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Till Lindemann Biography

Shure Beta 58A

shure beta 58a

Smooth extended frequency response for outstanding sound for professional live vocal use
Consistent supercardioid pattern provides the best gain-before-feedback among dynamic microphones

Pneumatic shock-mount reduces handling noise
Frequency response: 50 to 16,000 Hz
Price: 300 USD

Shure SM58

shure smb58

Frequency response tailored for vocals, with brightened midrange and bass rolloff
Uniform cardioid pickup pattern isolates the main sound source & minime background noise

Pneumatic shock-mount system cuts down handling noise
Effective, built-in spherical wind and pop filter
Supplied with break-resistant stand adapter which rotates 180 degrees
Lengendary Shure quality,ruggedness and reliability
Cardioid (unidirectional) dynamic
Frequency response: 50 to 15,000 Hz
Price: 200 USD



Till Lindemann microphone

  • Jesse Marsh

    Hallo Till, Du bist der beste Sänger habe ich gehört. Ich habe Ihnen zugehört, seit ich acht Jahre alt war und diese ganze Zeit dachte, Sie sind viel besser als die meisten Bands, weil Sie einzigartig sind. Sie sollten in der Band zu bleiben. Es ist die beste Band der Welt.Du bist wunderbar

  • behrouz

    if i had a full of liberty country i invited u to iran for a nice concert.you have many fans here.dammit!i hope to come to your concerts.

  • behrouz

    please dont retire untill the end.i hope to see you and drink and smoke and talk with u.a 22 years old man from persia.
    ich liebe dich.

  • DB1

    Heh, why isn’t the flamethrower mask and double flamethrower pack included? Those are important too!

  • ??????????

    ??????? ?? ???? ???????? ? ???????? ?? ??. ????? ???? 🙂 ??? ?????????? ??????!

  • mike

    i love how a flamethrower is a insterment

  • Rachel Rose

    I love you.
    I love your band.
    i love your style.
    I love your songs.
    Please come to Schottland =D
    ich liebe Rammstein fur immer

  • rammstein

    rammstein eres lo mejor soy tu fans numero uno y lo boy a seguir asiendo

  • Alicia

    I ADORE Till! i was hoping to see his spark-throwing bow that he uses. You know, the bow he spins around with. That's my favorite peice of equipment right there.Oh, well. I like these other peices of equipment too. I hope they come to America, play in Texas, me being able to see them.

  • SturmMetzger

    I was hoping you'd desplay the harmonica Till uses in the live performence of Los, but this is ok too:}

  • Johnny

    es la mejor banda alemana q he tenido el placer de escuchar…….soy de argentina y espero cn muchas ancias q puedan venir..adoro sus conciertos nadie los hace como ellos,……los idolatro

  • luis alberto

    hola till k, honda ojala y este 2009 bengan a mexico para aser un gran consierto con toddos los de rammstein

  • jupter

    Wei gahts, mir name ist Jupiter und ich leibe Till und Rammstein……….Rammstein fur immer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will always be your biggest fan, I have every
    album made by you guys…..well the ones released in America anyways but as far as it it goes as Richard leaving the group is beyond me, why? I mean you guys were my idol,my pain and thought sanctuary, I mean c’mon face it there WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER RAMMSTEIN!!! My personal opinion of Richard right now is not good because I believe he’s out for himself and himself only, but I don’t know the whole truth on that alls I know is that the fans
    are devistated.

  • Laust

    Hallo Till

    Du singst sehr viel besser als En Esch und ich bitte dich, verlasse Rammstein nicht! ID

    Das finde meine Mutter auch!

    Viele Grüsse von Laust, Dänemark

    Hello Till

    You sing much better than En Esch and I ask you, do not leave Rammstein! ID

    MY mother thinks so, too!

    Many greetings from Laust, Denmark

  • amakann

    How about the Harmonica???!!!

  • Devin

    Till Rocks

  • ThisIsNotALoveSong

    Rammstein is single handedly the best band on the face of this planet. If you do end up coming to the US on a tour anytime soon, come somewhere close to Indiana and I’ll damn sure be there, and by the way, Till you are my hero.

  • Oktawia























  • robalob

    ja liebe ich sie, die sie Tschüss abkühlen

    english aswell wtf up with uppl loving him u know u can never be with till right?

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  • till12lindemann

    please can you give me e-mail adress of till

  • Matko-Valpovo

    you are the king!!!!!!!!

  • diana nava

    till lindermann es el mejor nadie lo iguala yo en lo personal no hubiera escuchado a otro vocalista que nos ea a el su voz es unica y desgarradora en especial en la cancion "hellsing" la han escuchado

  • contat

    j' addore trop till lindemann, c' est un chanteur exeptionnel et je voudré avoir son adresse email svp ….

  • Rinestein-47

    i love the flamethrower it is so awsume i hope they do a tour of australia in queensland!!!


    you were so cool when you did the flammethrower!


  • Swik

    Till has a voice nobordy has,, that makes him the best artist of all, all others have a girl voice, to gay for word, Till forever 😛

  • Rammstein Armenia

    I love Till, I love all Rammstein members, I love Rammstein and I love Germany!

    Till Lindemann forever!!!!!

    Deutschland forever!!!!!

  • Naiba

    My dream is to see you in reality, Till! Please help me in this, if you can…I love your wonderful voice, Rammstein! And must notice that you are extremely attractive man, also…

    Be happy always, Dear! Good luck in everything!

    With All My Heart,

    Naiba xxx

  • Naiba

    I love Till! I love Rammstein! I love this Man very, very much! He is very handsome, manly, talanted and smart. I can just say very Special Man! I hope one day He will invite me to his concert. It's my only dream, believe me.

    Love you, love you, love you with all my heart, Rammstein!

    Wish you nothing but everything is good for you.

    Naiba xxx

  • Heroin Bob

    Till is is the best man i gotta try an find those mics i love his voice and i love rammstein and Juveneto what the fuck have you just said??


  • metalforever!!!!!

    Don’t LEAVE THE BEAND PLEASEEeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  • metalforever!!!!!

    The mein teil is so silly!!!!!!!!!!:))))
    i olveizzzz laving wen i soa that

  • Misha

    I very like your songs! And also I'd like to withit your koncert ( doesn't metter in what country) 😉

  • mishka…from israel

    i like you so much !!!!!!!!! my dream is to see you in israel !!!!! rammstein rullsssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rammstein is the best group ever !!!!!!!!!!