New Rammstein album


In the current issue of Metal Hammer magazine is a brief report on the current state of things in Rammstein’s production.

Richard said in an interview that the new material will be again harder than the recent works “Rosenrot” and “Reise Reise.” Stylistically it will be more like the debut album “Herzeleid.” “The fun of hard, fast numbers is returned,” said Richard.

One reason for this change should be trimmed equipment, which the band is currently using in a mansion near the Baltic. There are only small combo amplifier and E-Drums. “This is to encourage us, the right strings to take effect. You play harder now, if you can not rely on large investments, “said Richard.

Currently, the band is still on composing, the material will be recorded in winter. Further details about the album release are not available.

(Source: Metal Hammer 11/07,