No “Mask Contest”


Please be kindly advised there will be NO “Mask Contest” on Affenknecht. Some fans have asked for it as they have seen it on “other”, “non-English” Rammstein site(s). Obviously we have no sponsor nor official partner to organize such a contest, where you can win a mask. As a result, only German speaking fans would be able to wear Rammstein masks. On the other hand we’ve just sent money to OUR winner from Australia. Enjoy!

  • External

    Michelle: we just skipped this unimportant news. We were busy with Lindemann’s birthday.

  • Michelle

    hello?? is affenknecht news working or what? Did anyone know Rammstein won an award for best 2011 video from loudwire music awards?? Video Mein Land 😀

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    better be soon… my volkerball DVD is burning to ash – as iv played it SOOOOOoooooooooooooooo much!

  • Eric

    Does anybody know when the DVD comes out? I heard rumours for its release this summer o.O