Rammstein in Prague, Czech Republic 25 November 2009


O2 arena Prague

Rammstein is moving to Czech Republic for the only show in this country in 2009. O2 arena, formerly Sazka Arena, is a multifunctional arena in Prague, Czech Republic. It was built in time for the 2004 Men’s World Ice Hockey Championships.

Address: Ocelá?ská 460/2 190 00 Prague 9 – Libe?, Czech Republic

The supporting band is Combichrist. Set list is unknown at this moment, but shall be very similar to the previously advised. Something more to add? Just enjoy the show!

UPDATE: I just want to ask other people if they experienced the effect, when one fan was burning on the stage – was this real or prepared during the Prague show? I am not sure, I just read a gutter press article that it was real…(which is hard to believe)


No Afterparty, All Pain Is Gone, Scarred, Get Your Body Beat, Sent to Destroy,
Deathbed, Blut Royale, This Shit Will Fuck You Up
Rammlied, B********, Waidmanns Heil, Keine Lust, Weißes Fleisch, Feuer Frei!, Wiener Blut, Frühling in Paris, Ich Tu Dir Weh, Liebe Ist Für Alle Da, Benzin, Links 2 3 4, Du Hast, Pussy, Sonne, Haifisch, Ich Will, Engel

  • Echo

    Hello Trillian, can you please send me these photos?
    Most thankful!
    [email protected]

  • Curtis

    hey Thrillan, I’d like the pitures. My email is [email protected]

  • R+ fan

    [email protected] THANK you very much 😀

  • Trillian

    Yeah I have photos 🙂 If u want, leave your mail or somewhere where I can send u…

  • R+ fan

    Ok, thanks for the info 😉 ; do you have some photos from there?

  • Trillian

    No, we were leaving Arena after concert and some guy just came to us, gave us backstage pass stickers and took us there! There were ~20 people, and all Rammstein members except Till… It’s amazing how normal and cool they are! We talked and danced with them like with any other persons 🙂

  • R+ fan

    Omg, I wanna be there too…and you were under the stage and they gave you the ticket? …o my god, you normally talked with them?and with Richard? how many poeple were there?
    sry I’m just curious xD that’s great that you were there, you’re lucky.. 🙂

  • Trillian

    Yes, I couldn’t belive it myself! Rammstein guys are sooooo great, we drinked and danced, amazing!

  • R+ fan


    you’ve been on that afterparty???

  • Trillian

    It was wonderful, amazing concert, and backstage party with band after!!! 😀

  • Xauron

    Regarding the fan which appeared on the stage. This action was prepared of course it was stunt man.

  • Sinnlos

    It is crew member. I’ve heard people talk, if you are close, front, far side, you can see when they set him on fire. 😉

  • LT

    It’s just a show element, they do it at every concert 🙂

  • Hans

    The thing with burning fan was prepared… I checked on YouTube (Barcelona concert)…

  • LammerOutsider

    Capacity of the hall: 18 000. it will be BIG concert ! its a pity that i wouldnt be there tomorrow. I will enjoy the show 13.3.2010 in Ostrava – CZ !! 😛

  • Morrigan

    I’m waiting..one more day:)

  • Yoosto

    Prague rocks!