Rammstein in the World Tour, average revenue $ 1,170,270


According to Poll Star, it’s an organization that collects information on concerts around the world. The first three artists in the ranking are Bon Jovi, AC / DC and U2.

Rankings are based on revenues (excluding festivals) or $ 43,300,000 in 2010 for LIFAD Tour. Rammstein had an average of 14 492 spectators at each concert and the average revenue of $ 1,170,270.

Rammstein only has made nine events outside Europe in 2010. Despite this, the LIFAD Tour managed to climb to 24th place in the world. So it is a great success.

Source: pollstarpro.com via rammsteinworld.com, translated by Caroline

  • Csaba

    After I read the post about America Tour, I hope you are very happy now, TochterVonJurgens. 🙂 I hope they will make a European Tour again in fall of 2011. I want to visit at least 2-3 concert yet before they retire. The only thing I have to do is spare a lot of money. 🙂

  • Christo

    Rammstein ranks number one. No comparison. The fans of these other bands are all probably dead or near dying. Will never tire of Rammstein. There is no band that can make music come together that hard and insane as you guys!

  • Kevin

    That’s a lot of money… They better be able to perform in at least one place in Western Canada.

  • TochterVonJurgens

    I know this sounds very selfish, because I know the guys are probibly very tired of touring, but I was not able to get to a show from October to February. Ashamedly, I became a hardcore fan too late, I guess. I want to see my guys before they go away, or take a long long leave again. If I have to wait, I will obviously, but I am holding out for my sechs Männer sexy! Please keep me posted, and if I can help here on the site, please let me know!

    I love my Schneider!

  • Garrett Olmstead

    Oh my F**king Sh*t!