Till Lindemann

Name: Till Lindemann
Date of birth: 4th January 1963
Place of birth: Leipzig, Germany
Height: 1,93 m
Weight: 90 kg
Color of eyes: Blue/green
Natural hair color: Brown
Distinguishing marks: Pierced ears; scar to the abdomen
Place in group: Singer
Usual place on scene: On the front, in the middle
Previous group: First Arsch (batteur)
EquipmentTill Lindemann

Till Lindemann grew up in a small village called Wendisch-Rambow. Smokes and drinks. Divorced, but has two children, both girls, one age 15, the other 5. His first band was First Arsch, and was the drummer. His father died, but Till has never seen his grave. Lives in a flat in Berlin. Hates pop music. Has a fish for a pet. Till was not an Olympic swimmer due to a torn stomach muscle in 1988, but was a youth champion. First band was First Arsch, as a drummer.

Till Lindemann grew up in a small village called Wendisch-Rambow. Smokes and drinks. Divorced, but has two children, both girls, one age 15, the other 5. His first band was First Arsch, and was the drummer. His father died, but Till has never seen his grave. Lives in a flat in Berlin. Hates pop music. Has a fish for a pet. Till was not an Olympic swimmer due to a torn stomach muscle in 1988, but was a youth champion. First band was First Arsch, as a drummer.

Attended Berlin Premier of XXX with bandmates Oliver Riedel and Christoph “Doom” Schneider

Before Rammstein he ran his own business in Berlin

Used to be a youth-champion swimmer

Has two daughters – Nele from his first marriage, Marie Louise from his relationship with Anja Koesling.

Grew up with his mother, Gitte, father, Werner and a sister six years younger.

His mother has recently retired from journalism and his Father, now deceased, was a poet.

Till’s parents divorced when he was just 12.

Has recently completed signings of his book “Messer” in Germany.

Ordered to pay a total of DM1200 in damages by a court in the city of Dresden (Germany) to ex girlfriend Anja Koesling, after her allegations of an incident involving herself and Till at a hotel in October 1997. It was reported that he punched her in the nose. His lawyers and himself have refused to make any comment on the subject.

Last name is misspelled as “Lindermann” on the American version of the group’s “Sehnsucht” album.

His father died in November of 1992, after drinking himself to death and was buried in the grounds of a church near Wendisch-Rambow.

He lives in Berlin-Prezlauer Berg, on the top floor of an appartment block in a unit lined with windows.

Refused to do military service and almost went to prison for his actions.

Among Lindemann’s favourite bands are Deep Purple, Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath and singers Marilyn Manson and Chris Isaak.

Personal Background

Till Lindemann was born in Leipzig, but he grew up in the village of Wendisch-Rambow in Schwerin (East Germany). His father, Werner Lindemann, was a poet, and his mother, Brigitte
(Gitta) Lindemann, is an artist and writer who has co-written at least one book with her husband. Till Lindemann has one sister, six years younger than himself. At age 11 he went to a sports school at the Rostock Sports Club, and from 1977-1980 attended a boarding school. His parents divorced in 1975, when he was age 12.

In the years 1976-1979, Lindemann was a good swimmer who became junior vice-European
champion. He finally left sports school in 1979. It is possible that he was thrown out of sports school due to him sneaking out, unaccompanied, of a hotel in Italy on a swimming tour. But he also suffered an injury, a torn abdominal muscle – so either reason could be valid. According to Lindemann, “I never liked the sport school actually, it was very intense. But as a child you don’t object.”

His first job was at a peat cutting company, but he was fired after three days. He worked as an apprentice carpenter, a gallery technician, and was most well-known as a basket weaver.

In 1981, Till Lindemann apparently refused to do his 9 months compulsory military service and was almost imprisoned because of the refusal. Many young men used to do “Ersatzdienst” or “substitute or reserve service”, so he may have done this.

In 1985, when Lindemann was 22, his first daughter, Nele, was born. Lindemann and Nele’s mother married after she was born, but they separated and he has raised Nele alone. Lindemann says, “I used to play drums in a punk band and we had our studio in the house where I lived. Seven years I had been a father raising his daughter, but nowadays I’m sharing the upbringing with her mother, because I’m gone for six months of the year with the band.”

The Berlin Wall came down November 9th, 1989, and Germany started its path to reunification. On this, Lindemann says, “After the wall had been opened, I drove to West Germany and bought gummy bears and yogurt for my salutation money. But there wasn’t anything else.”

His father died in November of 1992, of the effects of alcohol. He was buried in the grounds of a church near Wendisch-Rambow.

Lindemann had a second daughter with Anja Köseling, his former partner/wife. Köseling claimed Lindemann abused her physically during their relationship and that he refused to pay child support for their daughter, Marie-Louise (b. ca. 1993). Lindemann has never commented on her claim.

In a radio interview in 2004, Lindemann stated that he wants to retire at 50 to spend more time with his children.

At a performance in Sweden in 2005, he received a knee injury on stage when keyboardist Flake accidentally ran into him while riding a Segway PT. This injury caused several tour dates in Asia to be cancelled. In 2005, five Rammstein albums received platinum awards and the band also received the “World Sales Awards” for over 10 million sold copies worldwide. During the filming of the band’s music video for “Ich tu dir weh”, Lindemann wanted a light put in his mouth to create a visually stunning effect. Band mate Paul Landers suggested that he use a flesh colored wire and run it along his cheek to shine a light into his mouth from the outside. Lindemann refused, and instead opted to have a surgical incision in his left cheek, so that a light could be fed into his mouth directly, and largely out of sight.

There is a specific performance move of Lindemann’s, dubbed “The Till Hammer”. This move is where he bends his knees, beats one fist off his thigh in a hammering motion while turning his head from side to side. On occasion, Flake has been seen to parody the move on-stage. Unlike most band frontmen, Lindemann stated in an interview that he does not like being looked at while on stage, where he would wear sunglasses. He also opts to look at the back to the mixing booth, or does hand gestures during guitar solos to distract the audience from looking directly at him. Due to his on-stage anxiety, Lindemann sometimes asks his band mates to use a rubber dinghy to crowd surf during shows, as it gets the audience’s attention away from the stage temporarily. In 2011, Roadrunner Records listed Till Lindemann at number 50 of The 50 Greatest Metal frontmen of all time. In 2013, Lindemann’s second poetry book, In stillen Nächten was published. He commented on the poetry, saying “The vast majority of my poems could have been written a few hundred years earlier.”

In a 2011 interview, Lindemann has stated he still has strong connections to traditions of East Germany. He finds that “de-traditionalisation” is disturbing, and stated there is also no authenticity anymore. In 2014, Lindemann presented two sculptures and his original scripts of poems in his book In Silent Nights in a gallery in Dresden. Lindemann has also written some lyrics in 2014 for German schlager singer-song writer Roland Kaiser for his album Soul Tracks. Lindemann has stated that he “hates noise”, and would often go to a village in the north between Schwerin and Wismar.

Musical career

In 1986, he started to play drums for First Arsch, also known as “First Art”: a play on words perhaps meant to distract the authorities. It was a Schwerin-based punk band. They made one album titled Saddle Up.

Till Lindemann also played in a band called Feeling B. A song called Leid von der unruhevollen Jugend (Song of the Restless Youth) is credited on the album called Hea Hoa Hoa Hoa Hea Hoa Hea (1990).

Later in the 1990’s, Lindemann began to write lyrics, possibly based on phrases and words from poems that he was beginning to write. He says he “used to drum in a punk band that consisted of bass and drums. We used to work with guest-guitarists, usually Paul Landers and Richard Kruspe. We did a short tour where I changed instruments with the bassist in the encore, that was such a success, that Richard insisted on starting a project in which I would sing. Other people joined the band but only
when I left Schwerin for Berlin did it take serious form.”

In 1994, they entered and won a contest in Berlin that allowed them to professionally record a four track demo. Till Lindemann moved to Berlin. Paul Landers formally joined the band, followed by the last member to join, Christian ‘Flake’ Lorenz.

It’s well documented that all the band members had women problems about the time Herzeleid was written, and this appears to have provided Lindemann with excellent writing material. Herzeleid was finally released in September 1995. Two years later, in August 1997, the band’s breakthrough album, Sehnsucht, was released.

On June 5, 1999 in Worcester, Massachusetts (USA) Till Lindemann and Flake Lorenz were arrested and charged with lewd and lascivious behavior. A statement from Sgt. Thomas Radula
of the Worcester Police Department stated that Lindemann was simulating sex with Flake onstage “using a phallic object that shot water over the crowd.” They were held and released the following day on $25 bail. After months of legal debate, they were eventually fined 100.

Consequently, in November 2002 Lindemann’s own project, the poetry book Messer, was published. It consists of 54 poems compiled by Gert Hof, who is author of the book Rammstein and has been the band’s pyrodesigner for the last seven years. This book is due to be re-printed in 2005 due to a campaign by a fansite

In 2003 he started work on the fourth album, which was to prove a turning point in Rammstein’s sound and maturity. September 2004 saw the fruits of this work in the release of Reise Reise. As of 2005, Lindemann continues to work with Rammstein. As stated previously in various interviews, the loss of Till Lindemann, or any other band member, will be the end of the band proper.

Rammstein are scheduled to release a new album (Rosenrot), containing new songs and songs remaining from the recording of Reise Reise, on November 7th, 2005.


  • Till’s last name is pronounced “Lind-uh-man”.


  • Loneliness sometimes gives me a quantity of creativeness – you’re drinking another glass of wine and you’re feeling even worse. Art doesn’t work without pain; art also exists for compensating pain.
  • When I was an adolescent, I was obsessed with having many commercial things, cars, clothes, stupid things. Now that I have all that, I include/understand that the superfluous things can turn to you into a very stupid idiot-type. In East Germany there were very few things, but there was also a feeling of solidarity that no longer exists. Now we are up to the neck in consumption, the ego, the individualism. Now before friendship, it is merchandise.
  • The rolling “R” didn’t arise deliberately. It originated from itself because in that deep pitch you automatically sing that way. I’m no musician in the actual meaning. I don’t know anything about instruments. But I’m supporting our music with my voice and lyrics well. It’s a question of illustration, timbre and phonetics. We don’t want to – for heaven’s sake – create a fascist-like style.
  • Love is like a flower, even the most beautiful kind dies.

Till Lindemann

  • Laure

    Till Lindemann
    Du singen gut und Lindemann Auch ich liebe RAMMSTIEN und Lindemann

  • Laure

    Till Lindemann
    Du singt gut .Du bist cool und Auch mit RAMMSTEIN.Mut fûr dien tour nâchste .

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    Makes you feel sad about how America is such a hypocrite. They get fined for simulations of a “sex act” in a metal concert, while Miley can do her “stuff” on public television no problem. Then teen girls all over the world starts doing the same shit. Very fair?

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      You’ve seen the Amerika movie on Arte ?

  • Cheryl Adrienne Didur

    Just so you know, Till was shortlisted for the 1978 Olympics, not 1988. He states in the 2006 Playboy interview that even if he hadn’t been kicked off the team and out of the boarding school he would not have made the team because he “was not up to standards”. You can find his times online, and you can find the winning times of the 1978 Olympics, and he was likely accurate in his assessment of his chances.


    hello, till im of german back ground AND LIVE IN AUSTRALIA and love RAMMSTEIN and have been following you since rammstein was formed! its hard to state this on the web but my sister is dieing from breast cancer and i need funding to help her to get treatment in germany for breast cancer we are so close she is 37 and turns 38 this month on the 15 i love her so much and wish for a brighter life she is such a beautiful person i hope to some degree some one can help danke! RAMMIE!

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    D: I hope he decides otherwise!

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  • Till just my idol and I love him very much, even though I live in Russia and Rammstein come to us do not often I go to all the concerts, because I think it’s cool gruppa.a the most attractive in this group is the Thiel and Paul)))

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    When I first saw Till(on the cover of their 1st release)He reminded me of my Da;when I see an image of him I think of my dad…pretty serendipitous,Till is also a Towering Teutonic Fantasie!

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    Tillchen, my dearest.. Angel has sent me to you.. You’re a fanstastic person.. handsome, endearing, charismatic, fascinating, inspiring.. you’re my best cure..You’re my lullabye.. you helped me live through hard times, you gave me hope for better days.. you wiped my tears away. I adore you… WE ALL ADORE YOU. Your voice.. argh.. there is no way to describe your beautiful voice I just cannot find the words.. You’ve enchanced my love for German language.. I learn it all the time:D I pray for you every night and every day..I also pray for your Mother and your Father (may he rest in peace) and the rest of your family.. I want to see your smile.. I want you to be happy.. I WANT EVERYTHING WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU
    I want to take your pain away..My sweetheart.. <3333
    God bless your heart, Sweetie
    Sending you a big, big, warm hug
    We owe you so much!!!!!

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    with so respect.behrouz sh.22 years old frome iran.

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    Flake – Flahk-er

  • nunodn

    Hi to all R+ fans
    i needed some help to know how to pronounce correctly (german accent) their names…

    Till – as in the the english “unTILL”?
    Richard – is it the same as the english name “RICHARD”?
    Paul – the same as the english “PAUL”?
    Ollie – as in “HOLLYwood” ?
    Flake – as in “corn FLAKE”?
    Doom is easy because of the videogame

    Thanks in advance

  • ur right teddy r i would be gutted if any of rammstein left i was really upset to think of them arguing cos they seem to all be genuinly lovely down to earth men.they are the perfect 6 and i think this is one band who just wouldnt be the same without one.some bands u barely even notice if someones been changed with rammst it wouldnt work would it?and u are allso right in saying they inspire many people(dont know if uv read the above little squabble i have recently been in but…)im glad ther are some people who can recognize good people when they see them i mean its good that young people look up to rammstein…i allways tell people:with all these egotistical rappers etc about for all their bling cars etc etc no matter how cool they strive to be not one of them would ever compare to till he is a real true man,till can just sit ther and be the emptimome of cool.till is what they wanna be but never will be and i as a 21 yrold mama i am extremely proud in the fact that my son idolises till because i personally feel the more tills in the world the better… I dont want my child growing up the way some young lads are today jumped up little toerags with no respect no morals no intelligence but enough gob on them to make others believe cos they shout and wave a gun they are superior(dont know where others are cummin from but in my world thats unfortunately the thruth)anyway its lovely to know there are people who love till the way he dserves to be loved xand the greatest eulogy i could give to till lindemann was to call the love of my life till and to want my son to grow up to be a true man like till is the best honour i have to offer.

  • Aubrei

    I’m a american fan and I love all of your music I didn’t understand any of your lyrics at first but I fell in love with them the first time I heard your voice and the music it was like a six sense to me it is a sensation I will never forget and I thank you and the others for letting me experice that feeling “love is like a flower,even the most beautiful kind dies”

  • Teddi r

    Omg I love rammstein so much!!! You inspire me and thousands of others around the world. You don’t deserve to suffer from the joy you bring to millions and the difference your making in the world!! My dream one day is to go to Germany and see you guys live!! It would be the coolest thing ever!!! You guys have no idea the difference you made in my life. Of helping the pain and so much more 🙂 I love you tiiiilllll!!! Ich leibe dich für immer und immer!!! (I heard rumours by the way rammstein was having hard times due to fighting and i don’t know if that’s true but…. Millions of fans would just die inside if anybody would leave rammstein. It just wouldn’t be the same without any of you… Please stay together as fans we beg you!!!)

  • EVA

    Till, thank you for your enchanting voice. Your wonderful songs make me stronger.

  • A gorgeous man with a gorgeous voice and heart. I wish he was my husband, lol. He’s barely younger than my own Dad but I don’t care. You’re beautiful, Till!

  • good good,as soon as i read ur post i knew from the first line u were not from the same ingenious gene-pool i am from as,(as this has turned into u trying to give some sort of lesson on tilly9 blahs… Cultural background i shall use this opportunity to basically show off about mine of wich i am extremely proud i am
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  • Tilly993

    hahahaha… oh don’t take it get to you! i see you’re very upset, i didn’t mean to hurt your feelings! my english perhaps is not perfect but that is cause i’m from serbia, let me hear you say something on serbian! hugh…. but eaven though you should be eable to understand me! unless you are too stupid!
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    till may be the sexiest man alive! i would do anything to meet him. his voice is VERY attractive. love you till!

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    listen mama2… this is just silly! i mean are you crazy or something? to obsessed? this made me laugh for hours, i havent heard something so funny in weeks! your till is so not like till lindeman, the sexiest man on earth! please do not make a fool of your self… i mean come on…. jesus….

  • i am as stated above the mama to a very beautiful infact stunning baby boy named till or tinky till.he is named this because ….dont all squeel at once…he does not only look like till: dark hair big look into youre soul blue eyes,pale irradecent skin,a perfect little miniture till,he allso to my very proud astonishment had the tilly hammer down at just 6mnths,rolls his eyeballs gurns etc while dancing to rammstein music.he stalks about with any random object just like till in mein teil etc etc his first words were raammst,paul,doom,sensucht,sonne,stein um stein is a fave as is screeching swhuller aaaah,spheil mit meir and today he sang ich tu de wer..fruhling in paris and weid manns heil…he is only one year old!!he is fuckin one!!forgive me if i come across egotistical but my baby is a genious and the best part is i have never ever delibrately taught him any of these things.he honestly just adores rammstein.wen born hed only drift off to ramm especailly fever frei oddly hehe.he loves till n ran home down the road leavin a halloween party because i sed weres big till babe?he ran in to the dvd player and screamed excitedly until i put the dvds on for him then said ther and kissed the tv.i thought i loved till but my baba adores the man literally.god love him!!hopefully ramm will still be about for him to see them.thinkin of takin him to sonisphere for his second b day hed go ccccrrrraaaaazzzzzyyyy.if u ever need a baby for a vid rammstein hed love it.

  • steve


    I am a rather deeply feeling fan, but not of the concert going type. Tho I would LOVE to be in concert to see them before they retire. is there a way to get an email to Till ? I was born the same year as him. And have a question for him. For all my life I loved AC/DC metal-rock (the australian band)… until I “discovered” Rammstein in 2002-ish. (the movie XxX did it, when I saw them on that movie…!!!) Never Looked back. I am “Aries” (Ram) I found it somehow appropriate tho I didn’t even realize what their name meant (Stone Ram) till much later, years later.

    if you have any insight to this. Getting email to them, I’m not any kind of major Fanster, so … I know nothing/very little. I mean, aside from PHILOSOPHICALLY loving their sound… I am not much of a follower. per se’. Early EARLY on tho’ I remember being ASKED by fellow adults WHY… it was I loved Rammstein so much I actually told them that they ROCKED! (first of all) and were actually very POETIC… if you LOOKED at their lyrics they were BEAUTIFUL (often) much later I found Till was in reality… a poet.

    any hints from you-
    much appreciated.


  • kaytee

    I have loved Rammstein for around 6 years now, not as long as some but long enough for me to have seen them live many times, to have gotten 2 tattoo’s, and to have met them in a most unique way…I was extremely lucky to have been asked to accompany the guy’s for drinks in the Sanderson hotel, London, and enjoyed the evening drinking wine and tequila and chatting about their music.They are very polite, funny, sweet men and were kind enough to offer me to stay the night so as to continue our little gathering.
    Till was very quiet, Paul was very giggly and flake ended up on a running machine?? i think the red wine played a part in that!!
    I had a wonderful time and got to say my thanks to the men who make the music that I live for, and hopefully I will meet them again in the future.
    A lot of people think this story is a crazy fantasy but i assure you it was very real…and one of the best days of my life!

    Thank you Rammstein, hope to see you again soon. all my love to Till.

    kaytee x

  • dennisoff

    Am going to buy Messer, if half as good as the lyrics Till writes it going to be fucking awsome! Love the new album, listening to it now actually, and can’t wait to see the guys in Germany next Feb!

  • Annonymous =)

    Wherever you get your ideas for lyrics must be an amazing place. These songs are quite moving, though I have no idea what they are actually saying cause I can’t speak German just yet. The emotion in each song is very evident and I must applaud your wonderfull vocalist skills to that.
    Thanks for the orgasm’s in my ears with Liebe ist fur alle da, such an awesome album.
    Cheers you bloody legend =D
    Ich liebe Rammstein!

  • oliver

    i love you till
    such an inspiration to me
    cant wait to see rammstein in birmingham
    see you there
    love you guys

  • Bershky

    Wer Liebe Till mehr als ich!

    TILL ICH LEIBE DICH ! So verrückt!

    Ich bin Ihr Fan # 1 ICH LEIBE DICH!


    ICH LEIBE DICH !!!!!!!! Sie singen so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Bevor ich LISTENING RAMMSTEIN Ich habe nicht gehört Alles andere EMINEM Ich dachte, war die beste Aber ich war FALSCH SIE SIND DAS BESTE

    Ich wissen alles über Sie!

    BITTE KOMMEN SIE USA und Mexiko!

    AMERIKA LEIBE DICH (eigentlich keine eine mehr als mir, aber sie lieben SIE)

    TILL !!!!!!!


    TILL Lassen Sie Ihre Frau und Komm mit mir

    ICH LEIBE DICH!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Bershky


    Anyone love Till more than me!

    TILL I LUV U !!! SO CRAZY!!!

    I’M YOUR FAN #1 LOVE YA!!!


    I LUV U!!!!!!!! U SING SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








    TILL!!!!!!!I’M CRAZY 4 U





    Wer Liebe Till mehr als ich!

    TILL I LOVE YOU! So verrückt!

    Ich bin Ihr Fan # 1 ICH LEIBE DICH!


    ICH LEIBE DICH !!!!!!!! Sie singen so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Bevor ich LISTENING RAMMSTEIN Ich habe nicht gehört Alles andere EMINEM Ich dachte, war die beste Aber ich war FALSCH SIE SIND DAS BESTE

    Ich wissen alles über Sie!

    BITTE KOMMEN SIE USA und Mexiko!

    WE LOVE YOU! AMERIKA LOVES U (eigentlich keine eine mehr als mir, aber sie lieben SIE)

    TILL !!!!!!!


    TILL Lassen Sie Ihre Frau und Komm mit mir

    ICH LEIBE DICH!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Natalia

    you made me want to learn german
    which is what im doing at the moment
    your voice is amazing, though no news there
    your songs are inspiring
    and your presence is just…overwhelming

    keep on being an inspiration by being exactly who you are 😉

  • Laura

    Till Lindemann is definately someone VERY special.

    See you at Lisboa in november *

  • rmcintia

    till es lo mejor que hay!!!!!!!!aguante rammstein!!!!!

  • Tessa Bliek

    Till u have got to come to denver i want to see u and so does my best friend holly i love du hast and ur hair is fucking sexy and so is ur body and voice and now i really want to go to Germany and meet u and ur kids email me Till plz i would to talk to u and ask u some questions. Plz email me. ICH LIEBE YOU TIL

  • Psyco Child

    Dude, Till, love your music. dont change any thing. come to New York sometime and perform.

  • Biggest fan

    Till you are awsome! i am to young to be obsessed but rammstein is my fave band ever, you rock, dont stop your music is insirational, your music is what helped me UNDERSTAND art, thankyou

  • Vanessa






  • Veronika CZ

    Till is the best. He´s so sexy. I love Till Lindemann. Ich will Till. Ich liebe Till. Rammstein have got great songs and Till has got very nice, beautiful and sonorous voice. Lyrics of their songs are wonderful. Rammstein are individualistic and this is really amazing. Till has got excellent ideas. I listen to Rammstein every day. I can´t exist without Rammstein. This is only for Till: You are great! You´re the best of the world! I love you so much! ICH LIEBE DICH!!!!!!! I love you forever!!!!!!! TILL I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Veronika CZ

    Till is the best. He´s so sexy. I love Till Lindemann. Ich will Till. Ich liebe Till. Rammstein have got great songs and Till has got very nice, beautiful and sonorous voice. Lyrics of their songs are wonderful. Rammstein are individualistic and this is really amazing. Till has got excellent ideas. I listen to Rammstein every day. I can´t exist without Rammstein. This is only for Till: You are great! You´re the best of the world! I love you so much! ICH LIEBE DICH!!!!!!! I love you forever!!!!!!! TILL I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ###### ######
    ############ ############
    ############### ###############
    ################ ################

  • Byohaszard

    I know it sounds nuts but I think about Till Lindemann every day, I wake up and go to sleep listening to Rammstein, and my artwork is very influenced by thier music… Till is my favorite, he's so inspiring! Those quotes from him are amazing, and so is his life- what an incredible man he is. Oh how awesome it would be to know him! And well I could go on and on forever 🙂 Thanks Till, you're the very best 🙂

  • tiffany


  • Danni Lee

    Please be careful. The deep growl that you do can cause permanent vocal damage and I want you to be able to sing for a long time. Don't pinch the pitch in the chords either. Everyone love the sound of your deep tones and we all want you to continue to sing. Anyone is welcome to e-mail me. I may be a new fan, but I'm almost as old as Til. 1967 rock.

  • Dude


  • mel

    ur so sexy
    i want to touch your body
    i know i sound pathetic but its like your voice is in rithm with my soal
    i have never had this big of crush on anyone
    you make me want to go to germany and do any guy that looks like you
    and im so happy you guys are doing tours in 2010!

    you sould e-mail me sometime

    [email protected]

  • Dimitri

    Till ur the best there is man

    u have the best voice ever :O

    i hope Rammstein comes to Belgium some time

    u guys totally rock ^^

  • Rachel Rose

    you are the most amazing person i've ever seen. i love you so much it's crazy! please come to Scotland sometime <3 ich liebe Rammstein fur immer xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • alena ortiz

    sorry i spelled wrong on the last two commets. what i meet to say is i think your realy cute and i wish i can give you a kiss eveyday.

  • alena ortiz

    your sosexy till, iwish ypu are single. i wish i can give up a big kiss!

    • alena ortiz

      ypur soo sexy till, i wish you are single that way i can kiss u every day. (:

  • Angie

    oh my god, till i love u!

    im from serbia and i'd sooooooo love to se ya! ur the hottest!!!! i love ur stage preformance, sexy deap voice, ur amazing look… EVERYTHING!!! please take ur band to serbia im so hot for u! :)))


  • Angie

    oh my god, till i love u!

    im from serbia and i'd sooooooo love to se ya! ur the hottest!!!! i love ur stage preformance, sexy deap voice, ur amazing look… EVERYTHING!!! please take ur band to serbia im so hot for u! :)))

  • alena ortiz

    your realy hot till!

  • Sara

    Till I was born in America and agree that it sucks. My family is German and i like to speak Deutch, though im not very good yet.i wish one day i can become a german citizen but until then can you please come and play in Pennselvania, USA. Ich liebe dich.(promis i wont stare if u do came to pennsylvania to play)

  • Mila

    Till, i hope you had a hapy birthday, yesterday.

    We are stil waiting for your new album!!

  • Artemis

    wishing till a wonderful birthday…

  • Maems

    I LOVE TILL!!!
    sexy man with a sexy voice!
    RAMMSTEIN = LOVE!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3




  • NiuMi


    Azt akarom, hogy rám szorulj,

    Azt akarom, hogy sírj utánam,

    Azt akarom, ne menj tovább,

    Azt akarom, maradj meg nálam,

    Azt akarom, halkan nevess,

    Azt akarom, szavad elálljon,

    Azt akarom, szemmel keress,

    Azt akarom, a szíved fájjon,

    Azt akarom, add meg magad

    Kegyelemre vagy pusztulásra, –

    Azt akarom: engem szeress,

    Azt akarom, ne gondolj másra. ( Paul Ignotus )

    • NiuMi

      Ich will…

      Ich will,dass du auf mich angewiesen bist

      Ich will, dass du nach mir deine Tränen fällst

      Ich will nicht, dass du weitergehst

      Ich will, dass du für immer mit mir bleibst,

      Ich will, dass du leise lauchst

      Ich will, dass deine Laut sich verstellt

      Ich will, dass du mit deinen Augen suchst

      Ich will, dass dein Herz leidet

      Ich will, dass du dich übergibst

      Um die Gnade und um die Untergang

      Ich will, dass du mich liebst

      Ich will, dass du niemals an anderen denkst.

      (Paul Ignotus)

      I send you this poem, because when i found I thinking about you.

  • david

    sonlo maximo

  • JJJ

    Tills the most talented bloke EVER!

  • ico

    Till has scary voice and i love it 🙂 you are best singer

  • Serena Shane

    Till Ich Leibe Dich!!!!!!Your so hot!i also have your exact belt from live aus berlin!!!

  • Himmelslicht

    Rock hard! \m/


    obojau vashu muzyku, ona pomogaet v borbe s zhiznennymi problemami!vy lushie!pojalusta priedte k nam v kazakhstan!


    we love you from all Iranian fans

  • Spieluhr

    Great lyrics indeed! Keep it going.

  • Serena

    Till your great at your singing.By the way,i have ur exact belt from Lice aus Berlin!Its AWESOME!I wear it every day!

  • Serena

    Ich Leibe Dich!U r so great at ur singing!Keep it up Till.

  • Always

    PLease come to Norway! I want to hear you sing DU HAST! 😀

  • Please come to the USA and give us some great concerts. I just saw Masters of Metal (Judas Priest, Heaven and Hell, Motorhead and Testament). Please come and give us a wunderbar rock show!

  • Till, I would like to meet you, maybe become your third ex-wife…(or not?!?!)





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  • Demetrijus

    till man i dont know what to say

    only keep going like that

    you are special and u are giving some charm to group

    godlike voice

    all hails!!!

  • Sarah Jahle

    Till is the sexxiest member of Rammstein i listen to them all the time i own everythin rammstein and im goin to ur guys concert well i hope u can email me or sumthin kk

  • Retvi

    Also, they need to come here to Western Washington, Seattle area. I would LOVE to introduce them to the Sound! (That's PUGET Sound for those who don't know how awesome it is here!)

  • Retvi

    His voice and body ARE VERY orgasmic!

    It's no fair that he is THAT DAMN sexy and on a whole different continent that I am! AHHH!

  • alex






















  • alex

    till lindemann

    me parece que cantas una chimba nadie se puede comparar contigo tu forma de cantar es distinta a las de los demas siga asi.y me gustaria que visitaras colombia por que aqui hay muchas personas que escuchan tus canciones y son segidores de tus grandes producciones.

  • Courtney :)

    Lindemann* Whoops :S

  • Courtney :)

    He hates pop music too? I love him even MORE now 😀

    Rammstein FTW! Till Lindermann is damn fine ^_^

  • ashling

    Breathtaking… my breath having been away.

    Captivating one's attention… held spellbound.

    And a gasp slipping… from one's lips.

    A perfect moment captured in time.


  • Hellhound_on_my_trail

    I’d like to know how old Till’s first daughter is today, in 2008. I’ve read somewhere he got his first daughter when he was 22 years old…that would make her about 23 yrs old today. but here on this site it says that she’s 15…maybe the info hasn’t been updated for a while…? and, once and for all, is she the one who’s not his real daughter?
    ok, peace and love.

  • Name

    Till,I am from Belgrade and people call me Till because I have almost the same voice as you, your voice is just a little deeper,just a little, but in a couple years I’m sure I will have the same voice as you.moskau raz dva tri
    govorju po ruski jazik,ti govoris po ruski,when are you coming to belgrade

  • am a mauritian fan

    stirb nitch vor mir………i need to listen to more songs of u until i die……..ich wart hier……

  • Helena

    Will you ever come in Greece?We are looking forward to see you.Please do this favor to all your fans here.I adore your voice and your so inspiring music but it would be great to enjoy it live too.I wanna live this one of a kind experience.Just unforgetable!I wanna fell my heart wanting to tear up my chest when I see you live on stage close to me!

  • Serajen

    COME TO GREECE TILL!!! I ‘ll be waiting! LOVE YOUR SONGS LOVE THE LYRICS LOVE THE BAND and so on… Your music helped me pass through a difficult period of time (no friends, tough studies, the most lousy school trip to Tunis, now it’s all over thank God), so thank you…

  • Zuko

    u should come 2 sydney u wont regret it till looks good,plays good HE IS DA SINGING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oktawia

    I love Till Lidemann !!! Till Lindemann is sweet and goodlooking !!!

    • Oktawia


  • Rammochka

    Is anybody here from Kazakhstan? =) we love Till and here! Cause it's impossible not to love him!!! P.S. I'm sorry, I can make lots of mistakes (english is not my native language) Rammstein 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • robalob

    wow u seem 2 be famous and i would have when2 military if i where u if u speak english if u dont,


    du bist bist du berühmt? und ich würde whent innen zum Militär haben

  • robalob

    whats rong with u amerikans?u all r fat amerika sucks like he says in part of song Lauft ich zum Töten bereit

  • Darwins disciple

    Till I hear you are you an Atheist? Always a releif to hear the sound of sanity. Further, it's been to long since you were in the great southern land. Like Nick said, come to Australia with the rest of the band. You would be amazed at the fanbase you have here and venture off the beaten track… You may be surprised!


  • nadka

    Till u r so nice. I love your voice. your voice is wonderful and amazing. I like Rammstein lyrics. Rammstein lyrics has deep meanings.I love it. You r so talented singer. U r really special. I love u so much.

  • tom



    but i dont like to fuck the keyboard cuz that would be boring and cold

  • Nick

    TILL IS THE BEST!!!! come to australia some time man, ur band is AWSM TO TH MAX! come to brisbane!

  • Camilla GaitÃ

    Till: you are the most handsome german guy I have ever seen! And I can assure you I have seen and met a lot, please do not missunderstand I`m happy just listening to you… ooops!!!!


    Till got arested in september 23 1998 not june 5 1999

  • jellkena






















    I love you till kisssssssssss

  • mickey

    yes till please come to the states and yes please oregon

  • jose

    y si quieren entrar a mi metro es wwwmetroflogjosecom

  • jose

    RAMMSTEIN es el mejor y unico grupo de rockindustrial y no son rasistas heeee pues no por el simple hecho de cantar en aleman pues eyos no cantan en otro idioma porque no les gusta y pues el que crean que son rasistas por la cansion a hitler primero escuchen lo que dise la rola y luego abren la boca ya me boy y les dejo mi correo es [email protected] bueno es todo bey los espero

  • Tyla

    Till's voice is GODLY. There is not a more wonderful or beautiful sound on the face of this planet. Till we LOVE YOU. DU BIST MEIN GOTT.

  • Jacqueline


  • Kat

    I only started listening to Rammstein around 2000, but since then I've procured every album that I could get. Till makes me melt when he sings. Incredible voice and awesome songs. Till is by far my favorite member. I'm off to listen to some Rammstein now.

  • Hello!!(>")>

    Well.. I enjoy the way your voice sounds! It's very unique well i love the band and listen to it as much as i can but the teachers just take it away!sad.. well me and my friends say hi! and hope your life goes great.

  • kai

    i think you are a crazy and i like you in this way.stay metal.

  • I am Rammsteins bigges fan

    OMG Till Lindemann is my bigges idol and ive got a bit of his voice to im happy whit it 😀

  • Awe-Struck

    I really love Till's hair. Especially his stage hair. Especially his stage hair in Volkerball. I want his hair! I wonder what gell or wax he uses. heh. I MUST HAVE IT. Hmmmmmmmmmm

  • Aidelaide

    Hey Till! Happy late Birthday! Luvs yah lots!! Everything about you is amazing!!!Hope you'll come to the US soon Ive been dying to see you!!!! ICH LIEBE DICH!!!!!

  • Mila

    i am sory but your birth day was at the 4 of january, so it was befor yesterday!

  • Mila

    Till, yesterday was your birth day. I hope you had a hapy day. Congratulations!!!!
    one big kiss for you!!!

  • HT

    Till is pretty much the god of everything and everyone. Best voice in the world. i never grow tired of any of Rammstein's music and i am fucking praying they come to ireland one day

  • Amandine

    Till is the most beaitiful voice on the earth, I wish you go on singing for a very very long time.

  • Mila

    Thank´s Sira, i understand know! Have a nice 2008!!

  • Sira

    Till , your voice is amazing and so are your lyrics even though they are, at times, hard to understand. Please keep up the amazing work and come to Western Australia (if you can find a venue) ! Mila, Rammstein means ramming stone and a ramming stone is the stone inside of a battle ram that was used to knock things like walls and buildings down. The band got their name from the air show crash at a airbase in Germany called "Ramstein". They added another m so it could also be translated as ramm-stone or battle ram.

    Mila, Rammstein significa que a pedra forçando e uma pedra forçando são a pedra dentro de uma ram da batalha que seja usada bater para baixo coisas como paredes e edifícios. A faixa começou seu nome do ruído elétrico da mostra de ar em uma base aérea em "Ramstein chamado Germany". Adicionaram um outro m assim que poderia também ser traduzido como a ramm-pedra ou a ram da batalha. Eu espero que esta tradução seja direita.



  • Mila

    Some on can tell me what meens "Rammstein"? I know what stein is. somme on said that the translation was "ramming stones" but i thont know what means "ramming". I went to the dictionary – Prtugêse/german and german/portugêse, and i can`t find anithing. Some on help me, please!! It is ashame thon´t know the name of mi favorite band. Thanks.

  • Raye Marine

    Amour Amour! Your voice and music moves me Til! X

  • Jelle


    I really like your band

    when do you come to Belgium?

  • Zatl

    He Speaks insperational Words its sucks im not german, i wish i was….

  • Mila

    Sam, thank´s, take a portuguêse kiss.

  • Mara


  • SAM

    mila basket weaving is pretty much sum1 who weaves shit 2gethr 2 make baskets
    kinda like sum1 hu knits

  • Katya

    Till. He has a great voice always powerful and wonderful, but he can make it gentle and beautiful or aggressive and mean. Keep doin what you're doin, man!

  • Mila

    what means “basket waiving”? I´m from portugal and i thont know that profession,kan thome on tel me about it? thank´s.

  • Mila

    Til, your voice get in may vanes and dance all over may mind; it seams like un ocean of emotions that make´s you dance,feel alive. Rammstein is power, (i am learnig german with your lyrics because i want understend all you say!!!) Probably i will quit smoking, like you did!!!I love you…your músic.!!!

  • Larissa


  • Chris Sutherland

    Attention All Rammstein Fans,

    Send me a freind Rejuest on My Space… My display name is DEEMONSPAWN

  • Chris Sutherland

    Come To South-West Missouri USA

  • Chris Sutherland

    Till you are friggin awasome and I love all of Rammsteins Songs!!! 🙂

  • steve


  • Leeloo

    Great bend all and all

    From biography… that part about basket waiving…Mister I didn't hear about that profession for a long long time…and your image is sooo industrial… LOL.


    Maybe you tray out the Serbian stages some of these days. Exit festival has become quite big event in EU-a visit perhaps?

    Your fans are waiting….


  • texis

    én nagyon szertem a zenekart. én szeretem a világon a legjobban. de a kedvenc emberem az te vagy meg richard

  • ++Chainster++

    Till is the most fantastic vocalist, and his voice is orgasmic as is his thrusting!!!! Please come to Australia!!! we need Rammstein!!!
    Ich liebe Dich!!


    TILL, YOU ARE THE HOTTEST MAN ON EARTH!! Us Germans are hot arent we!!

    • victoria anderson

      oh yeah i love you germans your great 07707759487

    • spiderlover

      hey germans are hot hit me up at [email protected]


    My family moved from Berlin, Germany to the US (which sucks) a few years before I was born. I plan to move back, but in the mean time im begging you to come to the US. i know it sucks here, but BITTE, BITTE!!!

  • Polly

    Till is one of the worthiest men in the world. His energy is tangible in his songs and poems through miles and years. His energy could be compared to an ocean, and that kind of ocean I often get to swim in. Till, thank you that you exist!

  • Raker

    Guter Sänger, guter Schlagzeuger, Säge Lindemann leben Konzert,”Du reichst so gut”

  • jayne

    absolutely enthralled by the group.. til in particular. wicked stage acts and the pyrotechnics are out oif this world. I have not yet seen you live but am waiting to see if you are coming to birmingham or manchester, as I would love to come and see you.. awesome|!!!

  • Alejandra

    Hello Till!!! i just love u .. i love your music and all your band … i am from Peru (South America) but now live in the usa and is awful!!!! Well i just think u are a genious!!! Love youuu

    • Kim

      The USA is is awful? Go back to your own country then. We don't need you here!

    • snapcracklepopn

      I completely agree with Kim. If you move to the U.S. and you dont like it, move back or stop complaining. actually just move back we dont need u people here.

    • courtney

      i love your music till and i like america but germany is still better i wish i lived there instead of cold ass new york XP i hate it here 2/11/09

  • Ben

    Till Lindemann has such a freakin' cool thunderous deep voice, really cool. His "achs'" are cool too, especially his "r" rolling that, is tremendously awesome best singing voice ever. GO TILL!!!!

  • Joyer

    What is Till Lindemann's middle name so I can loge in. (make a name)


    Email me at

    [email protected]


  • Joyer

    What is Till Lindemann's middle name so I can loge in. (make a name)


    Email me at

    [email protected]

  • Artemis

    i have a book of poems

  • Eiserne Jungfrau


    you rock!

  • Till Lindemann im not sure if you can speak the whole American language but im a 13 year old fan . call me at 518 7148. call me this year cause ill be moving after 8th grade

  • dude i love the work you've done and the work you do and i know you will continue to do grate things. Till Lindemann is my favorite cast charter along with the drummer. i love the work you do rammstein keep it up

  • Carlos Osorio

    There is a lot of power, and Thunderous voice. Waking up the dead is way to much fun. I enjoy your music a lot…
    Keep it Rocking…

  • Jennifer

    TILL TILL TILL Ich liebe dich, Amerika kommen bitte bitte bitte! haha…Ich bin im Washington..lol…Ich liebe TILL!!!!!!!!!! ICH FICKT LIEBE TILL!!!!!!!

    • marisol molina


  • You rock, Till! You are so, entirely awesome, and you are my favorite Rammstein member! 🙂

  • SAM

    you scare mi…
    in a good way tho…
    id love to meet u…
    u seem really cool…
    and really smart…
    lov eya boi

    • Nelle

      Ich warte hier…Ich liebe dich.MEIN herz brennt.

  • SAM


  • extreme!

    I love your group etc.. Know you where in Norway some time..
    Will you ever come back here again? C’mon and come to norway! Know many people that would love to come to the consert if you guys came.

  • Jessica


    Till, you are a beautiful man with a sexy voice…Come to the states and to Oregon! Please! D:

    • heathlindemann

      He has got a REALLY sexy voice! He is really hot! I totally LOVE him!!

    • kaitlin

      hell yeah come to oregon! even the us west coast would be great!

  • jenni

    LOVE TILL!!!
    a beautiful man
    a beautiful voice.
    come to sweden!
    hurry hurry!