Rammstein – Interview with Schneider in Québec City 2010


Rammstein - Interview with Schneider in Québec City 2010

  • Rammsteins Engel

    HOLY SHIT!!!! This made my day!! A north american tour!?? PLEASE DO!!

  • Fallen Angel

    Well personally, i know from a few years of learning the english language it is quite difficult to be energetic when you are french. How ever, I’m glad Shneider said there will possibly be a North American tour… Got hit by a car and got mild concussion 3 hours before they played in Quebec City xD

  • Jaydogg

    worst. interview. ever.
    This guy was horrible. No energy whatsoever and the most boring questions. Although he did seem to catch Schneider off-guard with his direct questions about the nth american tour and dvd. Don’t think Schneider wanted to give that info out but he did anyway 🙂

  • ejnarm3

    Would hate 2 hear that rammstein stopped making music… they are simply too unique… Best music in the world noone stands a change 😀
    … cool hat Schneider :p

  • Alyssa

    Holy shit! Its sounds like besides a new DVD, there will even be a new CD after their tour. Rammstein in America- hell yeah!!!!!