Paul Landers

Name: Paul Landers
Date of birth: 9th December 1964
Place of birth: Berlin, Germany
Height: 1,71 m
Weight: 79 kg
Color of eyes: Blue
Natural hair color: Brown
Distinguishing marks: Pierced ears; smokes
Place in group: Guitarist (rhythmic)
Usual place on scene:On the front, on the left
Previous group: Die Firma and Feeling B

Paul Landers played in old band called Feeling B and Die Firma (Guitarist). Divorced, but has a girlfriend. One son named Emil. His small size is due to premature birth. Is fluent in Russian, but can not read or write it. He is eastern-European like Russian, Ukrainian, Belarussian, etc. Can play the piano and violen. The H. in his name stands for Henry.

Early Life

Paul Landers, the second oldest member of Rammstein, was born on December 9, 1964 in
Brest-Litovsk, Belarus. According to Landers, he lived in Moscow for a short time during his childhood. His father was a language teacher, and his mother was a teacher at a special school. It is rumoured that Landers did not get along well with his father and left home during his teenage years.

Feeling B

In 1983, when Landers was nineteen, the band Feeling B was formed by Landers, Aljoscha Rompe, and Christian Flake Lorenz in Berlin. Feeling B was one of the first punk bands in
Eastern Germany. The band started out firmly grounded in the underground punk scene. The band’s popularity grew over time and they drew large crowds to their concerts.

Landers played in Feeling B and other bands, such as First Arsch and Die Firma, for about ten years.


In 1994, Oliver Riedel, Till Lindemann, Richard Kruspe-Bernstein, and Christoph “Doom” Schneider entered and won the Berlin Senate Metro beat contest that allowed them to professionally record a four track demo. Paul Landers and Christian ‘Flake’ Lorenz would later join the band they named Rammstein.

Herzeleid, Rammstein’s first album, was released in September 1995. In August 1997, Sehnsucht was released, and in April 2001, Mutter was released.

Rammstein finished the last date of the European Mutter tour on July 13, 2002. It has been
reported that at this time Rammstein were seriously discussing whether to continue or not. It was decided that they should all take time off and then consider whether to continue or not. Paul was missing for a couple of dates during the tour; the reason is unknown.

In 2003, Rammstein started working on fourth album, which proved to be a turning point in Rammstein’s sound and maturity. The result was Reise, Reise. The album was released in September 2004 and the Reise, Reise tour began in November. It was followed by hugely Successful sold out European tour of ten countries, lasting four months.

Rammstein are scheduled to release a new album (Rosenrot), containing new songs and songs remaining from the recording of Reise Reise, in late 2005 or early 2006.

Personal Life

In 1984 ,at the age of twenty, Paul married Nikki Landers. He took her surname and began to use his middle name. They had a son, Emil, whose date of birth is unknown but was probably around 1985.


Former jobs include working as a boilermaker and a telecommunications mechanic.

Personal Characteristics

Landers speaks Russian. He is falsely rumored to have been a gymnast as a child. He has
been married once and is currently divorced. Paul Landers has two children, a boy and a girl. The daughter was born around 2000/2001. Paul has said that he likes Pantera, Metallica,
and The Sex Pistols.

Paul Landers

  • Laure

    Paul LANDERS
    Du spielen gut von die guitare viel zu gut :COOL,LIEBE,LOVE.

  • Meaghan Boyle

    This is gonna drive me crazy, but does anyone know if his ears are stretched? They look like they might be stretched a little (somewhere between a 6g and 2g), but I really don’t know!!

  • Jelly

    mmm… sexy beast! 😉 😀 :*

  • andrea

    There are a whole lot of discrepancies here. Paul was not born in Belarus, he was born in Berlin. Emil is not Nikki Landers’ son, and he was born in 1990 not 1985.

  • Topher

    So was he born in Germany or Belarus?? You say Germany at the top in the profile, but then in Early Life you say he was born in Belarus…???

  • Ghazal

    Paul! I love you very much! you are very nice! 🙂 <3

  • dogmandaveuk

    Saw you guys at Newcastle last week. Cant stop thinking about the best show in the world Rammstein put on for us Geordies.
    And everyone else of course.
    Paul is a true artist and showman as are all the band.
    He and richard are the greatest guitarists.
    The sound travels through you.

  • Schwarzerengel1974

    Paul! U r completely wicked and i think ur such a lovely person, inside n out. Just totally LOVING the cheesiness between u n Rich in the “Mein Land” vid – makes me smile every time! Looking forward to seeing you on 29th February in Newcastle!

  • shane

    Paul u r the maddest fella ever i luv u and ur bands work rammsteins the best band in the fuckin world keep up the good shit

  • amy

    This guy is a freakin legend!
    Love the fact that his smile has it’s own facebook fanpage 🙂

  • amy

    This guy is a freakin legend!
    Love the fact that his smile has it’s own facebook fanpage

  • Paul seems like a sweet guy with a bit of a bad boy. 🙂 nothing wrong with that. I recently saw him in Inglewood live and he and the band blew us away!
    If you want to see his beautiful smile watch the live recording of the show on Jimmy Kimmel, as the camera zoomed towards him he gave a charming smile. Paul’s smile is really something that can touch many woman’s heart. Love you, Paul!
    It was also sweet that he played with the opening band at the show in LA. I hope they come back soon.

    • Paul’snumber1fan

      its true

  • Aubrei

    this really needs to be up dated

  • paul is in one word-divine.
    he is a beautiful soul in and out and he inspires me to be a better person allways smiling allways freindly allways calm cool collected and resonable. hes polite, just bloody.lovely he makes me feel happy just looking at him.definately the sort of man a good woman would love to marry baby youre lovely.he allso has brilliant taste in clothing as previously stated and his hair does not kinda work for him,it is perfect for him.paul is otherworldly like a mystical nymph a brilliant performer and artist.very very cool on stage plays like a dream and is all around a really rather spiffing little chap… allso pauls hair is a distinctive german haircut .he is very proud of being german and so he should be- dont let the prop decive you.lovely perfectly formed german man xxxxx

  • K

    He mentions traveling with his wife in an interview from December 2009 so this page should probably be updated. And yes, he is certainly brave with the hair, but it kinda works for him.

  • Alana

    This guy is cool! He always seems to be smiling, I like that. As for his haircuts.. he’s def brave.. 🙂
    Superb guitarist & another brill piece of the Rammstein puzzle. Canada’s Waiting!!!!

  • Lenson

    I’d eat him and drink him… He’s SO cute, talented, and who fucking cares about the height – he’s DAMN charming, so nice, so touching… when I look into these blue eyes, I just melt…
    Paul, you’re the best, I love you

  • Jessie

    Paul is amazing. He dosnt get as much recognition as the others. But he is one of the cutest band members. And he has great tast in clothing. PAUL YOU ROCK!!!


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  • Goddess Bella Donna

    It is wonderful to be able to learn a bit more about these more then talented and intelligent individuals. Wonderful music Paul, I just wish you guys would do more US tours and better yet closer to where I reside.

    It would be amazing to be able to listen to you live some day.

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    that is man!

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    I like Paul and Flake the most in Rammstein. Feeling B is also good 🙂 But btw, isn't the H. standing for Heiko, not Henry? :S

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    and i love the way he listchvie sorry i don't have my mp3 player with me so i can't spell it.

  • Katya

    Ich liebe dich, Paul! You're a great guitarist! And you're funny as hell. And you play piano! WOOT!! Rock on!

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    OMG!!! Paul Landers ist gott!!!
    he is the best Rhythm Guitarist in the world, he is sooooo damn cute, with all the random moves he does in performances, and only 3cm taller than me (so he aint that short)and he plays Violin like me!!! Paul and Till are my favorites but i love them all equally!!
    (please come to Australia Rammstein!! *hint hint*)

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    He is so funny! Ive seen some good stuff from him lol. and theres a hilarious interview with Till and Schneider, it was so funny..

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    DEFINATELY!! Paul Landers is my favourite, not that i dont like all the others they are awesome too!
    Sam, i will email you cause i dont think everyone wants to see us chatting on a biography lol, although it could be interesting…..
    my email is [email protected] and my name is Nicole but people call me Cole 🙂

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