Rammstein related searches?


Time after time I am really wondering about what people are searching on this website. Here is a list of most searched (Unsuccessful search summary) terms in the last month:

buckstabu – definitely related to Rammstein’s song B********, there were also related searches: booksta boo and bueckstabu.
eisenmann – there were some rumors that this is the upcoming single from the Best of album. We have no such an info.
holzmichel – What the f. is “holzmichel”? Never heard of…
Rammstein – Pussy [Official music video] – you can get some details here. The official link is not active yet, as it has been replaced by ITDW video released later.
fuhrer mich – the right spelling is Führe mich (Lead me)
rammstein-himmler – Rammstein is not related to Heinrich Himmler, please stop the bullshit!
rammstein-hitler – the same answer like above
wandiemes hail – isn’t it Waidmanns Heil?
armour – this shall be probably Amour, for armour go here.
bayern – a little video about Bayern is here, the one you were seraching for is called “Rammstein – Bayern des samma mia

So next time please check your spelling and also if this site is really relevant to what you seek 🙂

  • Zoey Marie Bedenbaugh

    I get that this post is absolutely ancient, but Eisenmann ended up being a cut and then leaked track and I actually did find a translation for elsewhere so it would be awesome if that was on here somewhere.

  • Andreas
  • Kevin

    There’s a video on youtube claiming a song called Holzmichel is by Rammstein. Just do a search for “Rammstein Helzmichel”. It sounds to me like a remix of some rammstein songs, someone singing (not Rammstein) and the “Die Randfichten” song or something similar, lol. Perhaps it is actually a song by another German rock group.

  • Der Meister

    Holzmichel is a german word for Lumberjack.
    It is a song by German group Die Randfichten.

    And the title of the song is “Lebt Den Der Alte Holzmichel Noch”, which translates to “Does the old lumberjack still life”

  • Littleluckylink

    Actually, the Pussy music video is there, you just have to click on the text in the upper-left section of the page.

  • WizzyKid

    Hahahaha, The 1 you just made my day. 🙂

  • the 1

    Knock-knock – Who’s there? – Boo. – Boo who? — Booksta BOO!

  • Rob

    haha! What the hell is holzmichel? xD