Rammstein Funeral


  • Sic fan of Six Ram

    @No-1-Ramm-fan, Fucktard is the magic word! 😀

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    We’re All living in Amerika


  • Sic fan of Six Ram

    @ No-1-Ramm-fan, I concur! The US people do not control the policies of the police, even though some of the police can be very corrupt.

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    Hahahah yes lets hope they dont get arrested this time round 😀

  • Inger Jensen

    No matter what Till wears or what kind of hairstyle he`s got….HE IS STILL THE SEXIEST,GOOD LOOKING MAN IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!I love the crazy outfits he has.Remember,the man are really one of a kind!!

  • Sic fan of Six Ram

    @ No-1-Ramm-fan, Us Americans do know what that cheeky number is and we can only hope we do get to see it this time around! Those of that missed it way back when, that is.

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    WEIRD????…. so you thought what Till wore on the LIFAD tour was normal then ? LoL

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    Bück Dich – Can NEVER be taken too far. lol Its beyond far….
    Cant wait to see the Americans faces when they play that cheeky number again 😀

  • RuskiEsplin

    @The Dude

    How can you be dissapointed? Rammstein have always had costumes like that, as well as hairstyles.
    As for Bück dich: How are they taking it too far? It’s imaginative and great

  • The Dude

    I don’t know about you guys, but I watched some videos off their new tour, and im kinda dissapointed. I mean I find Till’s look to be very weird (only hair on top of his hair and pulled back into a ponytail) and his costumes are just plain odd. I mean Rammstein’s my favorite and I’ve seen them live before with all their crazy cotumes, but the new version of buck dich is taking it too far…

  • James

    actually the rumor about till spawned from an interview from playboy in 2006 Till said when they started the band he had it in his mind that he ‘wouldn’t live past 50’. Somehow that got twisted into ‘Him retiring by the time he’s 50’.

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    Paul also states in the making of mein land –

    “I hope the fans dont think were breaking up, just because were releasing a best of album” !!!!!!!
    and Richard says everything seems happy at the moment.

    soooo fingers crossed that RAMMY will continue their great voyage of being the best band in the world.!

  • Luke Moroney

    It ain’t true people. They aint going

  • Sic fan of Six Ram

    Damn wish I could edit, sorry for the extra it! Also, since the rumors of Till retiring have been going around, this would gain publicity and get people talking. Its just like Rammstein to do something like this and then explain it later! People that do not have access to the making of Mein Land, would not know that they don’t plan to retire.

  • Sic fan of Six Ram

    @ Mike, the busts of their heads are just like the ones off the Made In Germany album, so maybe it is their weird way of saying they are immortal. Being laid to rest can also mean being immortalized. It could be their idea of a joke too. Any way you look at it it gets attention!

  • Mike

    @ Sic Fan of Six Ram, I never thought of that. However, that sounds more likely than either of the things that I had listed. Wonder what it would be for though….

  • Sic fan of Six Ram

    This looks like a promotional event. It is creepy but I am on the morbid side and I like it. They said during the making of Mein Land they have no plans to retire.

  • Mike

    If one of the band members would have died, Rammstein wouldn’t make a whole detailed video of something like this. It either is a joke, or this is how they have really chosen how to say someone died, with horses and a carriage riding down the street carrying the sculptures of their heads in it. My thoughts, it signifies that they are near retiring, or will be in the next couple years and this is just some way to represent that. Time will tell, keep your hopes high and pray to the gods of Metal that this isn’t something bad.

  • Rowie

    thanks for the reassurance Andreas. I haven’t seen the making of Mein Land yet, I’m having trouble getting hold of the MIG set downunder. Enjoyed their humour on this well made clip. Just how sad would we all be if it were real…

  • jonquil

    I like this presentation…I think it’s sort of the band making a joke out of the old chatter that when a group puts out a ‘best of’ album, it means they’re going to break up. I would like to know more about the horses used & why this set-up was used as a processional.

  • Andreas

    no they not .They will continue because if you see the making of mein land Ollie says that they take a break and then back on the studio

  • ellie

    What the hell?! This can’t be end of Rammstein! 🙁

  • Steve

    Freaky! I can’t help but think this is the end. The song “Forget Us Not”, the Death Masks on MIG, and now the funeral. I hope i am wrong.

  • someone