Rammstein Contest – Win a T-Shirt


What is this contest about

Because this website exists for quite a long time and we would like to attract more fans to make the widest community, we have decided (better to say I have decided) to make this contest. The goal is to attract more people to make the discussion better, to get new people who would like to help with the texts and so on.

What can you win

You can win a brand new t-shirt from our internet shop. You will be able to choose not only the clothing size (only from available sizes), but also the print which will appear on your t-shirt (again – you will have to choose one from those t-shirts in our e-shop)


How to win

Send an e-mail to [email protected]. The e-mail should contain a description of what you did to attract more fans to our site. According to what you write we will choose the winner. We recommend you to describe the way of promoting our website in some kind of interesting way! Remember to write “Contest” in the subject line of the e-mail.

Suggested ideas what to do:

  • Tell your friends (the easiest way)
  • Place a link on your website (this is the most effective way)
  • Talk about this website on other forums and recommend us
  • Write about this website, if you are a blogger
  • Write “Affenknecht” on your car and travel all around the world (if you really want to win the contest :))

Who will win

Affenknecht team will choose the best promoter who did the best job in bringing new people to this website. This winner will get a brand new t-shirt from our internet shop. We will contact the winner alfter the contest ends. The contest will end on December 10th, 2007.



  1. I consider email promotion as strong as word-of-mouth. With that combination your RAMMSTEIN-EUROPE should become a household word.

  2. rammstein for an english person(woman)they are looked at listened too every day they are great mmmmmmmm ive got to at least see them once in my life time even to travel to germany and stay their for a while so if their is any german people out their get in contact no timewasters

  3. rammstein for an english person(woman)they are looked at listened too every day they are great mmmmmmmm ive got to at least see them once in my life time even to travel to germany and stay their for a while so if their is any german people out their get in contact no timewasters [email protected]

  4. I want the T-shirt!…O-o Only because they cost lots of money around here. Ramstien should tour in Glasgow, because the lucky once time I got to see them live was when I was on holiday. I only know me and my best friend here like Rammstein, so its cool to know theres some fans around here! 8D

  5. I've told my friends (and my enemies) what a great site you have here, so they're all dropping by to check it out. They hate it when I'm right, but I think they'll get over it…this time.

  6. I can give good piece of advice to all of you frustrated Rammstein fans about how to recruit new followers easier.

    First let me inform you that I live in Serbia- and it certainly isn't Rammstein friendly place.

    Nevertheless, I have still managed to although unintentionally turn about 100 persons so far in to Rammstain fans.


    Well about a half year ago my son, who is 11 years old, acquired his first ipod and started to listen to music seriously as many children of his age do. I showed him two Rammstein videos (America and Du Hast) as well as live performance videos of these songs and he was mesmerized by visual and sound effect. Hah, where is that kid that will not fall on those fireworks!

    Afterwards my son asked me for all the Rammstein songs I can find. And I did record them all on his ipod since he loved every single on of them.

    He naturally goes to school so he showed videos from his ipod and played music to his friends. They loved it as much as he did so they asked if I can record those songs on their ipods…then they showed them to other kids and so one and one…

    After a month or two3 five grade classes, each numbering 30 kids where listening to Ramstain constantly "“full strength.

    Moreover, this is not the end. My sister has a son who is 13 years old. My son showed and played Ramstain's songs to him and praised them with such enthusiasm that he then asked me to record same songs on his ipod. He goes to different school in different part of town and he is in eight grade. You guest it. It didn't took long for all of his friends and then for friends of his friends to become devoted Rammstein followers. I suspect that this process once set in motion will soon yield a whole new generation of Ramstain fans in Serbia.

    You know, none of those kids understands German, and they don't care to, not yet. Words do not mean that much too them, they are falling for the beet for the general sound of it and flamed visual effects.

    They are the next generation of teens, and as far as I can see they are much more open-minded and prefer harder sound.

    Also music videos on you tube in which they could see all the fireworks at Ramstain concert's greatly helps in process of turning them in to fans.

    Therefore, my advice is converting them while they are yang.

    And one peace of advice how o lure audience too this Rimestine's shrine, beside of using few good advices given on the top of this web page in intro. If you want to draw fans to this site and introduce them to Ramstain you should link to this sit (using full URL) from other sites that don't reacquire login as often as you can. It will draw attention and public here.

  7. Great Site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I would love to win something. Happy Hoildays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. living in canada and being a massive rammstein fan is a really frusturating mix.either way im still as big a fan as you will ever find.i work my ass of EVERY day trying to spread the word of the powerhouse known as rammstein.ive converted a good handful of people into fans.this year at our schools battle of the bands im going to perform a rammstein song and try to increase the fan base by even more.i deserve this shirt because i eat sleep and breathe rammstein and spend a good portion of my time trying to learn their songs on bass.sending e-mails,letting people borrow cd's, and even writting rammstein on public property is what i do to get them known.give me the shirt and i assure you it will NOT go to waste.KEEP IT METAL!

    • Hi! let me share my experience with you.

      I have a problem, a big one. I love smoking while I listen to RAMMSTEIN, so it kind of a vicious circle, im 17, if I continue this way I wont see my 20´s birthdate, that´s how much I listen RAMMSTEIN, and belive me, I ENJOY IT GLADLY !!!!!

  9. I HAVE CONVERTED SOO MANY HEATHENS HERE IN CANADA! At least a dozen peoples are fans because of me! Like you said bout Amerika there is practically no radio stations that play Rammstein, i've only heard Du haast and Bestrafe Mich on the radio!

  10. im like the bigest rammstein fan in my town i have introdused the band to most of my frends and about half of them listin to them now but the other half dident like them just becuse they did not understand ther lyrics so i translated the songs. most of them like them now. now to interoduse the website. i will email all my frends and tell them to go to the site. then i will post some posters arond my school to let some fans that i was unawar of now about the site. i have been loking for a rammstein t-shirt for ever. thay dont sell them in ontario often so if i win thats a bonis. and sorry if my spelling sucks.

    i love all you rammstein fans out thair…..

  11. If you need to translate Rammstein's songs to truly understand them you will understand only less not more.

    Which is worse you miss the whole point of listening end enjoying their music. And no I'm not speaking German either.

    Idea for promoting your site

    do it to P2P programs, torrent etc

    Use LimeWire per instance

    Attach URL under the names of one or two songs, or present it as album cower that goes with downloading a song. Use well known ones like Du Hast.

    I personally downloaded for me and my son, ho is a big fan of Rammstein more then 30 songs trough LM. Sorry bout copyrights infringement 😉

    That way you will be getting every day hundreds of people directed to your site.

    them then you will hardly be a reall fan or

  12. Im mexican and we dont have the fan problem here cause theres a lot of Rammstein fans, especially in my hometown Guadalajara.
    But we really want a concert heree, the last one was in 2001!
    If someone wants a translation or something in, I speak fluent German and spanish.

  13. Yeah, I must to agree with all of you. Maybe it’s worse for me. I live in Brazil, and believe: people here reject even songs in english! I know few people that really like Rammstein, only in my german class. I can try to promote them or the site, but I think someone from Europe will win this.
    So all I can do is cheering for you all! 🙂
    Good luck!

    Oh, and was to say, thank you for the translations! I was looking for a site like that for a long time! :))

  14. I will tell you why I deserve this t shirt more than anybody else who enters this contest – Do you have any idea how hard it is to be a rabid, die-hard AMERICAN Rammstein fan? Nobody in this country has the brains or the patience to listen to a band that’s not in English. They NEVER get air play on the radio. I feel like I’m all alone over here and I’m their biggest fan (also, at 56, probably their oldest). If I could be front and center at just one of their shows!

    P. S. Till is god.

    • I completely agree with A. Why doesn’t Rammstein ever get any radio play in America? I live in Texas, and talk about trying to get people to listen to anything other than English here! I am a die hard fan, as is my brother, but it seems like no one has ever heard of them even though they have been playing for such a long time. And that’s another thing, why does it seem like Rammstein doesn’t tour in America very much? People in this country need to stop being so narrow-minded about things. We need to recognize Rammstein for the BAMF’s that they are!
      PS If anyone of consequence is reading this, TOUR IN AMERICA MORE!!!
      Thank you.

    • I promise, that I wil;l tell my friends about this site, and also I'll try to write e-mail of this site on chats and I will listen to Rammstein much more times!!!!!!! 🙂

    • I’m a Rammstein fan too! I love them!
      So you are not the only one over here in America.
      I know at least ten other poeple who listen to Rammstein. I have the patience to listen to their music even though i don’t understand most of it. That’s why you look up the translations of their lyrics.


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