Christopher Schneider Equipment

Update June 2016 – Christoph Schneider SetUp 2016

  • 20“ AAX Aero Crash
  • 18“ HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash
  • Max Stax Low
  • 15 HHX Celerator Hats
  • 12“ HHX Splash
  • 20“ AAX Plosion Crash
  • 22“ HH Power Bell Ride
  • 20” HHX Plosion Crash
  • 19” AAX Plosion Crash
  • 15″ Artisan Hats
  • 21” AA Holy China

Update (effective 1st October 2009): Christoph Schneider has switched to SABIAN cymbals.



  • 24″ Bass Drum
  • 24″ Bass Drum
  • 14″ Snare
  • Throne
  • 14″ Tom
  • 16″ Tom
  • 18″ Tom
  • 12″ Snare
  • 20″ Gong Drum


  • Paragon Hats 14″
  • HHX Evolution Splash 12″
  • AAX X-Celerator Hats 14″
  • HH Power Bell Ride 22″
  • HHX X-Plosion Crash 19″
  • HHX X-Plosion Crash 18″
  • HHX X-Treme Crash 18″
  • HHX X-Plosion Crash 20″
  • AAX X-Plosion Crash 19″
  • HHX Chinese 18″
  • HHX Chinese 20″
  • HHX Evolution Splash 12″
  • HH China Kang Chinese 10″
  • AAX X-Plosion Crash 20″
  • HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash 18″
  • APX O-Zone Crash 18″
  • HHX Evolution Hats 10″

Christopher Doom Schneider Biography

Here you can read what he was using before SABIAN:

TAMA Starclassic Maple

tama starclassic maple

Starclassic Maple shells are 100% Maple. Toms and Floor Toms are 6-ply, Bass Drums are 7-ply and Snare Drums are 6-ply. They feature superior response, the warmth of premium maple shells, bottom end resonance, articulated highs, and the control of die-cast hoops. Tama’s “Back To Basics” approach to the Starclassic series includes: ultra-thin rigid shells and die-cast hoops, making Starclassic Maple one of the top choices for professional drummers today. Bass drums come with matching wood hoops. Toms come with Star-Cast Mounting System. Starclassic Maple drums are not drilled for bass drum or tom mounts.

Drums: Tama Starclassic. 22″ x 18″ BD (2x). 10″ x 8″& 12″ x 9″ TT, 16″ x 14″& 18″ x 16″ FT, 14″ BiliBrudfordSignature SD

Trunk: Evans. Bassdrum EQ 4/EQ 3, Toms G2 Klar, Snaredrum Powercenter coated
Pedals: Tama Iron Cobra HH, DW 5000 BD
Becken: Meinl 14″ Soundcaster Custom Medium Hihat, 18″ Byzance China, 16″ Byzance Medium Thin Crash, 18″ Soundcaster Custom Medium Crash, 16″ Byzance Medium Crash, 18″ Soundcaster Custom Powerful Crash, 22″ Soundcaster Custom Mega Bell Ride, 14″ Soundcaster Custom Powerful Hihat, 18″ Amun China.
E-drums: 2 x ddrum 3, ddrum pads

Charakteristics of the cymbals

cymbals set

A: 14″ Soundcaster Custom Medium Hihat
B: 18″ Byzance China
C: 16″ Byzance Medium Thin Crash
D: 18″ Soundcaster Custom Medium Crash
E: 16″ Byzance Medium Crash
F: 18″ Soundcaster Custom Powerful Crash
G: 22″ Soundcaster Custom Mega Bell Ride
H: 14″ Soundcaster Custom Powerful Hihat
I: 18″ Amun China

Christopher Schneider Drums

  • Nikita Konstantinov

    does any body know what drum kit schneider had used for live aus berlin?

    • ste king


    • Joey

      Wrong. He used a Tama set, but I’m not sure what kit exactly.

    • XFerence

      Tama Artstar

  • Brock Gionet

    I always want the Zildjan drum set because they sound the best. The cranberries always use Zildjian drums because of its quality. .,,`:

    Hope This Helps!“>

  • Joshman

    I just want to see a picture of his drum kit from behind view. You know? Like so I can see all the drums and cymbals

  • Mark

    i Got Sabian And Meinl But only i got 2 drum kits
    however rammstein now these days are a bit hard tight slower playing,but every drummer has his own choice

  • chris R+

    hi scneider , hope you see this , how much did the LIFAD drum kit cost(including cymbals)

  • Richie

    His drumming is awesome i just have to say it can be a little bit more difficult but he still awesome

  • ***metal army***

    i love schneiders drum set & the way he drums!! its amazing RAMMSTEIN 4 LIFE!!!

  • hes using sabian now??…that sucks..he inspires me on playing Meinl =( hes still my idol and always be

  • cole

    Doom is using one electronic pad now. It’s a Dual Zone Tech Pad. If you want proof, look on the Ich Tu Dir Weh video.

  • Joey Jordison Snare

    I prefer Meinl cymbals, but other than that, your setup rocks. I especially like the 12″ snare — what a pop. Damn.

  • Hello All Christoph has a new signature stick with vic firth check it out

  • Otto

    Hey, I’m 16 and I’ve been drumming for 7 years now, I’ve listened to Rammstein since the 3rd studio album was released, Mutter, I think I started playing drums because of that album… and therefor because of your drumming, so thank you for inspiring me. I by the way use the same cymbals as you, they are awesome and I can well understand why you use them… I was disappointed though that you started using Sabian, but maybe they are better, I’m going to keep using Meinl.

  • tommy

    schneider he’s the best drummer in the world
    i made my kit the same as his awsome!!!!
    i have joey jordison’s cymbals tho to but alot of sabian to

    best drummer ever tho!!!!!!
    HHX amazing sound

  • cole

    His kit is bigger than ever. checkout

  • cole

    Doom’s using sabian now. Check the sabian website.

  • noneofyourbusiness

    Christoph is using Sonor SQ2 drums. He’s not using Tama any more.

  • cole

    this website needs to updates schneiders drum page.

  • cole

    But from what i just found out Doom cancelled his deal with mienl and now is using Sabian. Cause if you go to meinl cymbals website his files gone and it says on wikipedeia he’s switched. He switched May 19th. But we don’t know what kind of series he’s using.

  • noneofourbusiness

    First of all, Rammstein members don’t visit this site and asking them questions is useless.
    And second, he is using Meinl

  • Drum Kits with Cymbals

    You have a great blog here and it is Nice to read some well written posts that have some relevancy…keep up the good work 😉

  • cole

    Doom, I’m 14 years old and i’ve nearly masterd the Sehnsucht and Reise Reise albums, you are a god on the drums. Can’t wait till I see you and Rammstein on tour.Rock on and Kickass!!!
    Also, I’ve seen your new kit, looks awsome. One question are you still using Meinl or are you using Sabian?

  • Justin

    CHRISTOPH SHNIEDER you are just an incredible drummer! you are one of my heroes as a drummer along with the rest of rammstein!i really hope you and rammstein come to calgary and the rest of canada! and if you do i will be front row! yelling out du reischt so gut! DOOM!

  • Zegers

    I thought you used a Starclassic performer EFX no a Starclassic maple som1 clear this up for me….

  • isabel

    ilove you suth kissme an touch me richard y christop oliver

  • kRet

    snare on photo it's lars ulrich signature

  • Manuel

    Christoph Schneider the best drumplayer in the world

  • luis alberto

    christopher schneider eres el mejor baterista como e sacado casi todas las cansiones en guitarra tambien las e sacado en bateria bueno nadamas 2 jajajajaja la d du hast y mein teil pero viva rammstein

  • oqunnnnnnnnnnn &cced

    do?stum snn hayran?n?m (turkish)turkiyeyesde gelsen süper olur………….doom_schneider

  • Sharon Sorrell

    I think Christopher is cute and sexy when he plays his drums. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ico

    Cristoph * doom * Schnider Rules !!!

  • mrs_landers

    From what I hear, Schneider now uses a new drum brand. Check it out here: “Effective October 1st, 2008, Christoph exclusively uses Sonor Drums and Hardware”

  • ico

    Cristoph if you read this you can know that you are with Richard Kruspe the best char in rammstein 🙂

  • Rammpire

    You do a great job because the whole band depends on YOUR drums… Very cool… Kepp up the god work….

  • Wallas

    he is the most handsome boy i ever see

  • crazy girl!

    Doom,you're te best drummer(and hot…oh my god…unfortunatelly you got married but i wish you'll be happy)


  • Lennard Hoffmann

    Hey Christoph. you are an awesome drummer., I just want to know what to do when you want to start playings drums but you don’t have enough money. I want to bee as good as you, but I don’t have any money for drums and I dont have anybody’s support. what must I do?

  • Ben Coyer

    What the hell are all you Slipknot fans talkin bout, yeah Joey Jordison can shred on drums and yeah I like them too, but this man right here, Christoph "Doom" Schneider, has his OWN style so stop it with the Joey Jordison shit, aight, cool. Dude you are good at what you do, I'm looking forward to you guys' next album.


    dude you are so good i think you are the best can.i can play ZERSTOREN now on drums but as good as you

  • paul

    i am a huge fan i am a drummer and i whant to play drums just like you keep on drumming

  • Slipknot sucks


    Plays like Joey Jordison? HAHAHAHA


    Ever heard Rosenrot? Well, it sure is some double-bass drumming, but… Some jazz-drummers use double-bass playing so…

    • slipknot forever

      you idiot joey jordison is much better than this

    • rammstein0rocks

      ha joey sucks

  • navjit dhillon

    u are fucking brillanet at playing drums i wish i could drums like u and u have a fucking wicked drumkit

  • Heroin Bob

    Plays Like Joey Jordison fuck no!! Christoph plays his own unique style man i aint heard ither industrial metal bands who play like him he has some fuckin new shit goin on!! KEEP IT UP DUDE YOU FUCKIN ROCK!!!


  • sPeCiAl NeEdS sAm

    schny pwns at drumming

  • metalforever!!!!!

    You play drums like Joy Jordison from slipknot and thats great!!!!!!!!!!!PoZZZZZZZZZ from serbia!!

    • navjit dhillon

      joey Jordison is a fucking wicked drumer but not as good as schinder he is fucking brillanet

  • Luiz Henrique

    hey Christoph..
    you play the soundcaster with the left hand !
    and thats really cool !
    I cant play with the left hand..its dificult
    Im your fan…come to brazil !
    see ya

  • Kevin

    Hello christoph, I would just like to say your skill in the art of drums is unmatched, and I know that you are an incredibly busy guy but there is just one thing I would like to know and that is where can I get a snare drum like yours it sounds sooo good I cream myself everytime I hear it!

    • Ebbe Tha master

      Haii Kevin go into Tamas homepage and select your country and klick on products and than signature snare drums and than klick on Bill Bruford i hope it could help…..

    • Ebbe Tha Master

      RAMMSTEIN rules for HEAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael

    all I wish is that I could have a drum kit as good as yours U mean two bass drums thats sick, you rock dude peace out…

  • brad

    you looked awesome on the 1998 edition of ‘du riescht so gut’ can you send me a copy of all your autographs, please. your awesome on the drums, when i watch the volkerball dvd, i’m just so amazed at how skilled you are on the drums, lookn foreward to a new album.

  • Misha

    In the last albom Rozenrot you plays sometimes like the member of Slipcnot! And it’s GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DAP

    I Love the style that Schneider has…

    The Drumkit are excellent.

    And the style of play the drums it's so cool !!

    I just have to continue playing my drums like Schneider… but it's almost impossible for me xD

    I'm just only have 14 years old..!!

    "Impossible it's nothing" – If I continue playing like this it will be great.

    See ya!