Rammstein started South America 2010 tour


and the setlist looks like this:

01: Rammlied / 02: B***** / 03: Waidmanns Heil / 04: Keine Lust / 05: Weißes Fleisch / 06: Feuer frei! / 07: Wiener Blut / 08: Frühling in Paris / 09: Mein Teil / 10: Du riechst so gut / 11: Benzin / 12: Links 2,3,4 / 13: Du hast / 14: Pussy / 15: Sonne / 16: Haifisch / 17: Ich will / 18: Ich tu dir weh / 19: Te quiero puta!

  • Leola Lloyd

    Pretty disappointed that they can’t play “Ohne Dich” at NYC. That’s my favorite song by them.

  • Jay

    Pretty disappointed that they can’t play “Ohne Dich” at NYC. That’s my favorite song by them.

  • Yes!!! Weisses Fleisch again 😀

  • WizzyKid

    Rafeal: It’s possible they may of been hard pressed on their allocated time (stricter curfew for instance) or they decided it would be better to play it with just the intro instead of the whole song, since they don’t have the rest of the pyrotechnic effects with it in Europe.

  • Rafael

    Amazing ! The brazilian show at november 30th was amazing ! The fire burns higher at Via Funchal show house. But they don’t played Ich tut dir weh… don’t know why…

  • WizzyKid

    Franco: Sorry to disappoint but Mein Teil is pretty much the exact same as the Reise Reise Tour, only Flake is in it with his sparkly suit. Not that it’s a bad thing though, I don’t think they could possibly make that song anymore badass.

  • BigRudy

    I agree no TQP for MSG. I would shit if Richard brought out Emigrate to play New York City!

  • Herzeleid Franco

    OH MY GOD NEW-TOUR version of Mein Teil!!! Can’t wait to see the coreography.

  • WizzyKid

    I agree with Rammsus! Really do miss Heirate mich, I hope they bring it back at least once.

  • Zerza

    Does anyone know in which hotel Rammstein is?

  • SPARTAN 45

    Great setlist but I’m hoping for a lot more from Sehnsucht and Mutter when they play at Madison Square.

  • Rammsus

    Amezing setlist indeed!
    Just missing Heirate mich for a looonngg time now 😉

  • Jacob

    It’s part of their LIFAD tour and they don’t play Liebe Ist Für Alle Da, haha :p

  • Katja Rimmell

    Hi there, just wanted to say that I am eternally happy that Rammstein is hitting South Africa next year. I cannot wait to see them live!!! It’s time to show South Africa what decent metal sounds and looks like.

    Yours always, Rammstein


  • WizzyKid

    Second thoughts, they probably will play Amerika. I thought it’d be a bit too negative to do so since the song bassically criticises Amerika, but I’m sure there’s Rammstein fans over there for a reason anyway. 🙂

  • Richard Venue

    Nope, saw an interview with Richard, and he said they wont be playing Amerika at MSG.

  • WizzyKid

    I doubt they’ll play Amerika, I reckon they’ll play Engel or a different Rosenrot song to end with, such as Rosenrot.

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    ‘te quiero puta’ is 1 of Rammsteins SUPER awesome Hits..and i think it should be in EVERY set-list they do!!!! – I want to a live performance of this and ZWITTER !!!!!

  • Jess

    I agree with Heartless. That’s probably going to be our set-list minus Te Quiero Puta. I love it though, and I’m so glad Mein Teil is on here. I honestly cannot wait for December 11th!

  • Luciana Garbim

    Oooh ! I´m so excited ,I´m from Brazil,they´ll play here november 30th and Mein Teil is one of my favorite songs,I´m sooo happy *-*

  • lófasz

    I think they will change Mein Teil or TQP to another new Rosenrot (or unplayed LIFAD) song and the rest one to America.

  • rammsteinakfrika

    this setlist looks amazing … I hope they keep it like this

  • Hëartless

    I bet $5 that the set list in NYC will be the same, but instead of Te Quiero Puta, they will play Amerika. 2 Weeks I can’t wait!!!

  • Richard Venue

    Theyre probably not playing Te Quiero Puta at Madison Square Garden.

  • Sidewinder

    That’s an awesome setlist!! They never played ‘Te quiero puta!’ in Spain T_T