Rammstein has 30 songs written for upcoming album


There is some new information about the upcoming Rammstein album.

The Gauntlet recently interviewed Rammstein guitarist, Paul Landers, and asked about the upcoming album. “The big news is that the band has just gotten back together and has begun working on new songs” stated Paul. “We are working on new songs and have put together 30 songs already. There are a few songs that came from individual members at home, but the thing that is really fun this time is the work we do together.”

Source: The Gauntlet



  1. This album is going to be great but plz say the 30 songs arnt as good because there is more of them
    is the date in june 2008 tell me plz
    OMFG rammstein rule


  2. OMG YES! FUCCCKKKK jesus new album new album new album

    come to ireland :):) they have to.

    I'm in love with Rammstein without a doubt, it'd be my dream come true XD

  3. OMFG!!! jesus fuckin christ i can’t fuckin wait til it fuckin comes out i’m soo fuckin excited. you guys have to come to AUS i wanna see you’s in concert i haven’t had the oppotunity. you guys fuckin rule!!!!!! XD!!

  4. I can’t believ it, I can absolutely not wait for this one. I was living off what they had, now that there is more, I am invincible!!


  5. here ish 11 of them sturm,spieglein spieglein,himmel,theater,bei fuss,nicmals wieder,maschine,bis in alle ewig keit,niedertracht,träne,hölle

  6. Sweet! I can't wait, a new track….that's awsome!

    I was wondering if they were going to make another album or not, and i guess this answers my question then.

    Rammstein ROCKS! xoxoxo

  7. wooohooo fucking wooohoo…

    i cnt wait for this to come out…

    i miss having new shit 2 listen 2…

    but i can neva get bored of their music…

    come to AUS boyz plz…

    iv neva seen u in concert…

    its my life long goal…

    love ya

    • fuckin briliant,fuck austria,come to Dublin,it would be fuckin crazy if rammstein came to play at oxegen 2008.but fuckin great,i cant wait for this album,but does anyone av an aproximate date?


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