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Richard Kruspe Biography

ESP Richard Z RZK-1 (Signature Richard)

esp richard z rzk-1

Construction: Neck-thru body
Scale: 25.5
Body: Alder
Neck: 3-piece Hard Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlay: Rammstein Custom
Bridge: Floyd Rose
Nut: Lock Nut
Pickups: EMG 81 with Chrome covers
Frets: 24
Control: Master Volume, 3-way toggle pickup selector
Colours: Custom Titanium finish
Price: 2000 Euro

ESP Eclipse-II VTB

esp eclipse II vtb

Construction: Set neck
Body: Mahogany w/flamed maple top (VHB), mahogany (VTB), mahogany w/quilted maple top (ACSB, STBC)
Neck: 3-piece Hard Maple
Inlay: Flags w/ESP at 12th Fret
Bridge: Gotoh tune-o-matic w/stop tailpiece
Pickups: EMG-81 active set
Frets: 22 XJ
Electronics: 2 volume & 1 tone control w/3-way toggle
Binding: White (VHB, ACSB, STBC), aged triple white (VTB)
Hardware: Chrome (VHB, ACSB), black (STBC), gold (VTB) + Sprezel locking tuners
Price: 1899 USD

ESP Deluxe EC-1000

ltd deluxe ec-1000

Construction: Set neck
Body: Mahogany (quilted maple top on STBC, flamed maple top on ASB)

Scale: 24,75
Neck: 3-pc. mahogany/rosewood
Inlay: Abalone flags w/model name at 12th fret
Bridge: ros locking w/stop tailpiece
Pickups: EMG-81 and EMG-60
Frets: 24 XJ
Electronics: Volume, tone, 3-way toggle
Binding: White w/abalone (body, neck, headstock)
Hardware: gold (BLK), black (STBC)
Colors: Black, See-thru Black Cherry

Price: 4000 USD

ESP KH-2 signature Kirk Hammett

esp kh2 signature kirk hammett

Construction: Neck-thru-body
Body: Alder
Scale: 25.5
Neck: Maple/rosewood
Inlay: Skull & Bones
Bridge: Original Floyd Rose
Pickups: EMG-81 active set
Frets: 24 XJ
Electronics: 2 volume, tone, 3-way slotted toggle
Binding: None
Hardware: black
Colors: Black
Price: 2400 USD

ESP KH-4 Kirk Hammett limited edition

esp kh 4 kir khammett limited edition

Construction: Neck-thru-body
Body: Alder
Scale: 25.5
Neck: Maple/rosewood
Inlay: Skull & Bones
Bridge: Original Floyd Rose
Pickups: EMG-81 active set
Frets: 24 XJ
Electronics: 2 volume, tone, 3-way slotted toggle
Binding: None
Hardware: black
Colors: Black
Price: 2400 USD


takamine ef341sc

Construction: Neck-thru-body
Body shape: Dreadnought C/A
Rosette: Concentric Rings
Top: Solid Cedar
Inlay: Snowflake
Back: Maple
Sides: Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Electronics: CT4B
Tuners: Chrome
Features: Bound fretboard. Also Available as left handed model.
Price: 2400 USD

SansAmp PSA-1

SansAmp PSA-1

The SansAmp PSA-1 incorporates the advantages of digital programmability while preserving a 100% analog signal path. Not just another pre-amp, the controls are designed to provide you with the flexibility to achieve virtually any professionally miked tube amp/speaker cabinet system sound.

Other amplifiers: Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier, Rath Amplification

Richard Kruspe guitar

  • Alex M

    Can anybody tell me what effect Richard used in the Live aus Berlin Rammstein (the song) solo? I think it is a tremolo but im not sure…

  • Nikita Konstantinov

    what wah pedal kruspe had used for stein um stein in live?

    • Sander Roelofs

      That’s a digitech whammy

  • This guys rock. I like them a lot. Too bad their concerts are whether to expensive, or I’m too poor. 🙁

  • Jordan

    Richard Zven Kruspe your a fucken god your the reason i started playing the guitar. I brought my guitar to the show in dallas may 22 2012 american airlines center but had to leave it in the car i wanted to get it signed by you fucken bad but didnt. Keep rocking your shows kick ass im going to learn all your music RAMMSTEIN YEA!!!!!!


    Plz plz plz plz plz one to INDIA !!!!!
    You are my GOD RICHARD.!!!
    India is awaiting for you… N it’s been soo long !
    It’s a fuckin beggin request plz plz come to India
    Here are billions of ur fans here !!!!
    I really hope that you come to India…
    Juss come your here on an EMIGRATE & RAMMSTEIN TOUR!!!!

  • Vitos Reiser

    Richard!!! You’re best guitar player 4ever!!! Greetings from Ukraine! =)

  • ethan

    i don’t fucking understand the difference of guitar bodies and guitar wood.

  • Wiktoria

    Best guitar player ever 🙂

  • Dylan

    This list is 5 years old.

  • Me

    I don’t see his new guitar called ESP RZK – 2 🙂

  • Dylan

    Just incase anyone didn’t notice yet, Richard ONLY uses his signature RZK-1 and RZK-2 exclusively now. They have different paint jobs.

    He still uses his Voodoo modded Dual Rectifiers. And I’m guessing he still uses the dual recfifiers 4×12’s.

  • Peter
  • Peter

    Hey All

    love the webiste but the equiqment area is a little outdated.

    Here a Link with two new guitars of the LIFAD tour from Richard Z Kruspe

  • Sig-Sauer P226


    If I could argue with you I would, but I cant find a good enough reason to do so. It seems that you are well educated on such matters, and am glad to see that Rammstein is a kind of obsessive/love type of thing to you as well.
    Keep on Kickin-Ass!!!!!!

  • Dylan

    Also, I find he has a solo style more reminiscent of Angus Young, listen to the song “New York City”, you’ll hear it.

  • Dylan


    Well, he does use the ESP KH-2, which IS the signature guitar for Kirk Hammett, and Richard’s signature is pretty much a recreation of the KH-2, but his has a modernized Mosrite body and Gibson-like headstock.

    But, also, a LOT of bands use Dual Rectifier heads. Now, I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m pretty sure Richard is a Metallica fan, and I read somewheres that he talks to Hammett often.

  • alexander

    i wish you could learn me to play guitar…but since you probably cant im just gonna have to learn to play myself…(you PWN)

  • Sig-SauerP226

    I ran across some discussion about Richard being a Metallica fan and find myself laughing at some people’s thoughts about this issue. I’m going to present 3 undeniable facts.

    1. If you were to look at Kirk Hammett’s setup from 1990’s onward you would see a very similiar one to Richard’s.
    ESP’s with Floyd Rose and EMG 81’s and Mesa Boogie Rectifiers.

    2. If you were to anaylize Richard’s solo style, chugging heavy-ass riffing and even sound tone, you would see many similiarities, not copies by any means, but influence.

    3. How could any metal guitarist fom the past 20 years not be somewhat influenced by James and Kirk. Hell they wrote the damn book on modern metal guitar playing.

    Metallica’s influence on Richard may not have been discussed in any interviews but it doesn’t have to be. Its a given if you have any musical knowledge. By no way am i saying Rammstein is a Metallica cover band, no fuckin’ way. Rammstein has a place within my life and mind that no other band can even approach, with that being said, Richard has done no wrong whatsoever on this subject, quite the opposite.
    Only a dumbass would ignore Metallica as an inspiration.

    Rammalied down to my soul and LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pocketz

    Richard is the best guitarest of our generation!! Come to IRELAND soon!!!

  • marialena

    best guitar ever listened!!!ur great richard…wish u would give us a solo here in greece!

  • Irina

    If most people say “thank you for inspiring me to grab the guitar and do whatever with it”, I should thank Rammstein for inspiring me to take German lessons. Now I learn German and I am so delighted with it. Yeeeey!

    P.S. Do not dare to come to Romania! It’s banned! (sarcasm reaks).

  • benzin_delux

    Thanks for inspiring me to play guitar Richard And Paul. You guys are the best guitarists in the world!!!!!

  • joseph

    Richard Hey, Ihr seid die Besten Ich frage mich, wenn jemand verkaufen gutar Sie hat den besten Klang den ich je in meinem Leben gehört, du Rock besten Wünsche, Joseph

  • + Kein Engel +

    Haha, I got his signature guitar in a mini version.. And no! You can’t play on it! xD

  • Nathan

    You enspired me to play guitar. You will forever be my hero!

  • Whoever

    I just wanted to note to people who wonder how Richard may get his sound. I was reading that Richard uses a Mesa Boogie (most people may know that), but I read that he used a Voodoo Amp mod on his Dual Rectifiers.

  • Whoever

    I just wanted to note to people who wonder how Richard may get his sound. I was reading that Richard uses a Mesa Boogie (most people may know that), but I read that he used a Voodoo Amp mod on his recto’s.

  • Richa_Nasty

    Richa bell……..

  • stathis

    richard kruspe plays perfect guitar



  • David

    Richard Kruspe Ist der beste gitaren spiler in Europa und in der USA seine technik is schön viele Grübbe aus Ungarn!


    ola soy tu mayor aldirador espero ke vengan a tocar a mexico soy de hidalgo y tocas chidisimo la guitarra se tocer pero no como tu y nunca jaja y kiero ke tu lo leas y no tus asistentes bye chidisimas las canciones emigrate es el mejor grupo!

  • ReiseReise788

    You and Paul have the greatest guitar tones I've ever heard in my 30+ years of listening to heavy music.Ich Liebe Rammstein!

  • adrian

    q cuentas richard soy uno de tus miles admiradores soy de mexico monterrey nuevo leon espero q bengan asta aca me gusta como tocas y tus canciones de emigrate disen q m paresco a ti pero llo digo q no tambien se tocr la guitarra pero como tu nunca bueno lla m boy espero que tu leas esto no tus asistentes

  • sisi

    The best Guitarist 😀

  • luis alberto

    k honda richard cruspe soi uno de tus mas grandes admiradores xk e sacado casi todas las cansiones en mi guitarra saludos a todos los de rammstein

  • Spieluhr.

    i love Emigrate and Rammstein. Especially i love way how he's singins backround in Asche Zu Asche. So sexy voice.

    I hope that Rammstein will come in finland soon. i'll be waiting for you guys! Hope you guys come in finland in next tour !

    P.S. Sorry my bad english.

  • richard's wife

    hey what up richard i love ur music and they guitars are awesome. . . . emigrate is kickass. . . . . .

  • cristina

    i love his look…he's great…

  • Cassay

    I love your Z RZK 1 guitar… its hot! u guys r like the only metal band i listen too… my friends think i'm crazy lol jk. r u guys gonna come to canada sometime? that'd b so cool if you do and i would definatly go!

  • Marc Schoenhals

    Dude you fcking RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You see im from germany but i was too young to ever get the chance to see you guys live. but i would love to. e mail me if you come to america. man ive been here for 4 years almost 5 and i miss germany sooo much, but i jus wanted to say….RAMMS+EIN is without a doubt the BEST METAL BAND OF OUR TIME IF NOT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • richard's wife

      hell yeah rammstein is the best metal band ever.. .

  • Catilyn

    Again, Love you!

  • Catilyn

    Love Richard's singing and guitaring! I love Emigrate!

  • Christian

    Hallo. Mein Name ist Christian, aber nur rufen Sie mich an Chris. Ich bin der nicht großer Fan von Rammstein, ich habe mehr zu Green Day. Wie auch immer, ich denke, Sie sind sehr cool und Sie haben eine sehr fett-Gitarre Gruß an mich Christian

    Hello. My name is Christian, but just call me Chris. I am ikk the big fan of Rammstein, I have more to Green Day. Anyway, I think that you are very cool and you have a very bold guitar greeting me Christian


  • Kev

    You are the very best guitarist in this big world!!!!!!!

  • Catilyn

    I love the RZK guitar it's the best!

    Richard you are so awesome, so talented and sooo hot!

  • Sky Captain

    This guitar looks different than this one

  • Great sound $ riff

    Greetz !!

  • Sujay

    Richard U ROCK. U are the one who inspired me to learn guitar, I fully agree with KRISTINA & SANCHOO. You are one of the best Guitarist i had ever seen.

    What makes you very special is the style and grace of playing the guitar. Your solo bits in Songs, just to name a few ADIOS, STIEN UM STEIN, HERZELEID, WEISSES FLEISCH, RAMMSTEIN, AMOUR is just mind blowing and i dont find any adjectives in dictionary to express my profound liking for the way you play.

    I was dumbstruck when I saw you playing ADIOS live…. OMG playing the guitar thats on FIRE,,,, Fcking no Guitarist on earth cud do this dude,,,, Richard is the sexiest dude,,,,


  • noelia


    ..but my guitar is the best..of all..

  • Robin

    Richard is da bezzt:D

  • richard(tako)

    these guitars are really great!!!he is the best man in the world!!when he plays the guitar he shines!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 :*

  • Brigitta Fazekas

    Happy Birthday in advance Richard!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!

  • Josh

    There seem to be lots and lots of questions on how Richard gets the sound he does. But, that sound is really just 2 Rectifiers running in stereo, with active EMG pickups on his ESPs and perhaps some of a boost and pre-eq. I mean, his sound IS the classic Mesa/Boogies Dual rectifier sound, just a bit sharper and perhaps gated a bit tighter. That's it.

  • steven w

    richard ist die beste!!

    you rock man love your guitars and sounds

    come 2 new zealand! u wont regret it!!!!!

    go rammstein!!!!! rock on

  • SBASWilliam

    Richard dont use neck thru, he use bolt on.


    the guitars you have are so cool i need one


    dude i think it took a long time to do mann gegan mann right

  • Swik

    Too chill ,, what a guitar,, to good for my words

  • SBASWilliam

    no.. i dont think so.. he only like the guitar maybe!

  • Mara


    Is he a Metallica fan????

    Metallica Rox!!!!!!

  • Just me people, calm

    I'm just wondering about his equipment in the mutter tour, i noticed richard used a silver guitar that had a superstrat body and a red guitar that had sort of a ibanez iceman. What are those guitars?

  • metal_for_ever

    richard kruspe is the best…………..specialy………….when he plays the guitar…….but……he sings at EMIGRATE also veryy gooood:D:D:D:D:D

  • Navjot

    Very useful……

    but can anyone please specify wat guitar effects pedal does he use?

    and if possible do please post his RAMMS+EIN distortion patch……

    cheers 🙂

  • Zoltar

    Richard is the best!!!

  • hampus

    all HEIL RICHARD!!!

  • SBASWilliam

    What crybaby wah he use? :/

  • metalforever!!!!!

    I don’t now what to say you are best guitarist i ever!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cibershadow

    I love the RZK-1 ^^

  • Saancho

    ha same as kristina yeah u wer the one that inspired me to get of my arse and do something with my life to learn and play guitar and i play everyday and i’m getting better thanks to you man aye. u’s were the first metal band i ever heard and your still the best thanks alot for all the stuff u’ve inspired me to do cheers. and also i was jus wondering if u were goin to do a tour or big day out in australia? cuz i haven’t ever got to see you cuz of my arsehole of a stepdad. if u do please can u let me know cheers

  • Kristina

    Richard Kruspe is the man that influenced me to pick up a guitar and learn how to play. Thanks for the inspiration, man!

  • Daniel

    right on william, cometo NY Rammstein . YOU KICK ASS!!

  • Eiserne Jungfrau

    the guitars are shit hot, love your vocals AND love your hair, (nice ass, you're hot!) ramms+ein 4EVA!

  • william

    Rammstein needs to have a U.S. tour !!!!!!!!! PLEASE !!!!!

  • Dean

    Hey man i luv ur guitar playin! ur gr8! come 2 Ireland some time!!!

  • brad

    you have the awesomest guitar solos ever! love the guitars and the hair! when are you coming out to new zealand, coz i’m definately going! LONG LIVE RAMMSTEIN!

  • you play the best, dress the best, look the best and have the best guitars and sounds

  • Doom

    then i grow up so i will be like you man

  • Misha

    I very like your stily and I also would like to looks like YOU!!!!!!!!!!