASWilliam

    they maybe come to sweden next year so stfu. Its only fun to see that they will tour this year. i don´t have any problems if they come to sweden this year or next.

  • Heavy Metal Keith

    haha, i noticed the no sweeden thing. i bet they go straight to south america after the europe tour, not saying thats a bad thing considering the large audience, but it would be nice if they could just take enough time to hit the major cities in the US. ive been waiting for them to come back since the Mutter tour…

  • donvito

    really ,no baltic countries ?! :/
    even not Finland.
    I think they will tour at the beginning of 2010 in scandinavia ,baltic countries etc.
    at least i really hope so. never seen them live 🙁

  • Mantas

    Wdf?!?!? Why they forgot about Baltic states?!? 😀

  • emeerentia

    R+ should really really come to Sweden. Since it’s not that far from Denmark, perhaps they could make a little de-tour to please us Swedish fans? 😀

  • Robin

    Bring on the US tour!

  • Rammsus


    Im going to the netherlands belgium and germany!
    Hope to get the tickets!! ;-)))

  • mikey

    yeeaah owesome, they come to Belgium :D:D

  • Martin

    what the fuck???
    you are mixing your album in sweden but you dont come here
    please come to sweden or else i will ride a bike to fucking Denmark, please come to the globe or something.

  • Choda

    We want Rammstein in Serbia!!!

  • ryan

    I hope they go to california or las vegas, some where near UTAH!!!!

  • Mike

    wait, so does this mean all touring in the year 2009 will be in europe?

    hmm, hope not

  • Erica E.

    PFFT I’m gonna buy a ticket anyway! XP Rammstein ist Rammstein! It’ll be good no matter what! I am sooo going to Koln! Then I can go see the Koln Cathedral too! 😀

    It would be nice to get a single out soon though. 😛

    • bozzy

      i went to Kolhn the cathedral is beautiful …its black like some gothic church and when its misty the bell towers cant be seen + all the people who like rock/alternative all hang out underneath the cathedral 😀

  • momo

    shall we buy tickets to a show that we don`t know how it sounds? no no no
    first release a single and then sell the tickets.