New Rammstein video tomorrow?


Rammstein will release it’s new music video, Ich Tu Dir Weh this week, and it is heavily rumored to debut tomorrow. The single CD and download will not be available until the end of January.

We will see on Tuesday if the video appears or not. But this week should be the ONE.


  • Ich+Liebe+Rammstein+!!

    The video will be avalible for download in january, but you should be able to watch it before then, my god the teaser trailer was SHORT!!! I was left sitting there twitching, I NEED MORE RAMMS+EIN!! I cant wait to see the new vid!! And i hope they will tour Australia soon!

  • iceyj1020

    I just heard that the video “Ich Tu Dir Weh” will be available Jan.19 2010

  • mmmmmmmm…hurry!

  • johnnylast


    As of 15 minutes ago, the video has been postponed a few days.

  • harris

    Rammstein Ich tu dir weh nowhere

  • RammsteinAustralia

    I can’t wait hopefuly it won’t be bad as “P***y”