Rammstein back to Amerika!


Rammstein has announced that the LIFAD tour will continue until May 2011 for nine dates in major cities throughout North America. The success was such at Madison Square Garden in 2010 that the group decided to return to the U.S. and Canada.

A message to our friends in Quebec; the group returns to the Bell Centre in Montreal, May 7, 2011! The sale of seats will be held on 25 and 26 February.

05/05/2011 – East Rutherford, Izod Center
07/05/2011 – Montreal, Centre Bell
08/05/2011 – Toronto, Air Canada Centre
05/10/2011 – Rosemont, Allstate Arena
13/05/2011 – Edmonton, Rexall Place
15/05/2011 – Tacoma, Tacoma Dome
18/05/2011 – Oakland, Oracle Arena
20/05/2011 – Los Angeles, The Forum
21/05/2011 – Las Vegas Thomas & Mack Center

Source: Rammstein.de

  • DB1

    I bought tickets on my phone during class because it was such an important task, lol. My laptop internet connection failed me but that wouldn’t stop me. I’ll see you guy’s in New Jersey soon!

  • External

    The best way, of course, is to use our FORUM

  • menschmaschine33

    TochterVonJurgens: , how do u freind people on here?, i am pretty new to this site

  • fanfromny

    Today I tried to buy the best sits possible for New Jersey show and I couldnt.. This is ridiculous! I was trying to buy the tickets at 10am right on a dot… and it was already sold out (good sits) How is this possible i was there within the first second.. I guess its not possible to buy good sits through ticketmaster no matter how early u r (in my case it couldnt ve been any earlier)… I was also at Madison concert and i almost got same sits this time, which are not bad but i was looking for better this time around (considering that they r touring this time). Band, Managment need to do something abt it and not let speculators spoil everything for the true fans… Well, thats my rant.. lol

  • TochterVonJurgens

    Menschmaschine, I am going to Chicago…. I am going alone… could you friend me? I’m not a wierdo, I am married, but my hubby does not like R+. I am so excited!

  • TochterVonJurgens

    This is an opportunity of a freaking LIFETIME folks. I dont like debt, but you can bet your sweet cheex I’m breakin’ out the credit card AND traveling several hours to see this rare event at LEAST two times.

  • menschmaschine33

    Im going to the show in Chicago! Who else is going???? 🙂

  • DB1

    For the IZOD center, NJ show, the center’s website lists prices as $89.50, $75.00, $59.50, $39.50 ADA: $59.50, $39.50 starting this Saturday. I think it would be a similar situation for the other shows.

  • Lisa

    Reb – Eventful has some of the shows with “buy tickets” that has some prices listed. They seem to range from $140-$600+

    I REALLY hope it’s not that much. I can’t afford to love them that much. 🙁

  • Reb

    The website says tickets aren’t on sale until Feb. 24/25, so how can they be $485 in Tacoma? Does anyone know when the presale starts, and is it for members of the Rammstein fanclub community?

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    We’re All Living in AMERIKAAA
    Coca-Cola, Wondabra !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Richard

    Well, welcome to America Vojta, the land of the free and the home of the scalpers.

  • Vojta

    485$ for a ticket on the floor in Tacoma! I sepent ten times less for a ticket when they played in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

  • Csaba

    Come on ppl, you can travel few hours to see them! May they go to their house instead? Stop crying, start smiling and don’t miss this chance.

  • Mathieu

    Will it be the same show as in 2010 in Québec and New York or a all new show ?

  • SPARTAN-45

    What about the rest of the US!? Sure I got to see them in NY but COME ON!!! Pittsburgh loves you just as much, Rammstein!

  • 0stego

    Edmonton!? Why not Calgary! Oh well, guess I’m making the 2 hour+ drive up north to see them!

  • Mathieu

    I saw Rammstein twice in 2010, anyone know if its gonna be the same show ?

  • DB1

    so what’s the current situation with tickets? it’s showing unavailable but not sold out.

  • Kevin

    Would have loved a Vancouver concert, guess I’m heading to Tacoma! This is great news though, and about time!

  • Hëartless

    So an interesting question that needs to be asked. Is the North America concerts an extension of the LIFAD tour with the same or similar set list from the NYC concert? Or will it be part of the rumored “Best Of” tour they may be doing?

  • Tom

    I flipped out when i heard this, I’m definitely going to vegas, this is going to be my first RAMMSTEIN SHOW EVER!!!!

  • Rammsus

    Congruatulations U.S.A !!!!!
    If seen them In New-York and it was a great Atmosphere!
    I really Hope you guys get to see Rammstein a lot!

    Personaly I think this wil mean that they spend the summer on the european festivals again!
    Ill see them there 😉

  • Deanne

    Are there any “meet and greet” events set up yet for the US tour? (Especially Chicago)

  • Charlotte

    I definitely started freakin’ out when I saw this. Nothing, NOTHING will stop me from going to see them in Toronto. I’m not ashamed to admit I started crying a little when I read the announcement. 😀 hurray! I saw them in Quebec on July 18th, now I’m going to see them again in Toronto. BOOYAH!

  • TochterVonJurgens

    Call the paramedics!!!!!! Get die Artze! This girl has OFICIALLY died and gone to Rammstein heaven!!!! I am SO at Chicago, and I just may finish them out in Vegas! THANK YOU SO MUCH, R+!!XOXOXOXOXOXOXO!!!!!!!