New Rammstein show with 2 stages


According to the latest news there will be two stages connected with a 4 meters high bridge. Everyone will be closer to the band members walking over the bridge. Here is the screenshot of the Bratislava stage:

Rammstein Bratislava Stage


  • Rome

    I think I will definitely be purchasing seats for this tour so I can see the whole show and not only half of it from the pit.

  • Inger Jensen

    I am going to the consert in Valhall here in Norway(Oslo) 19/2-2012,and I am sure it will be awesome!!You are right Francisco.We who can attend to one of theire shows are really lucky.There are many who never will be able to se them,for different reasons.So stop complaining,be lucky to se our heroes!!RAMMSTEIN FOR EVER!


    @ Francisco

    Do you realise what a privilage it is to see the greatest band in the world, some people are not so lucky ie cannot afford a ticket or live in a country where they are not playing. Just be grateful you are able to see them at all !!!

  • Francisco

    I hope this is not true, because I don’t like it!


    It will make a brilliant DVD no question, and yes lets all just be glad we are seeing them at all, i have some friends who live in countries they are not playing.

    Los would be awesome on the small stage!!

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    hahahah everyone should just feel lucky to be seeing rammstein (for what may be the last time ever!)

    I bet this 2 stage thing will go down well on DVD one day 😀

    i hope they do something like Loss on the smaller stage. now that would be sublime 😀

  • Danny

    Metallica do something similar & it’s always awesome. Everyone gets near the stage & the show takes up the whole arena. It’s like watching it in 3d. Stop whining

  • Richard Venue

    This is not a hoax it is real. There was a press release that confirmed it a few days ago.



    I would look at the plan again if i were you !!

  • Beasty

    I think its going to look like AC/DC’s black ice stage , I think the four meter high bridge is possibly a misprint if you read the original article it mentions 4 feet, so it’s probably a four foot WIDE bridge a four meter high bridge would, as has been pointed out, obscure too much of the stage from the audience. I expect that Till will have a Major special effect at the smaller stage much like Angus did

  • Xyz

    @Richards Biggest Fan: Expect if half of the band is in front of you, and half of them is behind you. And 4 meters are pretty high, so it sucks to be close.


    What is everyone moaning about, anything that gets you closer to the band and a good chance of having a better view cant be bad surely!!!

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    I doubt this is true. –

  • Xyz

    So my twice as expensive vip ticket is actually worse now? :\

  • Odie

    I Hope they come back to Montreal, I would love to see this! Must be amazing! They are always coming up with awesome stuff for their fans!

  • SPARTAN-45

    I can’t wait to see the stage!!

  • Drama

    Reminds me of KISS’ stage from their last Sonic Boom tour. Hard to imagine this set for Rammstein… I hope I can find a good spot at the Budapest one.

  • kalata

    That sux!
    The people from the fan pit will not able to see half of the front stage.. and nothing from the second stage!!!
    I really hope the above scheme is hoax!


    I do hope they will have this set up at the 02 in London in February pleeeeeeeeeeeese