Rammstein confirmed to play in Canada


North America in 2010? Not a dream anymore. Rammstein will play in Quebec, Canada at the Quebec City Summer Festival. Apart from that they will also play in Spain at the Bilbao BBK live fest.

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  • ReflectinGod

    OH MY GOD THAT SHOW WAS FUCKIN EPIC!!! its the best show i ever saw!that was fuckin INSANE!!! at the end apocalyptica + rammstein on the same stage!

    that was the biggest and longest orgasm I ever had!


  • Popo

    Just got back to hotel from Rammstein concert. Spectacular!!

  • DaveSykes

    Quebec City summer festival RULES !!! DANKE. I,m going V.I.P. !!! Write me if you want to see soem pictures…the show is TODAY in a few HOURS !!!! [email protected]

  • Ane

    I have 2 passes to sell for the rammstein show on sunday… the original price was 2 for 100$, but i can let them go for 80$.
    If you are interested, write bcak on this wall and we can meet up!

  • DOM

    I have an extra ticket I will try to sell on the site a couple hours before the show…

  • Andrea

    I saw some passes for sale today on eBay and there are also people selling them on the Facebook groups

  • Patrick

    The passes ARE SOLD-OUT, whatever people said earlier in the thread. However, several people buy these passes for some other shows and don’t intend to go to Rammstein. You *might* be able to get one for very few bucks by staying close to the Scène Bell a couple of days before Sunday…

  • Finally! I still think other parts of Canada need some love like Toronto or Vancouver. I doubt I can go to Quebec, but if they come to Ontario, I would absolutely go!

  • Andrea

    lol that was an April Fools joke Deeds lol

  • Deeds

    I got my ticket on Saturday when they went on sale, but I just noticed that Richard is going to be in prison for 5 months. Is this true? That means he would not be playing at the show in Quebec. This blows…

  • Gage

    omg when i read there coming to canda i screamed like an asian schoolgirl over justin timberlake. thats how intense it was.im soo going

  • Ren

    To Andrea: go to the link i’ve posted above your comment! You will have the info there. But the pass to be in front of the stage is 500$!!!
    And don’t be shy about semi molesting Till…for me it’s Richard 😛

  • Andrea


    Anyone have more information about the Front Stage zone passes for the festival? Are we talkinng be able to semi molest Till close? lol j/k (not really!)

  • Ren

    Hi Guillaume.

    i just need to clarify something with you: yes, they will be a online sale on May 1 at 10am. 🙂

    here is the link to it: http://www.infofestival.com/index.php?lang=en&page=laissezpasser

  • Guillaume

    For everyone coming from US, the cheapest way is to fly to Burlington, VT and then rent a car. From there, it’ll take you 3h45 to drive to Quebec. It’s a bit more complicated but you’ll save a lot of money.

    By the way, tickets will be on sale on April 28th. Unfortunately, you can only buy tickets in some supermarket, there’s no online sale. You should be able to buy tickets on site. For 45$ (presale price), you’ll have access to a lot of shows, from pop to metal: Iron Maiden, Dream Theatre, Santana, Rush, Arcade Fire, Black Eyed Peas, Billy Talent, Apocalyptica, Rammstein and a lot of other artists.

    If you plan to go to Quebec, book your hotel as soon as possible.

  • H

    The Metro tickets are only presale tickets. Just buy one on the spot. And don’t forget: If Rammstein starts at 9pm, it means that at 7 pm, there will be a supporting band that may be very interesting as well. We’ll know who that band will be at the end of April. (for instance, few years ago, Twisted sisters played before Scorpions, and next summer, Dream Theather will play before Iron Maiden).

  • Eric Leclerc

    Hello to all americans who are worried about not being able to get tickets : don’t worry. Like others have explained, the field they are playing on is huge (100 000+ people) and tickets are not limited. The only thing is to get there soon enough during the day to have a good spot. I think they had enough space for everyone when Paul Mcartney came a few years ago and the hype was bigger than for Rammstein.
    Another suggestion, you can have cheaper hotels in Trois-Rivieres, around 60 minutes drive from Quebec. You can also fly to Burlington, VT (5 hours drive) or Montreal (3 hours drive) for cheaper plane tickets from US.

  • Erik

    Rammstein totally has to come to Vancouver!

    In fact I’m surprised that they are not in BC right now considering that Vancouver currently has the 2010 games and a major international music seen being played out

  • Ren

    To Elsinore: here is a link with diferent hotels in the city of Québec. But, like u said, because its a festival weekend, prices may by higher


    Good luck with that and see you on July 18 🙂

  • Elsinore

    My boyfriend and I are planning to drive up from Washington DC to see the show. Does anyone have any recommendation of a relatively affordable (I know where talking festival weekend here!) hotel? I don’t mind being a few miles away from the venue, I just rather not be in a hotel in the middle of Crack Alley.

  • Eisenherz

    To anyone who fear they might have a hard time getting “tickets” (the festival pass or weekend pass) – fear not! they are not limited in number, you can arrive on the weekend and buy one there simply. The “venue” (huge field) can accommodate several hundreds of thousands of people. The only thing is, first arrived, first served when it gets to having a great spot.

  • spoonninja

    yea! me and my mom are huge rammstein fans and we live in michigan(in the states) but we are on a budget, so instead of flying we will be taking a grayhound bus, its going to take around 40 hours to get there but its only $120 per person! and my uncle goes to canada in april so im going to have him get me canadian money for my birthday (which is in april!)

    so you see, if you try you can get there! my mom has even called the place where t he concert will be and you can use an american credit card to get a hotel and the tickets, which they will hold for you at the box office there!

    we have figured out that with passports and bus fair and ticket and hotel cost, along with pocket money will all be covered for around $1000, which we have 6 months about to get that, which is easy seeing as we both have irthdays between now and then ^-^

    so i wish you all luck with finding a way to the concert, but this may be the only time rammstein is this close to me so i wont miss it!!!

  • redhead

    is it true that Rammstein will play in Quebec?

  • Ren

    look at the web site of the festival for more info.

    I know that there is going to be a sale of VIP tickets in april for Rammstein specialy. But yeah, you can go the any Metro store in Québec to buy the pass i think!



    Hey guys, this is the best news I have heard in my entire life! Ever since I was young I have ALWAYS wanted to go see Rammstein!! I was planning a trip within the next couple months to go see them, when I looked at the bottom of the tour dates and seen CANADA!!! I am still jumping up and down and cannot wait!!! Is the Metro the only way to buy tickets!? I live in Ottawa, and was wondering if I could hop on over to Gatineau to buy the tickets at a local Metro there? How many tickets are available? I am so excited, and I have a lot of questions!!! THANK YOU RAMMSTEIN!!!!!!!!!!

  • V

    Awesome! I will be there. Cant miss this chance.

  • Ren

    yeah ok, i understand that. Plane tickets are expensive. Hope for you they will do an americain tour.

  • Stella

    I have no problem paying $45 to go to this festival, that would be cheap even if Rammstein were the only act there! 😛 My problem is that flights to Quebec City are very expensive, and I wouldn’t want to make plans to go there and then find out that I couldn’t get a badge or that they were sold out. This seems like a very foolish system for the Summer Festival to have.
    I’m hoping that Rammstein will announce an American tour very soon… to take place right after that festival, ideally. *crosses fingers*

  • Ren

    well, all i can say is that even if you pay the 45$ pass just to see Rammstein it is NOT expensive!! Considering that if they came to a arena the tickets would not be 45$!! More likely 100-200$ i presume. So, it’s almost seeing them for free!!! Anyway for us Québécois and Québécoises that’s how it feels!!! 😉

  • jacques rené néron (1950-14-12)


    I don’t know what to say, but imagine a minute. If we don’t want to go to Metalica or other group, we will have toay $45.00 for all site in the City to ear good misique. And, because we are visitor for one day, we will pay to pay for one day, exemple, to see Rammstein, you will pay only, to see the show, $15.00. So….

    To see all the show, you will have to buy the badge ($45.00)

    For us leaving in Québec, we don’t believe the reality of this(Rammstein in Québec City) because, for exemple, to buy a ticket in Spain to see Rammstein, we won’t pay $15.00.

    See you



  • Ren

    it look like it 🙁 Maybe i’m wrong but that’s what it says:

    read for yourself:http://www.infofestival.com/index.php?lang=en&page=laissezpasser

    but you know what, the Plaines d’Abraham are very, very big, I’m sure that if you arrive during the weekend you will get yourselve some tickets.

  • Stella

    So… the only way to get tickets to this festival are to buy them at some Quebecois supermarket chain? That’s really fucking great, what about the people that live outside of Quebec who want to go to this festival??

  • Ren

    allo Jacques,

    on the official site of the Festival d’été it says that you can buy a pass for the all Festival for 45$ available at all Métros everywere in the province of Québec. Also, for the last weekend (16-17-18 july) you can buy a pass for one day. That will be avaible at all the Hydro Québec stands on the site of the festival for the cost of 25$.

    So you have to live or come in Québec to buy your tickets.

    Also, the tickets will be on sale only on June 18th 2010. I have already posted the link in another message on this subject! Look it up!

    Merry x-mas Rammstein fans 🙂

  • jacques rené néron (1950-14-12)

    Hey les gars,

    It’s a «festival d’été» in the City of Québec. In the City, we have different location for a show.

    Rammstein will perform on a Battle Field name Les Plaines d’Abraham: big field. It’s the same one where Paul McCarty perform. So lot of room.

    Where to buy a badge for the Festival ?

    The name of the organisation is MÉTRO.

    MÉTRO is a super market arrond the City of Québec.

    As of now, the badges arent in sale.

    I will be probable in the beginning of MARCH 2010.

    I will have some telephone number for purchase the badge.

    See you les filles et les gars.


  • Andrea

    Any idea when the tickets go on sale and where I can order them online?

  • Ren
  • Dylan

    how much are the tickets for this show?

  • Ren

    Note to Rammsus: thanks!!! We deserve them 😉
    Note to Astralmind: Montréal is only what, 3h away from Québec? It’ not that far!! I will drive 5h to get to Québec city! But it will be worth every km driven, let me tell you lol!!

  • Kevin

    Cool! Except I live in British Columbia and it would cost (according to West Jet) almost $2000.00 for me and my girlfriend to fly there and back. And that’s not including hotel, food, and concert tickets. I hope they come to Vancouver or Seattle so I can actually afford to see them (or both so I can see them twice!).

  • Astralmind

    YEAH !

    It would be nice to see you guys stop by Montreal while you’re in the Province, haven’t seen you guys here is a while.

    Thanks !!

  • Brandon

    man only quebec, what about us over in the vancouver area, common rammstein just once even if it cost you a bit of money, do it for the loyal fans who love and need this experience

  • Rammsus

    O my gosh! How cool for the canedians!
    Congrats people! Finaly Rammstein in Canada!!

  • Ren

    Finally, finally!! Québec will have Rammstein for one night 😀 And i’m so there!!

  • jacques rené néron (1950-14-12)

    Hey les gars,
    You will be finaly in Québec City on Les Plaines d’Abraham. I will be there to see and ear yours beautiful songs. I hope you will sing that song you did in Moscou, that song Moscou.

    Je suis né very near where you will play.

    Take God for your worderful visit.

    Jacques René

  • Brian Crist

    Here’s hoping they add some USA dates to this Quebec show. Maybe NYC, Chicago, L.A.?