Rammstein Affenknecht – is it the new single?


Update: Please be advised that this news includes unconfirmed information and is 99 % fake. Don’t take it seriously, we just want to keep updating and provide you with all information we get. Don’t blame us. If we receive information from official source, we will highlight the source so you know you can trust it. Please have fun when reading this news and don’t wait in a line in front of your music shop yet.

rammstein affenknecht single cover

We have just received a very fresh information about the new single which should appear in summer 2009. Please mind that this information is not confirmed by official sources. The name of the single is Affenknecht (in English “Monkey Slave”). All fans are strongly advised that there is no official confirmation yet (but the single has not been refused yet too). For example the last information about new single (Verbot) was fake. We’ll keep you updated.

Lyric (in German only):

Sie hat meine geistige Entwicklung verletzt
hat mich mit der Peitsche gefoltert
Ich bin in Ketten aufgewachsen
und in den Zelle verrotten

Ich bin nur ein Affenknecht
Das Licht ist mir egal
Ich bin nur ein Affenknecht
Und ich werde nie widerstehen

Meine Hände sind wach
In meinem Bauch habe ich nur Wasser
Doch muss ich etwas machen
Bevor ich wider in meinem Gedanke sterbe

Ich bin nur ein Affenknecht
Das Licht ist mir egal
Ich bin nur ein Affenknecht
Und ich werde nie widerstehen

Mein Sklavenhändler kommt noch wieder
Er hat den Zorn in den Augen
Ich will nicht bluten aus den Arterien
Ich muss den Bedrückter schlachten

Ich bin nur ein Affenknecht
Der Schmerz ist mir egal
Ich bin nur ein Affenknecht
Und das Blut spritzt überall.



  1. Sounds like a Rosenrot remix. Besides, as said earlier, Rammstein writing about monkeys is like Korn writing about everything being okay. I’m sorry, it just doesn’t happen.

  2. hi…can somebody tell me when we can listen new songs from the new album??if u can tell me month is much better….THANKS U for the information…!!!

  3. The name of the song is really translated to “farm-hand”. These are the real translations:

    She has injured my spiritual development
    has tormented me with the whip
    I have grown up in chains
    and in the cell rot

    I am only one simian farm-hand
    The light makes no difference to me
    I am only one simian farm-hand
    And I will never resist

    My hands are awake
    In my belly I have only water
    However, I must do something
    Before I die against in my thought

    I am only one simian farm-hand
    The light makes no difference to me
    I am only one simian farm-hand
    And I will never resist

    My slave trader still comes again
    He has the rage in the eyes
    I do not want to bleed from the arteries
    I must kill the more depressed

    I am only one simian farm-hand
    Pain makes no difference to me
    I am only one simian farm-hand
    And the blood splashes everywhere.

  4. um, ya, taht would be bad if ppl r trash talking a song that is actually by rammstein… personally, i think its a fake, but i don’t think i’m gonna do any trash talking to it
    and i hate those stupid parental advisory messages on cds… it just ruins the cover, to me… everything in this world needs parental advisory, pretty much, so its pointless really…

  5. You guys are gonna be mighty embarrassed if this is Rammstein. Personally, I love it. I think it’s beautiful. As for the lyrics, why couldn’t it be Rammstein? OK, the grammar you say it not right. I don’t know, my hunch is this is Rammstein. If it’s not, whatever band it is I want to hear. I think the composition is beautiful and awesome.

  6. Lol just had a look at the picture there, and whoever made it is a complete idiot! When has anyone ever seen a Parental Advisory sticker on a Rammstein CD (except Rosenrot album in the US) and why would the band publish their single’s picture with that bloody thing on it anyway?

  7. Hur hur, the img. is obviously shopped i can tell from the pixels and seeing quite a few shoops in my day; and it’s the exact style as the “Verbot” jpg, so i would expect it was by the same person. anyway, are you sure it’s not, “waffenknecht” ? which means (lit.) Man-at-arms, the lyrics sound a little funny to me,…while Rammstein often writes about very subjective things they are almost always accompanied by some strange sense of humor or irony or something like that…the syntax and voice of the writing seems just a bit off, too dark and gruesome (emo) in my opinion. FAKE I SAY!

    idk if that sound clip is Rammstein or not, but who ever did it, is quality industrial. 8]

  8. This is the most rediculous crap I've ever heard (besides that Till quitting Rammstein rumor XD)

    Come on guys Till wouldn't write this, therse nothing Rammstein about it! Dont get my hopes up about the single if it's all a bunch of hooplah! I'm not believing anything unless it comes straight from Rammstein 🙂

    This did however give me a good laugh!

  9. I wouldn't say they would NEVER sing about monkeys. I thought the lyric was rubbish: monkey boy; probably just a poor translation as it would be young or juvenile monkey.

    But anyway they song seems to be about animal cruelty, so I wouldn't put it past them, but it does seem unlikely. And anyway the animal cruelty they would sing about is Bestiality (sex with animals) as Rammstein are Rammstein

  10. Ha-ha-ha!!!)))

    it seems like bullshit!)They'll never sing about monkeys!)

    It's again fucking disinformation…Although,"Mehr" song was not bad,i was about to beliveve them,but this is not thier style at all…Too simple for Rammstein…I like thier energy songs, this is fake….saying again:Rammstein WILL NEVER SONG ABOUT MONKEYS…So it's bullshit.

    write me in icq 65422201 im Russian and I need to practice my English))))

  11. It doesn't seem like their style… and I love every song they have written and this just isn't… doing it for me! XD but seriously I doubt this is true.

  12. Stop thinking about it! Stop even considering it possibly being a new song from Rammstein. They had never had such silly titles, nor did they ever use such words. There is not even a rhythm there… the grammar is partially wrong, the text makes no sense, just some fan wanting to be cool, trying to find out some cool german words and putting them in a "cool" order.

    Believe me, I AM from Germany, I speak German.

    It's so funny to see you people discussing 🙂


  13. Hehe, look at the related vid and press "new rammstein song". I think the admin accidently linked the wrong vid, which would mean: the intro + drums are real, the guitar is blended in (that's why the vid is called "spectres mix"):D

  14. Okay. So I was talking to my GF about this whole thing and how I don't think it's real because the guitar isn't Rammstein's style. Well, being the genius she is, she looked into the clip and here is what she found and showed me.

    The guitar for this ISN'T Rammstein (we all knew that), but apparently (from the source of this clip) the rest of it IS Rammstein. And if you ask me, it does sound like something Rammstein would produce. So that's my opinion on it and what I've found out. Thank you.

  15. I have made some research about how fake this song really is. This is very interesting because the synth intro sounds to be very professional made, while the guitar in the end sounds like it could be home made.

    Here is the original track, without guitar:
    The uploader is called CodenameSpecter and according to him this is from one of the new tracks in the upcoming album. In the information square he says "Don't ask me how I got it, it's quite a long story."

    Here is the track with guitar, also by CodenameSpecter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHufPelVx80

    He states that he has added the guitar sound himself.

    "(…)I wrote a riff for this new rammstein song. I used guitar rig's sparkle pad for the clean sound, and a custom gratifier setting for the distortion part."

    Maybe he is telling the truth, maybe not…

  16. There are too many fakes here)) I think we all should be more patient and wait for information from official site 😉

  17. The intro is fairly professional. However, take a closer listen to the guitar distortion. Does that sound like the quality sound of Rammstein?? I thought not. It's like something you'd get from "Metal 01" on a Zoom 707 II! Not a Rammstein rig! Come on!

  18. We can't know wether this is fake or not, but we do know that Richard sayd something about a harder and rougher album, just like the early ones, and this doesn't sound hard to me….

    Anyway, nothing is true untill it's said so by Rammstein

  19. For those who don't speak German, German Boy said:

    Whoever understands me in German: Please don't always believe such shit! And to the site operators of Rammstein-Europe: Your site becomes laughable by such messages.


  20. First of all:


    I’m form Germany, I speak german natively and not only I find this text silly and not fitting to Rammstein. In addition there are some heavily grammar mistakes in the text, so you can be sure that this is a non-german fan-made fake!

    But it was fun to read the text!

    Wer mich jetzt auch auf deutsch versteht: bitte glaubt nicht immer so einen Scheiß! Und an die Seitenbetreiber von rammstein-europe: Eure Seite wird lächerlich bei solchen Meldungen!


  21. This is as fake as silicon! When have Rammstein released anything without mentioning it on their official site? I'll tell you when…NEVER!

  22. this could be the one,because Rammstein announced the new album 5 minutes after USA had a new president and the lyrics says it all

  23. of course this is fake XD look how stupid this is, rammstein in an Heavy-Metal band with powerfull music and lyrics. not some crap about monkeys.

  24. Ihr bringt immer die schlechtesten Fakes… Des gibts ja gar net. Fallen euch netmal die deutschen Grammatik Fehler auf? OMG

  25. this seems like utter bullcrap to me, doesn't look like rammstein and the lyrics aren't anything like till writes, the diction is different

  26. English translation (via Google translator)

    Monkey Slave

    She has violated my intellectual development
    I was tortured with the whip
    I grew up in chains
    and rot in the cell

    I’m just a monkey boy
    The light I do not care
    I’m just a monkey boy
    And I will never resist

    My hands are awake
    In my belly, I have only water
    But I must do something
    Before I reflect on my idea of dying

    I’m just a monkey boy
    The light I do not care
    I’m just a monkey boy
    And I will never resist

    My slave traders still comes back
    He has the anger in the eyes
    I do not want to bleed from the arteries
    I must kill the oppressed

    I’m just a monkey boy
    The pain I do not care
    I’m just a monkey boy
    And the blood is spurting everywhere.

    I hope this is real news! I’m tired of all the false hope we’re getting about the new singles. 🙁

    • appreciate the translation =]

      and i have to agree, all these fake singles are starting to make me doubt any new “unconfirmed” singles. but the closer summer gets, the better the chances of it being true =]


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