Rammstein in Guitar Hero 5


In case you were waiting for your favourite group to appear in the new Guitar Hero 5, you will be really happy about this news. Rammstein will have at least one song on this release, it is not known yet which title. The release date is September 1, 2009. Source: Official GH5 page

Product Features

  • In the all-new Party Play mode, players can now jump in or drop out of gameplay seamlessly, without interrupting their jam session
  • Play with any in-game instrument combination in any game mode – multiple vocalists, guitarists, bassists and drummers
  • Features new in-game artists and rock legends
  • The entire set list is available from the beginning
  • Software compatible with Guitar Hero World Tour peripherals

Guitar Hero 5 features new surprises and challenges that will fire-up long-time fret board fanatics and create a new generation of enthusiasts. The game will be available for following platforms: Nintendo Wii, Playstation 2+3 and XBOX 360.

  • 8=D

    amerika is about american culture reaching all parts of the earth and its affect on other countries also it show fake moon landing to represent that usa probably faked moon landing and
    du hast was already on ghero 2 or 3 idk which but ive heard a couple songs of rammstein on the ghero already primarily amerika du hast and ich will

  • mikey

    I have seen on the wikipedia page of guitar hero 5 that
    Du hast will be in the game.

  • William Rape

    I CANT WAIT… OMFG. Woop Woop. xD.
    I hope it’s not Amerika… it’s so over-rated.
    Bring on Mein Teil… Denn Du Bist, Was Du Isst (8).

  • Pappy

    I would love to see mein teil on this game.

  • Adam

    Oh come on, is it really so bad they’re on guitar hero? Yeah, Guitar Hero sucks, but what’s the big deal?

    They’re probably going to be using Feuer Frei, Du Hast, and/or Amerika. I can’t see them doing any other one. Just like when they put Tool on GH, they used some of Tool’s more popular songs, and thus they will do with Rammstein.

  • Martin – no1.Ramm-Fan

    Zwitter or better yet ‘Te Quiero Puta’- then hopefully the game would be rated an 18 due to the legendary lyrics of this song and then kids wouldn’t get their grubby hands on (the best band in the world)’s music – lol

  • Durden

    Zwitter would be perfect.

    Yeah sorry, I have reread what yhou said and I misunderstood what you meant, I hate those wee Sh**es too! (unsure if we can swear).

  • Martin Ralph

    Yeh!!!! Down With Kids who are wannabe Rammstein Fans…they know nothing!!! lol

    Zwitter has to be the song to go on guitar hero 5! – perfect!

  • mike

    hmm, well i guess i worded that wrong. when i said i enjoy being the only rammstein fan i personally know, i meant that i would enjoy knowing other true fans, but i would definitely rather be alone, than running into little kids with rammstein shirts and what not, kind of like slipknot.

  • Durden

    Rammstein probably didn’t agree to this, their record company own the copyrights. Anyway, how bizarre wanting to be this lonesome Rammstein fan, I love meeting people who like Rammstein, so what if it makes them more popular.

    More money for the band equals better stuff for us, like better shows, more albums/singles/DVD’s as they will have more money to channel into these things. Plus as someone from Scotland, I welcome more fans, as they are alot less likely to play here (a show is only worth playing if it is profitable), thus more fans equals a greater chance of me seeing them again without having the trouble of blowing all my money going to bloody London!

  • ?????

    This article makes me sad for the reasons already mentioned. Its a shame really, What on earth are Rammstein thinking to agree to this. O well, lol

  • mike

    hmm, well however much fun it will be to pretend to be Doom, or Ollie, i also feel its a lower level than rammstein would go to. I enjoy being the only rammstein fan i personally know, and talking to only real fans online. as Abious said, i wont appreciate it when some 11 year old trys to tell me about how they love rammstein, and theyve always been their biggest fan.

  • Abious

    oh and new fans finding Rammstein through guitar hero is more of a problem than a good thing. I don’t need people coming up to me when I’m wearing a Rammstein shirt going “HEY DO YOU KNOW DU HAST AND FEUER FREI!?”
    At least KMFDM will never ever be on there haha

  • Abious

    I always took pride in thinking that Rammstein would never be on guitar hero due to the fact that the game appeals to a mostly English-speaking group and the German lyrics would be too much for them to handle, so their songs wouldn’t be on there due to their difficulty. Guess I was wrong. :\

  • Petza

    Simply download Frets on Fire and you can play most of the Rammstein songs.


    I’m prob gonna buy that game just because Rammstein is in it 🙂 I hope its a song from the new album

  • Muyaa

    Helden > Rammstein said in an interview that their song “Amerika” wasn’t a critic of the American culture but an observation. It’s not necessarily pejorative. And they are right: I live in France, and I see thousands of fast food restaurants, of American series, American songs and so on: I agree with Rammstein, nevertheless I love the American culture. 😉

  • Durden

    Em…OK, how does Rammstein being in Guitar Hero mean that they are hypocrites?

    Anyway I have often wondered what song would appear from the old stuff. I have always imagined it would be something like Feuer frei!, Links 2 3 4, or Adios. Possibly even Rammstein.
    but with the timing may be one of their next singles.

  • Rammi

    Seems like Guitar Hero really was in need of a great band ;D but this might be a good way for new fans to find them

  • Helden

    Didn’t they make a song called Amerika criticizing our culture. Seems like they are being a little hypocritical now, maybe it is just me. I would like to hear some talks about that.

  • Craig

    Im glad im not the only one who thinks this is a lame idea.

  • Jerky

    Guitar Hero? …I’ve lost a tiny bit of respect for Rammstein

  • Mattstein

    rein raus

  • christopher

    thats so cool… i will buy that game

  • johnny last

    No Way i can’t believe it is really gonna happen? I wonder if it could be a new song from the new album their making?