Rammstein Tickets 2009


Anyone interested can purchase, without further restriction, a maximum of 2 tickets for the band’s concerts in Germany. Tickets range from 56,00€ to 78,00€ and can be obtained starting June 12th, 2009 at www.rammsteinshop.de!

For other countries please contact your your official dealer or try Viagogo: If all tickets are sold out, you can also use Viagogo, the online ticket exchange portal. There you can buy the tickets (without any quantitative restrictions) but not only this – in case you have tickets but no time to attend, you can sell them here as well.

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2009-11-08 Portugal Lisbon Pavilhão Atlântico
2009-11-10 Spain Madrid Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid
2009-11-12 Spain Barcelona Pavelló Olímpic de Badalona

2009-11-14 Spain Bilbao Bizkaia Arena
2009-11-16 France Nantes Zénith Nantes Métropole
2009-11-18 Switzerland Basel St. Jakobshalle
2009-11-19 Switzerland Geneva Arena de Genève
2009-11-21 Austria Vienna Stadthalle
2009-11-23 Germany Munic Olympiahalle
2009-11-24 Germany Leipzig Arena
2009-11-25 Czech Republic Prague O2 Arena

2009-11-27 Poland Katowice Spodek
2009-11-29 Germany Cologne Lanxess Arena
2009-12-02 France Lyon Halle Tony Garnier
2009-12-03 France Strasbourg Zénith
2009-12-04 Luxembourg Luxembourg Rockhal
2009-12-06 Netherlands Arnheim GelreDome
2009-12-08 France Paris Bercy
2009-12-09 France Paris Bercy

2009-12-10 Belgium Antwerp Sportpaleis
2009-12-11 Germany Frankfurt Festhalle
2009-12-12 Germany Stuttgart Schleyer-Halle
2009-12-14 Germany Hamburg Color Line Arena
2009-12-15 Denmark Copenhagen Forum
2009-12-17 Germany Rostock HanseMesse
2009-12-18 Germany Berlin Velodrom
2009-12-19 Germany Berlin Velodrom

Rammstein Tickets mit Garantie

  • Mike

    I live in the US and ordered tickets months ago and have yet to receive them.And the show is only a few weeks away.Anybody have any ideas to offer.Tried contacting Rammsteinshop.de and no reply.Thanks

  • Michelle

    OK, guys… I got my tikets by the site :http://www.digitick.com/
    they already sent to my e-mail(!) and I just to need to print it! I never saw this sistem before…
    Anyway… 8/12 Rammstein in PARIS(and me) 😀

  • Shell

    re: above switch-only serious-honest-responsible person, m/f. It would help me if you are bilingual, but English only okay also. My German is very basic. You can reach me w/foto [email protected] for discussion.

  • Shell

    Anyone have 2 tickets already purchased (I’m flying in from the US). I have 2 tickets for the 19th. I want to see them again for either the 18th or the 20th.

    I only want to do a switch (in Berlin of course), no buyouts. One night you see them with me and another i see them w/you.


  • paul nelson

    i registered as a community member as i was told that you could get the tickets reserved being a member. much to my horror all ticket info came through in german and when trying to book transaction never went through

    i am a uk resident and was hoping for the berlin velodrome on 18/12/2009. i have tried e-mailing and keep getting repeat e-mails back saying they are busy dealing with enquiries. so sad looks like i will miss the opportunity to see my favorite band which is beyond heartbreaking

    all tickets for sale are about 200 euro each and when you add flights etc it is more than i can afford (why is always the real fans that suffer) if anyone can help me please i can be e-mailed at [email protected] thank you

  • + Kein Engel +

    @ Miriam

    See you there then! I got 2 tickets for the concert in Denmark as well ;D
    BTW, I feel damn lucky that I even got my tickets! Ö

    2009-12-15: Denmark, Copenhagen, Forum = The best day of my life! 8D

  • Michelle Rivka

    anyone here knows if http://www.digitick.com/ is a good site to buy tikets?

  • Projektion

    I believe Ticketmaster.es has still got some tickets for barcelona left, I got mine from there.

  • Mattstein

    hi Michelle the tickets on http://www.bercy.fr/alaune for rammstein on 9/12 are general admission.. you can stand or sit anywhere. They are about 63euros after fees.

  • Michelle Rivka

    has some site its all sold out… but others has a CRAZY price like 160 euros!! rape off (without the tax to send!).
    I saw one for 59 euros(without reservation place) and make me think if is a real????
    It´s doesnt say if is SEAT or Stand!
    I m so lots now…

  • Mattstein

    Michelle, tickets for Paris 09/12 are still on sale today.

  • Michelle Rivka

    Hello, I m in Belgium(Antwerpen)… I m Crazy to get tickets to the concert! I can travel to Barcelona, Nerdelands, Paris,Koln, Berlim… but looks that all are sold OUT!
    [email protected]

  • Martin

    come on where’s the real news???!!!

  • Sot

    Come to GREECE…………..

  • christina

    sadly im from the uk and nothing been said about any uk dates and i dont have a pass port as yet so i cant go out of the countery to see them 🙁 is there any news on some uk dates yet?

  • Ruben

    Got tickets for the concert in Antwerp. We were already too late but then we got some tickets because someone made a mistake.
    Very much luck!

  • Rammsus

    Rammstein in the Netherlands is also sold out!

  • Luci

    The shop is really pissing me off!! I am from the UK so no dates here yet so trying to get one for Germany… and I seem to be getting nowhere!!!

  • Alego

    I was one of the unlucky ones, i didnt get a ticket :'(
    But ive been thinking of going to Germany to see them there, but Rammsteinshop is aparently down right now? :s

  • Miriam

    Got mine here 😀 In Denmark, there was a line even to get onto the ticket page, wich meant there was a risk of not getting tickets OxO But got them, and after an hour, all tickets were gone

  • Statik

    i looked again but there are enough tickets lot more then 50 left

  • Statik

    Got my tickets 🙂 netherlands i think there are about less then 50 tickets left now 23:47
    so if u want order them fast !!!

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  • External

    In Czech Republic after 3-4 hours (at the stage).

  • Philmeister

    Got my tickets 😀

    They where sold out (in Belgium) after less than 30 minutes