Affenknecht hacked


Yesterday many fans wrote me that I was spreading some bullshit information about Richard Kruspe leaving Rammstein. Some people issued threads to my life. I was wandering what was happening and as I was not in my country (I am now in USA) , and I had restricted access to internet I was really scared when I saw what some unknown hacker did to my site.

Richard Kruspe is really NOT leaving Rammstein. One of the smart fans (Jebaa, Pjork) wrote these reasons:

  • 1. There is not source.
  • 2. ““there isn”˜t anything.
  • 3. Nowhere read that article.
  • 4. Who is “Farin Urlaub”?
  • 5.
  • 6. That article is fucking ridiculous.
  • +7. Till’s last name wasn’t spelled correctly (Lidemann instead of Lindemann) this mistake was fixed few hours later according to logs.

The other thing that this hacker did to my site is that he somehow managed to block the finish section in Google. Now if you want to access this language section with Firefox browser, it will not display the page but just a warning message.

I regret what happened on this site and hope that nobody had heart attack after reading such nonsense. Maybe this violator could be the same person who informed us last year about Till Lindemann departure (it was also a HOAX).

My next steps will be to upgrade this site to avoid any violations in future. I also must fix the finish section in order to provide all fans from Finland with fresh information (thank you Sinnlos for informing me about this problem). And the last thing I want to do is to take legal steps against all people who threatened to kill me (in case they don’t explain their behavior) because of the fake information on this website.

Rammstein members are now working on the new album (NO Farin Urlaub). The new album can already be preordered on German Amazon: Neues Album 2008

Thank you for understanding the situation and I hope you will keep visiting this webpage (we managed to reach 1 000 000 visitors in two years history this week). I will do my best to administrate this portal in the way you appreciate it the most.

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