New Rammstein album in 2013


Hi all, this is just a very quick news with no official source. It was said that the next album would be released in 2013. I personally think it will be earlier (like Reise Reise and Rosenrot, released in 2004 and 2005). Once the information is confirmed, a new page will be created.

  • Syra

    YAAAY So I’ll have another chance at him. Heh heh heh ^_~ I better though!!! And He better not retire after the Europe festivals…..cause US need them too.

  • little R+ fan

    I have read most of the comments from 2010 until now…..the thing about Till retiring is true, but it was stated about 7 years or so ago, and it was when he was with a woman whom he claimed made him want to be a better man, and not want to be be the Till of the rumor mills that we have all heard about over the years. Therefore he was willing to slow down and spend more time with her………

    With that being said, he and the woman are no longer together, therefore plans for retirement at 50, which was 2 and half months ago may be put on hold. Of course I can not speak for Till or the band myself, and my source is the internet ( think State Farm commercial about the French Model ) but he may not retire and we as fans may get one more album and one more tour before the last hoora!!! My daughter and myself are HOPING anyway…….

  • NRammT


    I would assume that the rumors are true, as Emigrate’s official Facebook posted a status saying “Drums are being mixed! Everything is sounding amazing!”

  • LyrikEngel

    Ok what about the rumors Richard is working on a new Emigrate CD and did some studio time in January? Anyone know if this is true?

    • Jordy Anderson

      if richard could sound like till rammstein is saved if tills gone

  • vincent

    Till said he wanted to stop when he was 50 so dont get your hopes up

  • Jessica

    About the replacing” of Till. I would never happen, the band is entirely too close. And honestly, I am afraid, if they were too (not a chance it could happen) replace ANY member, but especially Till, I don’t know if I could continue to listen to them, because the “Sechs Herzen” (6 Hearts) beat as one, and without 1 of those hearts, they simply cannot go one. Think about the Beastie Boys, after Adam Yaunch, they quit, because with one gone, they aren’t the same!

  • Buckstabu

    btw saar if you don’t have lifad, mutter, and herz, fyi you do not have most of their albums. Also imo Mutter and lifad are there best 2.
    Go get them! asap !

  • Buckstabu

    I sure hope it is true too!
    I’ll eat mein teil if not ;[]

  • Lizzie

    I went to the Rammstein Made in Germany US Tour Cleveland stop and I must say… THEY HAVE TO COME BACK!
    Bitte, bitte schoen, Herr Lindemann, don’t retire ;.;
    Rammstein… heartbreakers. lol. But I am serious. Make more music, and you can definitely tell they all love their ‘jobs.’

  • Saar

    Recently Richard did an interview and confirmed that there are not plans yet for a new album. The North-America tour ends in May and then they will take a short braek, but they said that they will play in 2013 on several European summefestivals in Europe.

  • Schneider16

    i have never seen them live, i have every dvd and cd they released i love em but i want to see them at a concert in england but i cant afford tickets! sucks!

  • Saar

    I have almost all their albums,exept for Herzelied, Mutter and the DVD of Volkerball, but where can I buy the Lifad-cd? I can’t find this in the shops.

    I’m fan since a couple of years and normally I could see them in Antwerp, but I didn’t get a ticket.

    I can’t imagine a live without Rammstein’s music. I have bought the Made in Germany-album, but there is a limitid edition box too. Had someone allready bought it, because I can’t find it either.

    I hope Till is not retiring in 2013. They say that their will be a new album coming in 2013, not sooner.

    But if Till retires, than I hope that Rammstein will end, because he and all the other bandmembers are irreplacable.

  • Daisy

    They have a pattern – two CD’s, a DVD – still waiting on the DVD of MSG in New York – was there! And, really – LIFAD absolutely CANNOT be their last album…I would be devastated – LOVE Rammstein – will travel all over the world to see them – but LIFAD was not their best. They need another album comparable to Mutter – that album was epic! Rock on to the fans!

  • MetalSgt

    They are my favourite band and i hope they bring out another album, but i also hope they bring out another live DVD of their current tours, because i want to relive those moments for the rest of my life. Shitty youtube videos don’t cut it lol. And about Till retiring at 50 I’m not surprised, he has put up with a lot and what he does on stage probably wears him out quite a bit. But if it does happen they will always be in my heart. R+ bitches!!

  • Eisenmann

    99.99% of music I listen to is Rammstein !
    If they ever do have a “Final album”
    No group could ever make me love music like Rammstein does.
    Emigrate could help fill the void though.
    Rammstein has managed to PERFECT music !
    Never Ever Stop Rrrrrammstein !

  • Aubrei


    • Jordy Anderson

      shut the fuck up rammstein is better

  • ghassan

    holy fuc* if till is going to retire and rammstein will be over .then i am going to kill my self how can i live with out rammstein oh god plz don’t do this

  • ghassan

    look guys i am from syria and a muslim i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove rammstein all of em if there is going to be another album that will be great

    let it to 2013 so they can really work on it so it will be a miracle

  • Syra

    Just to let you know the presale for international tickets will be on sale June 24th!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 Made in Germany tour

  • Michelle

    yah, it’s The Best of CD, I’m sure 🙂

  • Hopefully this is true.I just saw them live for the first time,it was like a dream, and now i cant wait to see them live again :D.R+ foh evahhhh!!!

  • Syra

    Bitte! Und very good I hope you enjoy. I plan to do so as well, I’ve seen some of the pages und it is quite interesting, pictures und all. ^__^

  • Daisy

    Syra – Thank you for your reply…I’m ordering the Deutsch Ausgabe copy of Messer anyway…If I do come across a translated version, I will let you know.

  • Syra

    @ Daisy- I dont think that there are published copies in English, I could be wrong but I cant find any at all,only the Deutsch Ausgabe.
    But if you end up finding it let me know! ^__^

  • Syra

    I can’t see someone “replacing” Till, or anyone for that matter. Who knows all of our opinions und hopes are completely susceptible to their own decisions. Our hopes und dreams are in their hands. So only time will tell. I am very happy that I saw them for the first time in May und that was just breath taking, I miss them still, I just cannot imagine living with out them, life would be unbearable! It would be amazing if they really did do a tour DVD und featured Amerika this time cause for LIFAD they didnt make a “Live aus Amkerika” so it must be considered.
    @ Kroenen- Ja I have noticed that pattern as well, maybe you are correct.
    The best us fans can do is pray they stay with us as long as we exist und hope for the best. We all share the same love for our beloved Rammstein <3 <3 <3
    I know for a fact that the US is not going to be left hanging!If that'd be the case I will cry for eternity, und will scrifice every cent just to see them in Europa (which are my future plans anyway!)

  • Daisy

    Heard tell Rammstein will be back in the US in May 2012…cannot confirm that, though. And, the new LIFAD DVD is supposed to be released in September 2011. I believe there will be a final tour right before Till retires – 50th bday is Jan. 4, 2013. Someone said something about possibly getting someone else when Till retires – no way…these six guys are one industrial unit – won’t happen. Saw them in NY at MSG and in Chicago. Noone will ever compare to Rammstein. Love, respect, and appreciate EVERYTHING they do. (Anyone know where I can get Messer with English translation?)

  • TacomaliveRammstein

    Hey all! Yeah I hope they don’t retire anytime soon either. I became a fan of them in 2003 and loved them ever since. Saw them in Tacoma on the 15th and it was so F***ing epic! I have every last album, every last single and been collecting shit from them for a long time! But if it does end, I’m glad I saw them once. It would be awesome if they do another USA tour! I’m glad they were allowed the privilege to do it this year even with their insane pyrotechnics and antics of onstage showmanship! A big Rammstein fan and proud to be 1/4th German!

  • Allison

    I hope that there is in fact something more to come from Rammstein. I have only seen them play one time, and it is by far the best show i have seen in my life! I will cry forever if i am not able to see them play at least one more time. So i will cross my fingers for a “goodbye tour”. Although even a goodbye tour would be unlikely to come to America. These shows in May is probably the last America will see of Rammstein. So i will have to travel to Europe to see them again.

  • Rafael

    oooooooooooh!!!! I sure hope they come again in the next 2-3 years. I feel greedy that I want to see them again, but I love them so much!


    I am a new converted fan and already have all albums and DVDs i would love to think that there will be a new album soon and hope i still have the chance to see them live in the UK before any talk of retiring.
    XX for Richard

  • Erwin (Belgium)

    I hope they’ll visit Antwerp again!
    I saw them here in 2009 and I’ll never forget that day =D

  • Mike M.

    I hope they make a new album soon and tour. I had no money this year unfortunately so I was not able to purchase tickets and travel to those few U.S. locations they scheduled. 🙁 Please come back soon 🙂

  • Ferdinand from Germany

    Guys don’t you know?!? They have a contract for two more live-DVD albums, one best-of-Album and one more studio album. So there will be a live dvd album and a best of album coming soon 2011/2012 and later (nobody knows) a last studio album with godbye tour and a live dvd ffrom this tour.

  • Erik

    Man that wuld b badass for another album, Rosenrot is a GREAT album, frekin Benzin, Hailf Mir, Mann geagen mann, awsome album, and i HOPE that the riseing fans they gain every DAY tells them that they just CANT retire! they just CANT! i mean look at the stones, metallica, KISS, they still rockin to this day.

  • Michael

    A friend of mine in Germany said that there will be a new album in 2011.This will be followed by a final world tour.She read this in a local music magazine.

  • Sam

    Disc 1 because the special edition has disc 2. It’s probably just a printing error. They’ll come out with more, I’m 100% sure

  • Ryan Bullerwell

    If you look at the LIFAD cd, it clearly says “Disc 1”. I’m not sure if that is a clue of a later album, but lets hope. I also think that they will come out with a new LIFAD live cd. It is a consistent pattern. 2 albums, then a live cd.

  • Steveeb

    The world without the best band in the world, the best live band ever its unthinkable,lets hope they continue for many many years.And if Till retires we will all pay him a visit and drag him out of retirement.

  • Daniel

    Here’s hoping for a new album. ^^ Although I don’t know how they’re going to pull it off while they are on tour. A live DVD is possible. But what if they’d just replace Till? He’d retire when he’s 50 and they’d find someone else. The video of Haifisch was kinda hinting at this. But then, without Till there would be no Rammstein. They’re one of those consistent bands out there.

  • @ Brad – I agree with the point that another one’d be nice.
    And believe me, I don’t know German either (only very basics) but I still love’em like hell since 6 years. My ultimate fav band forever.
    To understand the lyrics, I search for good translations – right now I only look at those here and on 🙂

    And also I really hope (and kinda think as well XD) that maybe Till will change plans. You know there are lots of aspects which may lead to change of his mind 🙂
    Hope dies last!

  • Chris

    Just because Till said he’d retire doesn’t mean he necessarily will. I think there is one thing that will stop them however, and that is when they stop enjoying what they do. I could be completely wrong, but I think that as long as they still love what they do (and from what I could see in Manchester, they still love it) they will keep going. I can see one more album, one last tour, then the end of Rammstein. I still HAVE to see them in Munich or Berlin.

  • Sam

    He said he’d retire, he didn’t say from music. Maybe he’ll retire from touring and still make albums with a few shows thrown in on occasion, but that’s just wishful thinking


    I hope that is true. But Richard said that tour will last 3 years, and Till said that in 50 he will leave music, and if IT true it makes me cry. I don’t know what i will do without Rammstein. Rammstein is part of me

  • kerwin

    Till has said he wants to retire. If anything the next “album” will be a live album like Volkerball. If its like Reise Reise and Rosenrot (hopefully the second of LIFAD is better than Rosenrot) I would die a happy man 🙂

  • Brad

    RAMMSTEIN all the way no one could possibly wish to be better so ill still be ok with them not making any more (although another one would be nice) i know all their songs the only problem is i dont know german.

  • rammsteinstolemysoul

    yeeeaaay new album…me LOVE rammstein 😀


    Today is birthday and I’m gonna wish that there will be a new album

  • I do think that they’ll make at least one studio album 🙂
    I have a hunch that there’d be 2 more but… Also the fact that Till wanted to retire while his 50 kinda kills my hunch 😛

    But I’m sure that there’ll be one more. After ‘Rammlied’ – I’m sure xD

    And also I’m kinda 99% convinced that there’s gonna be LIFAD tour DVD.

    And that they’ll actually start an unplugged tour one day – it’s Richard’s dream and I think it’ll come true 😛

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    theres nothing wrong with rosenrot…that album is LUSHUSH !!!!!

  • artmin

    Something too long. I counted, that the album leaves earlier. I expected the seventh album in the end of 2011 – the beginning of 2012.

  • Ejnarm3

    Rammstein. To be continued…
    Written on the back of Volkerball dvd. One thing is sure: there will be another album, live dvd or studio album.
    A world without rammstein would be terrible!!! I hope they will never stop making music. Rammstein is the best band in the world and will ever be! Creative, Genuis, fantastic music,german :D, best stage performance ever and i could continue in 1000 years but 1 thing: Music will never be the same without rammstein. I REALLLY hope they will continue making music!!!! i am gonna cry if they dont :(!! Rammstein forevah!!!!!

  • Eddie

    Paul said in an interview, that Rosenrot was only done because of a contract with the record company. They recorded some new tracks, and added material what actually supposed to be on Reise, Reise (like ‘Wo Bist Du’). Don’t expect another cd like it, it won’t happen again.

  • AwesomeLaw_some

    it’s probably just going to be a live album of the current tour, idk what everyone’s getting so excited about. O.o

  • no-1-ramm-fan

    thats answered my prayers !!!!!!!!!!!:D

  • Hans

    i’ve read it on another site too.
    the next album’s earliest expected releasedate is 2013.
    so let’s just say the beginning of 2014

    and surely i don’t expect another cd next year (or even this year) like Rosenrot after Reise Reise

  • Finnstein

    I really hope that there will be no greatest hits album by rammstein because that’s just boring… If there will be another album, I would hope that it would contain material like Roter Sand, Ein Lied, Frühling in Paris and that stuff. One thing is for sure: It will be so awesome! Rammstein has around 70 songs now that I’ve heard and every second is unique and the best

  • Haya

    They clearly said that they won’t release that songs

  • Olivia

    I’m so excited!

  • harris

    we should not forget…they’ve got 40-11=29 songs more……2 more albums

  • kerwin

    Don’t want to spoil it but I have serious doubts that R+ will produce another album, like has been said before Till is set on retiring at 50 (in 2013). Richard has said they plan to tour the next three years. If they did another album, I seriously doubt it would be a large amount of new material.

  • Kroenen

    You know…it may just be a pattern but I’ve noticed something. Maybe I’m wrong. The thing is that there’s a live CD (and it’s DVD) after every two studio labums. Example:
    -reise, reise

    My point is that they should make a new CD and DVD of their current tour before making a new album.

  • greek
  • Legio

    How about the “Ein Kind der Liebe” LP? Is it actually real thing or just another fake?

  • Deadleming

    the thing about this is that Till Lindemann has made clear that he wants to retire at 50, which is conveniently 2013, so that will most probably be the last album if it does happen 🙁

  • greek

    sam you are right i remember the interview of Paul ,also i kepp the external statement .Cristoph says that the next album is secret for the band.

  • RammsteinGreece

    Give me one reason to justify that LIFAD was their last album. they have much to give to the Rammstein fans, I believe that they will keep recording at least for 6 or 7 years! RAMMSTEIN VOR IMMER!!!!

  • rammoholic

    TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this moment! :]] But yes, I agree, I tink it will come earlier. I don’t think they’re patient enough to wait!

  • streichholz

    paul said in an interview 2013 is around the time they would have a new album out.

  • Sam

    There have to have at least 2 more. They said they had something like 30 songs written and only 15 have been released. Also, a greatest hits album with some rerecorded songs (fingers crossed for Schwarzes Glas). I always hoped they’d be like the rolling stones and continue forever though…

  • rammsteinmifflin

    I hope this is true!!!

  • Pedro Del Sanchez III

    Great news – you simply cannot have too much Rammstein in the world, can you!
    Hopefully album followed by a tour?
    I’m there!

  • Tom

    Wow. That’s great news(even though it might only be in 2013) It’s better then anything. But I also believe it will come out before.
    We shall wait and see now 🙂

  • Python

    I sure hope as hell that another album comes out. That would be beast!

  • Koopa

    And the source?

  • RED

    Im sure those guys would never stop making miracles!!!

    Viva R+ !!!!


  • delimelodi

    Wow I was so sure that LIFAD was their last album.And there IS going to be another album!?I hope so!This has made my day!

  • Eddie

    I really hope it’s true and LIFAD was not the last album. I really want to visit them in Berlin!