Rammstein Made in Germany tour rehearsal to commence soon


Please be advised of the following official update:

As a special Thank you to everybody, who´s been a LIFAD member for more than 1 year, the tickets for 2 concerts are exclusively raffled off to these members.

Tickets for the 3rd concert will be raffled to all LIFAD members.

The raffle will take place within LIFAD only. If you would like to participate and you´re a LIFAD member already: Log in, go to “Rehearsal” and press the “Interested” button!

If you´re not a LIFAD member, you can become a memberhere.

Both Affenkencht and Rammstein management wish all participants good luck!

Source: Rammstein.de
Disclaimer: Affenknecht is not affiliated to LIFAD community and is not getting any commission from your registration.

  • Philmeister

    Man I love Rammstein so much.
    But those 25€ for annual membership just to get access to contests like that. It’s frustating. Anyone here member who says it’s worth the price ??? And if you become member, how big a chance are we talking about to be raffled ??

  • No-1-RAMM-FAN

    new video please!

  • Kuroyuri

    Are the dates for the rehearsals announced yet?

  • Csaba

    I wanna go too, but I think I could not travell into Berlin to see them. 🙁 I should to wait for nov 10… 🙁

  • James

    i wanna go!