RAMMSTEIN Interview on the Golden Gods 2011 Black Carpet


Rob talks to the vocalist (Till Lindemann) and drummer (Christoph “Doom” Schneider) of Rammstein about fire marshalls, exploding babies and their killer videos. The band went on to win the Best Live Band award at the Golden Gods.

Source: metalinjection.net

  • Inger Jensen

    Some misspelling there….sorry!

  • Inger Jensen

    WOW!!I can`t wait to see what this Rammstein guys and Åkerlund will put together.I think that Åkerlund understand so well what Rammstein wants to “say” in their mustc videos!And I loved to here Till in this interview.He speaks english very well!I love this band so much,hope that they will come back no Norway again!!

  • VeryVeryPanda

    I think I just fainted. That smile Schneider gives at the last question, and hearing Till’s voice in any language is just.. wonderful. I’m going to one of their US shows this month, can’t wait.

  • Hans

    @ Taryn
    you’re absolutely right.

    I also see Till as a shy and insecure person.
    but still, I find the way he acts cool
    great interview!

    and +1 for Till finally speaking english (did he take a course?)

  • Amerikanischer

    Is it just me, or did Till grimace when he heard how the interviewer pronounced the band’s name? Prolly thinking to himself, “stupid american”

  • Taryn

    I think Till is just uncomfortable with the whole thing of being interviewed. He’s always humorous when he does say something, so he’s got a lot of defensive mechanisms firing on all cylinders. Not to mention its not his native tongue and he’s speaking to a possible American.

  • SPARTAN-45

    Is it just me or is Till always pissed off when he has to get interviewed?

  • Jacob

    Akerlundvids for life 😛

  • Drama

    It’s rare to see Till giving an interview! Can’t wait for the new video by Akerlund and to see them live again soon!

  • OMG new music video directed by Jonas is coming up?! This sure IS a thrilling news! XD Wonder whether it is a new single or one of the songs from LIFAD…

  • Audrey

    Brilliant to actually have Till in an interview!! Hearing him speaking in English is a welcome (and cute) surprise 🙂 Can’t wait to see what it is they are cooking up with Akerlund.