Rammstein – Mutter tour DVD petition


There is petition for release a live concert on DVD of german hard rock band “Rammstein”, from “Mutter tour” (in years 2001-2002). They recorded their live show in Berlin at 18. – 19. 5. 2001 and the fans want to buy whole concert on DVD (or Blu-Ray).

Rammstein released two songs from this concert on DVD “Lichtspielhaus” When there will be 500 000 signatures, they will give this petition to Pilgrim Management. You can see the petition here.

Affenknecht opinion: they will not release the old stuff, but the new LIFAD tour instead. They may add some old songs from Berlin, but this is not probable. Pilgrim management will earn more money with actual songs, shot in better resolution for Blu-Ray (I am sure they were not using necessary cameras in 2001). But anyways, good luck to petitioners!