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  • sonny

    I saw them Friday in Glendale, AZ. Fantastic show as always. They are a great live performing band. I was just very disappointed that there was so little pyro/flames going on. I’ve seen them in Dresden, Germany and they stage was constantly on fire! In Glendale it seemed to me they exchanged the fire with white spot lights. I guess if you haven’t seen them in Europe the show was amazing but I was a bit underwhelmed… I mean Feuer Frei with basically no actual fire on stage???

  • Leann

    I forgot to add…. I will NEVER listen to Du Hast the same way again! Not after I saw Flake clap each time between the synth bridge.(if that isn’t a bridge, you can check me) 🙂 So now, I am gonna be wanting to clap every time in between his synths!

  • Poppy

    Saw Rammstein last night here in Los Angeles. They were just amazing. Had floor tickets and was up front amazing views of all the guys. Best show ever…I hope they come back soon…

  • talitm

    Saw them at the Forum in Inglewood for the first time and what a show! I still cant believe I saw Rammstein! I havent heard of Combichrist until I saw them open and loved their set. We had pretty good seats, we werent super close but not too far away either. Being able to see everything and feel the heat from the flames was amazing. Only wish they played Mein Teil and Amerika, Other than that 12 out of 10.

  • Leann

    I can’t wait for tonight! In my old age now, it’s rare for me to get out and spend outlandish amounts of money to go see my faves perform, but just knowing I am going to be in their presence later tonight is just a thrill of all thrills! Plane ride to Vegas and back = well worth the cost as long as I get to see, jam, and be with my boys!

  • DarciB

    Thank you Brian for the heads up on the Kimmel show. I watched it last night, then looked up the rest of the songs they played. They were awesome. Richard was headbanging with the crowd. Till sang Du Haust with the light in his mouth. As far as I know, this is the first time they have been on an American Tv show doing a mini concert. They did five songs. Jimmy Kimmel is a good show to be on! It was awesome seeing them LIVE ON TV! RAMMSTEIN ROCKS! (I cant wait for the new dvd!!!!!)

  • Brian Crist

    Saw them last night in Oakland, and what a great show! They all seemed in top form. We were about eight people back on the main floor of the Oracle Arena, a much smaller venue than Madison Square Garden where we saw them in December, so there were no bad seats…the pyro was amazingly hot, and the fireworks really stunned you. Till was in fine form and I’m convinced that Christophe Schneider is the best drummer in the business! The entire band rocked, and they owned Oakland last night! And on Jimmy Kimmel tonight!

  • Leann

    They do 18 songs. Wouldn’t it be cool if they did “America” on their last date here in the US?? LOL!!!(thats the dorky in me)

  • SPARTAN-45

    Their not angry. It’s for stage show. Every metal band is like that.

  • Cassay

    They did more than 15 songs (I’m thinking it was like 17?), but they went by so fast 🙁 –I hope they will come back 🙂 They have been going at it for a while though, they’re going to need a break–we mustn’t be selfish :p

  • Margot


    I saw them in Edmonton too. Absolutely worth the wait. What an amazing performance! I love Till forever and he was outstanding but Flake really seemed to be the one who was most engaged with the audience (obviously the boat ride helps). I imagine it’s because he’s a lot more free to move around because he can walk away from the keyboard and doesn’t have to worry about being out of breath to sing. Richard looked like he usually does in the live videos (ie. Pleasantly aloof). The effects were spectacular. I doubt Rexall Place will see anything so awesome again unless we can convince them to come back someday. I’ll admit that I have serious, SERIOUS post-R+ depression right now.

  • Cassay

    I totally get what you were getting at. Richard did look a lil on the unhappy side, and like you said, it probably is because of all the constant travelling they have to do. Till sort of looked like, mmm, another show… but that is understandable. Like, they didn’t look like that for the entire show, or anything like that. Just at moments. None the less, they continue to do an amazing job at doing an awesome show 🙂 When Paul came over to the right side of the stage, he did smile at Richard, i thought it was cute haha

  • Leann

    Hi all,
    Ok, let me take up for what I meant about the boys looking tired. I mean they have been on the road a few shows already and even though these men are tried and true road warriors, they, to me, looked a tad frazzled. Yea, go ahead, I’m probibly the tired frazzled one. I drove straight from Kansas City that same day, so maybe my eyes were less observant. I mean absolutely NO disrespect to the boys or to any fan here. I had no idea what to expect, and I truly was not dissapointed at all with the band; I am so sorry if I sounded like I meant to downplay them. I meant the exact opposite. I almost slated a trip to New Zealand and Austrailia earlier this year because I was afraid they would not make it to us here in the USA. Thank you, R+ for being here! WHAT A GIFT! I cannot WAIT until Saturday….

  • Debra Smith

    I attended the show on May 5th at the Izod Center as usual Rammstein was Amazing. I was also lucky enough to see them December 11,2010 at MSG. They are by far the best performers I have seen ever seen. They take everything to new heights. I will see them over and over again. I’m actaully very sad I couldnt afford to attend every concert their doing on this tour. If I had the money I would absolutely be there for every show.

  • DarciB

    I was at the show in Chicago also. I had a great seat, right infront of Richard, and not too far from the stage. I have to defend Richard, since I could see him, and all of the members of Rammstein clearly. He did not ever look pissed to me. Infact, none of them ever did. They came to do a show, and wow, did they ever! Its the best concert I have ever seen, I had never seen them before either. I have also seen many concerts. I have been a Rammstein fan forever, being part German myself. It was great to sing along in german. I knew the guy on fire was part of the show. There stage set is fantastic. Till was amazing, so was Richard, Paul, Ollie, Flake and Christopher. I am so glad it was Christophers birthday, that makes the show extra special for me. I loved every minute of it. The pyro did go off like it was suppose to. Rammstein went above and beyond for their fans here in the US. I think they are all beautiful. It was an amazing and awesome show. Well worth the money for plane tickets and a hotel, rental car ect. I live in Wichita Ks. I wish I had the money to see then in Vegas! I will not ever forget this show. Liebe Ist Fur Rammstein!??????

  • Ola

    I saw them in Edmonton and it was just best 3 hours of my life! They were so entertaining I have nothing to complain about there was fire, explosions, rockets, fireworks it was unreal! I hope they come back to Canada soon im definitely getting floor tickets!

  • Robert Jones Jr

    Rammstein played Edmonton Alberta Canada on May the 13th friday 2011 with combichrist as there opening act and it was the best concert i have ever gone too i give theam a 10 out of 10 and you can fell the heat from the flames on the other side of the building.
    I sooooooooo would go agean if they come back to cananda.

  • konbon

    @Leann The man on fire is part of the act.
    @Spartan-45 I also got pushed further back in the G/A was hard to see since I’m short. On reflection though I do remember there being a little more explosives for Ich tu dir weh when they played in MSG and the wings in Engel.

  • Cassay

    Rammstein was amazing in edmonton! I was right up Against the fence, and it was insanely hot and loud, not to mention squishy and pushy as hell … Since combichrist had two drums, the amount of bass produced actually blew my hair A little… nd whenever u swallowed (cuz thhey had confiscAted all water (but not weed)), it felt like an emense pressure was applied to ur throat, very trippy :p I was kind of saddened that alot of ppl didn’t show up for combichrist , especially since they were really good 🙂 I was able to do some good quality head banging to them 🙂 but yahh, they did an amazing job at pumping up the crowd for rammstein — once RT came on it got really hot from the pyro, and they did an incredible job… It’s a shame thAt the footage I took sounds like a death metal band under water… No joke. Sad face. regardless, it was an AmAzing show! it was definatly worth lining up seven hrs early for!!

  • SPARTAN-45

    No, that’s how Richard usually is on stage.

  • Leann

    I just came back from Chicago to my home here in KC,MO. This was my first Rammstein concert. As an old lady, I have seen many many concerts in my time. Honestly, I was so pumped abt this show, that my husband is abt to leave me because I eat/drink/breathe the boys, right? Well, I bought a g/a ticket, cashed it in at the table, got my green floor wristband and about peed myself to see that I was 2nd back from the very front on Reech’s side. As the crowd grew and after Combichrist, the crowd started (of course) pushing from center out. I wound up 4 people back and could not see a damn thing because everyone’s arms were up in front of me. I pushed back. Didnt get me anywhere. I’m almost 300lbs, so I’m not a little waif.
    I want to say that as their 4th show in, the kids looked tired. Richard seemed pissed. Till was amazing and so was Paul, Ollie, Flake and of course, the true reason I came: Schneider was just a sight to be seen. he was even more beautiful in person than I have ever seen him in any print or video. EVER.**dies**
    I digress. The show went exrtreemly well, there was a kid who got up onstage and I’m not sure if it was a part of the show, but he caught on fire and stage hands were rolling him on the floor, and then Till kicked him in the ass. Both Till and Richard seemed preety peeved about that. Schneider took up for it all though, he stood up and rocked the crowd to distract us. *drools* Anyway…I believe all pyro went off well, the sound was awesome, the boys were there in person, but I worry abt Richard: unless thats his normal stage personna. He semed disconnected. Flake DID NOT get tossed from the boat!! WOOT! I was glad for that!
    My next encounter is Las Vegas. I am getting there way early, I’m getting on the floor in front on Pauls side this time and I am STAYING in front, or there will be some kicked butt on the floor. Thee be warned. LOL

  • SPARTAN-45

    There were a few. No boom in Waidmanns Heil, half of the opening pyro didn’t go off in Ich Tu Dir Weh, Paul’s fire sleeve didn’t go off in Du Riechst So Gut, and half of Till’s wings didn’t ignite in Engel.

  • konbon

    @Spartan 45- i didn’t notice any must have been close!

  • SPARTAN-45

    I got to see them at the Izod Center. They had several technical issues, mostly involving Pyro (Some explosions and effects that didn’t go off) and some guitar issues.

    Aside from that, they didn’t throw a fit like other bands do when things go wrong, they played like true professionals and still put on one hell of a show!