Rammstein Das Modell Single

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Rammstein Das Modell single cover

Track list

[01] Das Modell [Single version] 04:46
[02] Kokain 03:09
[03] Alter Mann [Special version] 03:09
[04] Rammstein Computerspiel für Windows


Released: 18. July, 1997
Music and lyric: Rammstein, excluding song Das Modell, music: K. Bartos/R. Hütter, text: E. Schult/R. Hütter
Production: Hellner with Rammstein
Intro: Mathilde Bonnefoy
Cover picture: PREMIUM STOCK photography / W. Holzenbecher
Video: Das Modell
Lyrics: Das Modell

  • SutaiHH

    Where can i get the ”Rammstein Computer Game for Windows”

  • walppeople

    Das Modell is a song originally made by Kraftwerk, a German electronic band.

  • steinramm

    Released Maxi Single CD / 24.11.97 by UNIVERSAL

  • chelsea

    What song is this das modell song off?