Rammstein setlist revealed at first of three warm-up shows


Herzeleid.com forum member ‘konkelo’ has reported back the setlist played at tonight’s show. The show is one of three being performed and this week in Berlin before the band heads out on a fiery European tour.

Rammstein released Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da last week via Vagrant Records.

1. Rammlied
2. B*******
3. Waidmanns Heil
4. Keine Lust
5. Feuer frei!
6. Weisses fleisch
7. Wiener Blut
8. Frühling in Paris
9. Ich tu dir weh
10. Liebe ist für alle da
11. Links 2-3-4
12. Haifisch
13. Du hast
14. Pussy
15. Benzin
16. Sonne
17. Ich will
18. Seemann
19. Rosenrot
20. Engel

Source: thegauntlet.com

  • Samuel

    It’s gonna be absolutely amazing if they start with Rammlied, it’s my biggest dream to hear that song live. But on all other sites and videos it appears to be Sonne that is played first.. :/

  • maria

    where is ohne dich 🙁

  • Mary Avellaneda

    Where the hell is Spiel Mit Mir..! I Love that song! Damn it! I would like to hear it!! Rammstein Rulesss!!!! I Can’t Wait to see Them!!! 😀

  • Jeff Vachon

    Tonight is the night ! Rammstein live aus Québec City in front of minimum 80000 persons!! Je vais être là même que je part tout suite…

  • BigPat

    Wow great but where is Du Riechst So Gut,Morgenstern and Stein Um Stein! I will be in Quebec.

    Nous aimons Raimmstein!

  • cormerdamus

    The reason they are not playing Mein Teil has 0 to do with Armin, he sewed them when the video came out, and it was thrown out of court because public events cannot be copyrighted.

    They took it out because they’re one of the few bands who still tour to support a current album, not dwell on the past. Mein teil will be back in the set eventually.

  • Geddi


  • Sthlm

    Just saw them, for the first time;) It was soo awesome!!:O

  • Sundis

    I miss Reise,Reise and Amerika…AND Sehnsucht!

  • Mark

    Saw Rammstein at the LG arena last wednesday 03/02/10. Fucking amazing!
    Such an incredible set and stage show. I can’t wait for Sonisphere!

    By the way, I had never seen CombiChrist before (never heard anything by them either), but I was pleasantly surprised. Really good pounding drums and some great keyboard work. I would happilly go to see them again.

  • DemonSamurai

    first time i’ve seen rammstein and absolutly love the band!Saw the gig last night!!! was AMAZING!!! excellent setlist although zwitter and reise, reise would have been brilliant. engel was a fantastic finish with the wings on his back. 5/5 top notch!!

  • GottesBesen

    I love this setlist! I’m also curious about Weisses Fleisch, Till is getting older and I somewhat wonder if Flake will do that dance of his X3 Does anyone know about the situation upon whether or not they are coming to America? I heard from someone that they were banned, but I’m hoping this proves false.

  • Dorkus

    Hope Reise Reise is played! Thats probably my fave song by them! Leave out some of their new crud please (save for Pussy, an Rammleid.) x

  • ejnarm3

    Too great setlist!!!
    I am going to see them in Forum, Denmark 🙂
    Miss more songs from rosenrot… wo bist du could be so nice!
    Maybe next time ;)?
    Rammstein 4 life!!!!!
    Happy concert! 🙂

  • Chris

    and btw

    Rosenrot is taken of the setlist, it wont be preformed

  • Chris

    this is awsome but they shouldnt played so many new songs, 8 from the new album.

    i miss

    Du riechst so gut, mein teil, amerika, Rosenrot,los, Rammstein,ohne dich and reise reise.

    But as Rammstein stated, they have change out songs so it dont get boring, becuse a band bored on stage is never a good live band. And im pretty sure of that Rammstein want to keep the title ” Best live act” after all DRSG,Rammstein have been played on every tour they have done since 1998. so a change is good, im sure they are back in next tour with em 🙂

  • Darsier

    Where the hell’s Asche zu Asche, Du riechst so gut, Mein Herz brennt, Ich will, Herzleid, Bestrafe Mich and Mein Teil? … I feel a bit dissapointed, could imagine a much better playlist. Well, let’s atleast hope the show will be as good as it always used to be.


    They only play 2 songs of the album “Rosenrot” because it was the worst thing they ever made (and the only album I didn’t buy). I would like to hear Heirate Mich instead of Seemann on the 10th of december in Antwerp however.
    Rammstein fell off because Rammlied is the perfect substitute.
    It’s all in the song :
    “Nun das Warten hat ein Ende,leiht euer Ohr einer Legende” and “Wir sind zurück, schalte ein! RAMM STEIN!)
    I hope we don’t have to wait another 4 years for a new album or 8 years for a perfact one. Thanks Guys!! C U on 10/12

  • kiso1983

    thanks for the info!!!!! i just arrived in france yesterday and am going to nantes to the concert tomorrow……cant waittttttttttttttttttttttt

    I LOVE RAMMSTEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yoosto

    @kiso1983 – They did play Weisses Fleisch and Sonne as well! =)

  • jenn

    they can’t do mein teil, as druden said. armin meiwes sued them for using the story and he’d get royalties if they played it. fuck that. but wiener blut would totally be fair game, at least for now :] i do agree that they need to put rammstein on the list..i can’t imagine a show without giant flamethrower-arms. just saying. god, i hope they come to san francisco.

  • cormer

    Should have divided the spots for new songs between LIFAD and Rosenrot. I wanna see Te queiro puta, Mann Gegen Mann and Spring put in there.

    And I can’t believe they’re not doing Mein Teil. Of all their crazy theatrics, thats the best thing they do live.

  • martin gray

    Im coming to London in February and id love them to play `Rammstein` and `Herzelheid` Please!!!!

  • kiso1983

    did they play sonne and weisses fleisch? it would be the best bday gift for them to sing my top fav songs. any idea how to get backstage and meet them? lol im not kidding i totally need to meet these guys before i fly back to the states.

  • Yoosto

    @Karrrrel – On yesterday’s show in Lisbon, they didn’t play Rosenrot, sadly…

  • karrrrel

    this is the first time I’ll see Rammstein play Rosenrot live..

  • Druden

    @ Philmeister – Engel was not part of the setlist for Reise, Reise tour, that was the outro song done by a choir. That is the outro tune on the limited edition of Volkerball.

    Mein Teil will, most likely, NOT be played as every gig they play Mein Teil at, Armin Miewes will get a cut of the gig profits.

  • Fahrenheit

    Where is the Rosenrot Album Songs??? Where is Stirbt Nicht vor mir,Wo Bist Du,Spring,Mann gegen Mann…
    Everyone heard the previous albums live so many times

    Rosenrot isn`t yours?! change this setlist and put the more songs from rosenrot PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  • No. 1 Ramm Fan

    te quiero puta – would be AMAZING LIVE!!!!

    cant wait to see BUCKSTABUUUUUUUU live…..that will just rock my socks off !!!!

    and ‘rammlied’ has replaced ‘rammstein’ – its soo much better!!!!

  • Philmeister

    Why would you wanna see amerika or Main Teil or any other song from the previous tour??? Like many said they have so many decent songs so leave out the songs of the previous tour and play other songs.

    Btw Engel FTW. Have seen there show in 2005 in Werchter end the show ended with the Engel tune silently playing in the background. We song the lyrics loud and proud hoping they would play it but they didn’t so it would be awesome if they play it now. I for one would scream my longs out.

  • Eddie

    Nice, but I’d like to see more songs from Rosenrot! Hope they will change it a bit… ^^

  • thrashmetalgod

    erm…where is Rammstein? that song has been in their set since day 1…i’m not surprised about the removal of mein teil…good song yeah but that was all about the last tour…now they have weiner blut which will prob be something along the same lines…but 9 new songs…and only 2 from Rosenrot…interesting. And can Till still do the Weisses Fleisch effect as hes getting on little. btw I thought they took Seemann out because Flake didnt wanna be in the dinghy anymore.

  • Enn

    Nick, why can’t they do that? Nobody says they can’t.
    They will definetly spice things up, they have courage for it, unlike some moral wieners.

  • Nick

    Wow. It’s great to see some great songs back.

    The reason they had to leave out Mein Teil is because it is one of those songs that has a signature routine (cooking Flake!) and they can’t just do that again, and can’t do the song live without it. Amerika can’t be played without the ticker tape. I would have loved to have seen both live, as well as Ohne Dich.

    I can’t wait to see how they play Pussy and Wiener Blut (are they going to dare do anything Fritzl based? That’s what the song is about…).

  • Csaba

    I hope they make at least 2-3 setlists for those days, when they will play in same city, like for Berlin around X-mass. Like Linkin Park did in 2008(?)! My girlfriend bought a ticket for my birthday, so I’ll be there at the hungarian concert!!!! :))) The one thing of my sorrows is that she won’t go with me to the concert.

    I say only to this topic: guys, we’ll see what will they play in Portugal! I hope they’ll put Sehnsucht, or more Rosenrot songs lastly in the list.

  • Pingo

    I would love to hear Feuer Und Wasser live. It´s such a great song with an creepy atmosphere. I would also love to hear Wo Bist Du and Zestören, but you can´t always get what you want…

  • Enn

    I really hope this is not the final setlist for the tour.
    Where is Sehnsucht, Mein Teil, Mehr?
    I really wish they would play Bestrafe Mich, Herzeleid and Spiel Mit Mir, those songs are F****** AWESOME!

  • metal

    fuck them!! where is asche zu asche,ti quiero puta,mann gegen mann,wo bist du,spring?
    i hope their coming to iran!!!!!!

  • RammsteinFürImmer

    they have got to play roter sand! that song will bring the entire crowd practically to tears! that is the sadest most beautiful song i have ever heard!

  • Till

    Hopefully the song with “hot stuff” will be “Pussy”… Can’t imagine what they could come up to!

  • LammerOutsider

    where is du riechst so gut? Mein teil ?? Amerika ?? Sehnsucht ?? Mehr ?? but i am happy about seemann and Engel.. for me links234, ich will, pussy, keine lust or weisses fleish are not so important then songs thad I said.. sehnsucht is best song for me

  • Margawsa

    Mein Teil is one of the best song of Rammstein so I hope they will play it in Prague..and Mann gegen Mann too:)

  • E-SE

    I miss Mehr! I think this could sound great live.

    I hope Links and Du Hast will be played. (or kept in the setlist)

    These are my favorite 3 songs, I would be really happy to here them live!

  • Rammsus

    Well these are just warm-up shows..
    I think they pick the top 3 or 4 best live-songs from the new album for the official tour.
    I hope they put mann gegen mann in the setlist, and I would like heirate mich back! But thats just my opinion 😉
    Ill just wait and see what they gonna play in the netherlands ;-))

    Cheers guys!

  • der meister

    it’s pretty strange because they play 9 song of 11 from lifad…

    i dont think that that setlist suck. its good but it could be better…

  • LIFAD09

    Yeah! Nice setlist but I would like to see mehr live. The hot stuff is probably Wiener Blut or Pussy.

  • No. 1 Ramm Fan

    ..WHERE THE HELL IS MEIN TEIL…… !!! …and Mann GEGAN Mann!!!…

    Im happy with ANY set list that Rammstein do…BUT then again Im SO sad at the same time…as they cant play every song….AND THEY ARE ALL SOOO GOOOOD 🙁



  • canada

    sehnsucht, mein teil, du reicht so gut where are those??!!! 🙁

    at least engel is back!! 🙂 COME TO TORONTO ( molson ampitheater or copps collesiumm, they have no restrictions on pyrotechnics 😉

  • RammsteinGreece

    where is Amerika??? pfff… i would also like Dalai Lama or Bestrafe mich… Good old ones… anyway, great setlist! i will see them live in Belgrad!!!

  • Durden

    I would have liked to have seen Hilf mir, but I hope they take out Seemann, it is boring! DRSG performance isnt that great, they sometimes to the crossbow at the start of du hast, so it may be there.

    It looks like Pussy will be the new pre encore song, with Benzin opening the Encore, I imagien the choice of Rosenrot, Engel and seemann is to see which song willbe the best closer. I think Engel would be best, but I’d prefer to see Rosenrot.

  • Yoosto

    @ ThomatoForce – Well, yeah, you’re right. But I would love to see them open this tour also with Reise, Reise. It tingles my heart when I play Reise, Reise for Volkerball. :p Though, Rammlied also rocks! 🙂

  • harris

    wondering in which song will be the “hot stuff” instead of mein Teil and bück dich…

  • harris

    well I expected also mann gegen mann mein teil Amerika ohne dich sehnsucht asche zu asche donaukinder….but good to see seemann and engel back in live again!

  • Antonio(Croatia)

    khm….where is “Du Riechst So Gut” that song has a great performance!!!!

  • maestrocarnicero

    Guys don’t forget Mein Teil please!!!!

  • Till

    I am so glad they will begin with “Rammliied”. That song rules!

  • RammsteinFürImmer

    I don’t get why they wont play anything from Rosenrot besides Benzin! I want to hear the rest of it live!!!

  • Guyll

    Great setlist! engel is such a good song to end on! nice to see rosenrot maiking an appearance too!

    Roll on the tour!

  • ThomatoForce

    Nice setlist! Weisses fleisch is being played again! Me is happy! Although I expected an other setlist..

    And yoosto, don’t be stupid, they opened with Reise Reise on the Reise Reise tour, cuz it was a great opener. And they open with Rammlied on the LIFAD tour, cuz that’s a great opener too, but from the album the tour is about. Wow, geez, kinda big explanation of me. XD

  • Yoosto

    Nice setlist! I’m only disappointed because they won’t be opening with Reise, Reise…

  • No. 1 Ramm Fan

    Where the hell is ‘asche zu asche’ !!!! that track rules lol….AND i really want to see either ‘zwitter’ or ‘te quiero puta’ ..played live….!!!!!! i hope they do at some point in the tour!…
    at least they are playing BUCKSTABU….. thats easily the best track off the new album…by long shot !!!