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Oliver Riedel Biography

Sandberg Plasmabass (signature Oliver Riedel)

Sandberg plasmabass signature

Scale: 864 mm
Body: Acrylic glass
Neck: bolted, Canadian Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Hardware: Sandberg, ETS
Pickups: 2 delano JB
ElectronicsBois: In board lighting volume, PU-toggle
Price: 1900 Euro

Sandberg plasmabass signature

Sandberg Terra Bass (signature Oliver Riedel)

Sandberg Terra Bass

Scale: 864 mm
Body: European ash
Neck: bolted, Canadian Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Finish: Matt
Hardware: Sandberg, ETS
Pickups: 1 delano MM-Style
Electronics: Sandberg 3-band EQ active/passive

Price: 1000 Euro


Ampeg SVT2 Premiere Edition Amp
Ampeg SVT-410HE
Ampeg SVT15E

Oliver Riedel bass

  • D

    he also plays a vox viola bass in the mein land videoclip, I don’t know what model exactly

  • evan

    Those glowing basses are so F-ing sweet

  • Alex

    Rammstein sind eh die besten!
    Ich kann alle Lieder von denen auf Bass^^

  • Nathan Edgar

    LOL Hes almost twice as tall as his basses and he’s only like 38

  • ReiseReise788

    You have the most awesome live bass tone I've ever heard.Ich Liebe Rammstein!!

  • luis alberto

    hola oliver riedel kisiera k binieran a mexico para poderm tomar una foto con todos los de rammstein

  • Mr.Funktastic

    Man I wish I had the money for a plasmabass, i have always wanted one of those

  • weisses fleisch 23

    omg a plasma bass and only 1900 euros omg omg ilove u rammstein u are one of the best bands in the world i love rammstein ahhhhhhhhh omg oh by the way death to the traitor/hacker, i think we should first peal his skin then burn him arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr death to those who despise rammstein!

  • Jonathan

    He has such a nice and cool instrument. Also he played well and absolutely the best!

  • bass player chazza

    best bass player there is. love the guitars you have

  • Jon

    What bass does he play in the Seeman video? The headless one.

    • bass player chazza

      its probaly a steinburger bass he plays in the seeman video

  • Josh

    Actually, he Does play or at least Played an Ibanez bass. It's all over the live shows on the Lichtspielhaus DVD.

  • Rinestein-47

    the acrillic glass bass gituars are soo awsume!!!

  • nrssab

    No he dosn't use a Ibanez, where did you get that from?

    He plays a custom Sandberg Basic MM 5 string.

    And also where did they get that from that he plays ampeg? Thats not true at all, He has a Glockenklang Heart-Rock amp, and uses 2 custom build 8×10 cabs.

    Please change that on your site!!! Ampeg has nothing to do with Rammstein…

    Good luck poeple!

  • steve

    omg i want the plasma bass

  • Onni

    Sandberg Basic MM? I couldnt find it from sandberg.de. There is only Basic PM and JM? Are you sure he uses that? In which songs?

  • metalforever!!!!!

    You are the best bassist!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • Chrishi

    Its no Ibanez…its a Sandberg Basic MM 5 String he also plays

  • Doom

    cool bass man

  • Misha

    I very liked your trick with a bout in France in song Strepped!

  • MLvB102

    Olli also has an Ibanez Ergodyne, you can see it on the Völkerball DVD